Hands To Yourself. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Joe sighed running his hands through his hair, stress running through every muscle he had. His laptop laid out in front of him on the kitchen table, while his face reflected in the screen. Notebooks and contract papers sprawled across the dining table, making it look invisible to the human eye.

Heaving in a deep breath, the palms of Joe’s hands pressed deeply into his eyes, a grunt leaving his lips. The last week has been nothing but meetings, stress, editing and socialising for Joe, leaving him barely any time to catch a breath. Leaning his body back against the black leather chair, he pushed his hair back and swept it to the side.

Glancing down to his watch that was slung over his wrist, he noted the time was currently half past ten.

“Joe? Can you come down here for a second, please?” Y/N, Joe’s girlfriend of two years, called out from their upstairs bedroom.

“Is it important Y/N? I really need to get these things done, and I’ve still got an entire video to edit from scratch.” Joe spoke loudly, only for Y/N to hear since she was upstairs. Joe would never dare raise his voice at his sweet Y/N, as a matter of fact, he’d never raise his voice at any lady.

“Yes, babe, please? Two seconds tops!” Y/N echoed, her voice travelling down the stair way and to Joe’s ears.

Joe sighed to himself, his chair skidding back and away from the table, his body standing to his two feet and a grumble passing his lips. It wasn’t that Joe was annoyed at Y/N, it was very rare that he was, but Joe was under so much stress and needed to get a lot done, and all Joe really wanted to do was wrap Y/N up in his arms and cuddle under the duvet.

Joe took the stairs two by two, wanting to get up the stairs quicker, hoping he could get words of encouragement from his loving Y/N. Joe strolled down to the hallway to the shared bedroom, his feet allowing him to enter. A relaxed smile on his face seeing candles lighting, and the two bed side lamps, illuminating the room making it a relaxing atmosphere.

Joe’s breath suddenly caught feeling a blindfold cover his eyes, his body immediately reacting from the shock.

“It’s just me, baby. Take it easy.” Y/N’s voice crooned in Joe’s ears, a shiver running straight down the valley of Joe’s spine.

“Don’t say anything. Just listen to me.” Y/N continued, her voice cool against Joe’s hot skin, her fingers fastening the knot on the blindfold now covering Joe’s vision.

Joe’s mind was now spinning, thoughts spiralling around his head quickly, not knowing what Y/N had planned up her sleeve.

“Now, just follow me, okay?” Y/N whispered, her nimble fingers now lacing together with Joe’s.

“Y/N, what are you do-” Joe rushed out, only to have Y/N’s finger press against his lips, a soft ‘hush’ leaving her own.

Joe resealed his lips and allowed Y/N to guide him.

“Now, take a seat.” Her voice whispered, her hands guiding Joe into a sitting position on the wooden chair.

“What’s going on?” Joe asked, his voice ringing with confusion.

Joe was answered with silence while Y/N grabbed hold of his hands, tying them together behind the chair, making Joe’s heart now pound harder against his chest.

“Now, I think we can remove this, can’t we?” Y/N breathed against Joe’s neck, her hands pressing against Joe’s chest while running up towards his shoulders, and towards the blindfold.

Joe nodded calmly before he blinked his eyes open. The blindfold was now removed from his face, but he wasn’t greeted with the appearance of Y/N, like he had hoped.

“You’ve been so stressed out, haven’t you babe? I think it’s time you take some time to relax, am I right?” Y/N spoke softly, her voice singing in Joe’s ears, a groan leaving his lips feeling her thumbs rub into the blades of his shoulders.

“Oh god..” Joe gasped, feeling Y/N’s fingers rub into the pressure points of his shoulder.

“My, my..very tense shoulders..I can see this is where you’re holding the majority of your stress..You need to take all of this weight off of your shoulders..” Y/N hummed, the pads of her thumbs designing gentle circles along Joe’s shoulder blades, rubbing out the tension that he was holding. “And I can help with that..” She continued, her voice levelled and soft, almost like velvet.

Joe let out a chuckle, his eyes closing in satisfaction feeling Y/N rub out the stress and worries from his shoulders, her sweet scented perfume filling his nose.

“Tell me sweetheart, how do you plan on helping me then?” Joe murmured, causing Y/N’s hands to leave his shoulders.

Slowly Y/N strolled out from behind Joe, his eyes immediately widening at the sight of her, gawking at her attire, feeling his mind grow dazed and loss for words.

Y/N’s nude lips were curved into an innocent smile as she stood in front of Joe. Joe’s tongue swiped across his lips, his eyes running up and down her body. Y/N was dressed in nothing but sexy black lingerie, and one of Joe’s fresh, crisp white shirts. Her hair was thrown up into a styled messy bun, one of Joe’s favourite looks on her, he always thought it was a style that suited her the most, because he had more access to look at her beautiful face. A shiver ran down Joe’s spine while the crotch area of his jeans started to tighten at the sight of her.

