jim carrey the riddler

  • Ed: yeah my last relationship ended pretty badly
  • Jon: -grunts in acknowledgment-
  • Ed: turns out, she only loved me for my socks
  • Jon: ...
  • Jon: what
  • Ed: -puts his foot on the table and rolls up his pant leg, revealing a plain, green, knee high sock-
  • Jon: okay...?
  • Ed: -smirks, neon green question marks alight on the socks-
  • Jon: lord grant me the strength...

Explaining the different versions of Riddler to people is so weird. It’s like owning seven or eight cats and just picking them up all “I think you’ll really like this one. He’s Riddler from Batman the Animated Series. He’s zazzy.” Of course there are those few that stay in the shadows but people still ask about them. “Oh that’s Jim Carrey Riddler… he’s adopted.”


…Can you hear me, Batman? I know you can. Yes, it is I, Edward Nigma, The Riddler and more importantly your intellectual superior. My genius has allowed me to easily hack into your primitive communications…