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From Anchor to Ardun.

A while back, Richard Munz had David Busby go to an obscure and disturbing location to dig this engine out of a garage…  Braving dead rats, and live angry rattlesnakes- David managed to bring it back, duck tape and all to the Busby shop.

Well… After some serious elbow grease from David, the hunk of metal that seemed nothing more than an elaborate anchor- is now a show stopping beauty of an Ardun…

Now, that's better.

The master at work, making this 4 Cyliner look like new as well… It came in around the same time;



David is responsible for re-building all the old engines that come to the shop, in addition to building some from scratch.

Check out THIS ONE he did.


I made a movie for JBR Motorsports on Monday… Sure was a fun trip- I would love to sign up for their program!

The World's Fastest Flathead

That’s pretty quick for a flathead!


Richard Munz debuts his newly restored Chuck Porter Truck along side the formerly restored Platypus Roadster.  Both cars are incredible - this is a site that Jim Busby remembers as  a 13 year old kid walking into the LA AutoRama.

Using his memory, pictures, and memories, they Busby Team restored these two beauties back to the way Chuck Porter would have wanted them…

It arrived in the shop earlier on this year check it out HERE.

There was a lot more good stuff coming out of the Grand National Roadster show, including the Busby Team with Ron Bruzio.  Check in later for more;)

Chuck Porter Truck!!

Yesterday, the Chuck Porter truck came into the shop…  It is part of a trio of cars that made up Chuck Porter’s Bonneville entourage… Richard Munz just bought this from Debbie Porter (Chuck’s daughter)…  This truck would push THIS car out onto the line up…  Scroll down after this post- yesterday I put up some cool old pics of them… Also, stay tuned as we have more and more information about these beauties coming back to life!

It arrives!

Everyone is all excited to take a peak under the hood.

Like a bunch of kids in a candy shop.

Could use some fresh chrome!

Hippy, L.D… I mean, Mike Morrison sees what it is like to squat in the driver’s seat.

Let’s look at some old pictures and figure out what is different.

She’ll look like that, again, before you know it!

Munro Special on Misc. Thursday!

As a serious ‘not-really-but-becoming-car guy’ there is one motorcycle that really caught my eye.  That is the Munro Special!!

 Everybody should watch the movie, 'The World’s Fastest Indian’ it is the story of the guy who built this motorcycle and the sheer determined enthusiasm that went into it’s construction and journey out to the Bonneville Salt Flats..

I will post the trailer next… as well as some really cool footage from back in the day.

I was supposed to have all this out yesterday! Unfortunately my computer is so full of photos, that I had to spend a significant period of my life clearing out pictures! Got to make room for some new ones today!

Watch on jimbusby.tumblr.com

A sneak peak at the beautifully prepared Radical SR8’s at the Busby Shop…

Have a great weekend, and check in on Monday for an update on our trip up to Laguna Seca Raceway!!  These babies are going to fly!