“Y/N….” Joe drooled, his eyes wandering up and down her smooth legs, while his eyes trailed up to her pronounced chest. The matte black lingerie set, complimenting her skin tone, while his sharp, white shirt, complimented the black lingerie set.

Joe felt giddy as he watched Y/N twirl around and look over her shoulder in an innocent manner.

She looked so ravishing, so alluring.

Joe could feel his heart beat hammer against his chest, watching Y/N saunter over to him, and slowly press herself down on Joe’s lap. Their skin touching one another’s making Joe’s body burn for her touch. Joe wanted nothing more than to run his hands up and down her sides, caress her body and touch her in the places that made her go weak. To Joe’s dismay, he was now held captive, unable to release his hands and allow them to go wild and roam her body.

“Tell me baby, what’s going on in that head of yours?” Y/N purred, her hands now running up under Joe’s t-shirt, her finger tips caressing his sculpted abs, making Joe’s breath hitch.

“Right now?” Joe whispered, his hips shifting up to get closer in hopes to get some friction.

“Tell me what’s going on in that little head of yours, right now.” She smirked seductively, her forehead pressing against his, while her lips hovered over his. Y/N’s hands slowly moved down to Joe’s abdomen, pressing down on it lightly, tsking him as he tried to move their hips together.

A smug expression crossed over Joe’s face, his eyes gazing up into Y/N’s striking eye/colour eyes that were dancing with playfulness.

“I’m thinking about all of the ways that I could have you right now, and right here..” He breathed hotly, his voice deep and raspy. Joe’s hands were now fidgeting with the tight blindfold that was clasping his hands together behind the chair, something that he now wanted out of.

Y/N had Joe’s undivided attention. Joe felt nothing but awe while his eyes roamed his girlfriends beautiful body. It wasn’t too often that Joe got to see her in this way. She was in charge. She was letting him know who the boss was, and Joe couldn’t help but feel aroused at her actions, and even more attraction towards her confidence.

“Cheeky tonight, are we?” Y/N smiled, drawing her index finger up and down Joe’s jaw line slowly.

“You look ravishing.” Joe growled deeply, his lips trying to attach against Y/N’s skin, only for her hand to push his chest back against the chair, a 'tut’ leaving her lips.

“You need to keep your hands to yourself, Mr. Sugg.” Y/N purred, running her hands up and down Joe’s chest slowly before she removed her hands from under his shirt, casually dancing her fingers up his chest and towards his cheeks, cupping them in her .

“Mhmm. There’s no point in trying to escape those knots either, it won’t work.” She smiled mischievously, her hand reaching to the side, pulling back a chocolate covered strawberry.

“Open.” She whispered, smiling satisfied as Joe followed her orders, and opened his mouth.

Y/N slowly placed the chocolate covered strawberry between Joe’s lips, her lower lip catching between her teeth as Joe kept eye contact with her, biting down on the strawberry. Y/N removed the other half of the strawberry before she bit into the other half of it, a sweet smile on her lips.

“Good, aren’t they?” She whispered, licking her lips in a teasing manner, making Joe groan.

“Y/N, you know what you do to me when you do that.” Joe breathed, his blood coursing through his veins with adrenaline and need.

“I’m sorry Joe, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Y/N smiled innocently, grabbing hold of another large chocolate covered strawberry and pressed it against Joe’s lips, allowing him to bite into it, before she finished the other half of it.

Y/N smiled sweetly at her lover, as she removed Joe’s shirt from her body, tossing it to their wooden floor.

Joe’s eyes glanced down to her perky chest, his head falling back feeling himself tighten underneath her, the situation in his pants being noticeable to Y/N.

“Everything okay, baby?” Y/N smiled flirtatiously, her chest now pressing against Joe’s. As Joe parted his lips to speak, words no longer escaped, instead they were moans. Y/N’s lips were now attached to Joe’s sensitive spot on his neck, his stomach doing back flips at the sensation.

“F*ck, Y/N. I need you.” Joe breathed heavily, Y/N’s hands now running down his chest while her fingers danced in-between the waistband of his ripped black, skinny jeans.

“Easy tiger.” Y/N giggled against Joe’s skin, enjoying the way Joe was now flustered under her touch.

Joe pushed his hips up against Y/N’s, needing attention and needing touch. Joe wanted to have her pinned up against the wall and battle with a hot make out session. Joe wanted to have Y/N, lost underneath the duvet covers and have her scream out his name for all of the neighbours to hear.

“Y/N, please.” Joe whispered desperately, his voice hoarse and raspy as Y/N pressed feather kisses against the base of Joe’s throat, her hands teasingly running along the waistband of his boxers as she ever so slowly grinded their hips together, making Joe moan loudly.

