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Jim Khougaz’s car back in action!

This is a car Jim Khougaz originally built to race on the salt flats in Bonneville, it is a major inspiration for our ‘32 Ford that we took out there.

This car pulled up in a pile of parts and mangled metal to our door.  The car had wrecked when it rolled at the salt flats in its original trial back in the 1958.

It then sat in Khougaz’s garage for 50 years before Richard Munz bought it and brought it to us.

With a little elbow grease and serious examination of old photographs we rebuilt the entire thing to look like new.


Around the Shop

As we are getting the Bonneville car ready, and we start talking about it, so many great stories come out…

I dug up these pictures on Jim’s computer of Van and Kathy.  They run a upholstery shop a few doors down from the Busby Shop and do all of the upholstery needed on the cars.  They do amazing work…

However, they are also heavily involved with Bonneville.  Kathy rides the motorcycle up top, and has gone well over 200mph on that thing!!  We will be hanging with the a lot come Bonneville Speedweek! Can’t wait!