“Please what?” Y/N asked sweetly, looking into Joe’s innocently, acting like she didn’t know what Joe wanted.

“Please untie me from this thing around my hands and let me give us both intense pleasure.” He breathed heavily, his knees pushing her body up into the air and drawing her closer to his body.

Joe was going mad. Joe couldn’t take this no more. Joe wanted nothing more than to be free of the tight scarf tying his wrists together so he could get his hands all over Y/N, and kiss her all over.

“Oh my. Would you look at that?” Y/N gasped, her body now removing itself from Joe’s making his eyes fall from his skull. His breathing was heavy, and the situation in his lower region was no longer being dealt with.

“What? What’s going on?” Joe groaned, looking into Y/N’s eyes desperately. He needed to be touched. He needed to be touched by her.

Joe eyed his lover intensely as she stood to her two feet, her fingers releasing the grasp from her hair, allowing her bouncy curls to run free and down her shoulders.

“I’m late.” Y/N announced calmly, strutting over towards the wardrobe in her high heeled stilettos, her hips swinging side to side, making Joe go wild.

“Late? Late for what?” Joe investigated desperately, swallowing thickly to dampen his throat that was running dry, while his tongue slid across his lips to dampen them.

“Oh? Did I forget to tell you?” Y/N smiled, glancing over her shoulder as she pulled out a tight red dress. “The girls and I are going out for drinks any minute now. Don’t worry though, I should be back in a couple of hours.” She smirked, zipping up her tight red cocktail dress, her hand running through her hair to add a little more volume.

Joe felt his world spin while he caught his breath, his adrenaline running on a high while his eyes took in Y/N’s new attire, that was now hiding the sexy surprise underneath it.

“Surely you’re not serious?” Joe asked, his eyes pleading for Y/N to tell him that it was all a misunderstanding and that the two would get up to some fun instead.

“Tell me that you’re not going to just leave me here, after all that? You can’t be a tease Y/N!” Joe groaned, a whimper leaving his lips as he watched his sweetheart take out her purse. Y/N peaked over to Joe, before she smirked walking up to Joe, sitting herself sideways on his lap, running her fingers through his hair.

“I’m afraid I am. I mean, revenge is meant to be sweet, right?” Y/N smiled devilishly, her eyes gleaming seeing Joe stumble over his words fiercely.

“Revenge!? What are you getting revenge on me for!?” Joe cried, his hands now tugging at the tie around his wrists, needing to get out of the set up trap.

“Oh? Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten that iconic April Fool’s prank, have you? You know, the one where you made me think that you were actually married? Remember that one, baby?” Y/N smirked, cupping Joe’s cheeks as his face paled immediately, memories of the April Fool’s prank he pulled on Y/N replaying in his head.

“And don’t you remember my words?” Y/N drew out, Joe’s eyes glossing over with desperation, knowing this was the stickiest of situations he’s ever been in.

“Revenge will be sweet Joe.” Y/N drawled sexily into Joe’s ears, her hand now resting dangerously close to the bulge situated in Joe’s tight jeans.

“And I have to say, it really is sweet.” She smiled mischievously, pressing a kiss down against Joe’s sensitive skin before removing herself from his lap as her phone announced a ding, letting her know that her friends were outside waiting for her.

“Maybe next time, you’ll think twice before pulling another prank like that on me, Suggy. Because my revenge is the sweetest of them all.” Y/N smiled innocently at a bewildered Joe, who couldn’t help but smirk at the girl he loved so much.

Maybe Y/N did leave Joe in this sticky situation, but he knew deep down that his revenge for being teased like that, would be the best.


Hello my lovelies!

How are you all?

I really hope that you’re all doing amazingly well!

I don’t know if anyone remembers the prank imagine I wrote, where Y/N gets pranked by Joe, but yes, this is Y/N’s revenge! If you’d like to read that imagine, just click right here and it will take you right to it! 

I really, really, really hope that you enjoyed reading this imagine, because I really enjoyed writing it and I found it a lot of fun to write and I thought Y/N’s revenge was rather fun, instead of a usual prank!

I hope that all of you are okay and healthy!

I wish you nothing but a really good and happy week, with sunshine, happiness and love all over.  

Please don’t be afraid to leave me a message, telling me if you enjoyed this imagine or not! I would really love to hear your thoughts on this imagine and I’d love to know if you enjoyed, and if you’d like more of these types of little imagines! I’d just really love to know if you enjoyed, what you thought and I’d love to chat with you joyful little souls!

I love all of you so incredibly much, every single one of you little joyful souls mean so much to me and I am SO incredibly grateful for you! Thank you for everything you do for me!

All of my love xxxx

The Internet Takeover: A Tribute

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Dan and Phil were joined by friends, old and new:

We’ve shared some truly amazing moments:

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Thank YOU Phandom for listening, watching and sharing the love…

It’s not so much goodbye as… *watch this space*


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