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Drunk!James and Sober!Lily, peaceful/quiet moment

(I hope this is similar to what you expected, anon! It was the first idea that came to me! Anyway, I am going to draw some Jily for a change, to break the ice, and then I am going to write the next prompt that was sent to me! The next one is going to be funny, I have written way too many depressing Jily one-shots! SEND ME MORE PROMPTS!)

The windowsill felt cold and stiff beneath her, but Lily didn’t mind. Lily didn’t think she would mind even if it was the hottest or coldest of windowsills she was sitting on. Her body felt numb, paralyzed. Even her eyes couldn’t move, they just stayed fixed on the sun that was setting behind the roofs of the small, grey houses. Lily imagined that this was how statues probably felt. The difference was that statues had no heart. Unfortunately, Lily did have one, and it was broken and aching, each heart-beat felt painful against her chest. Every beat was a constant reminder, that her heart was still beating while the hearts of several of her friends had stopped in the most brutal of ways.

Five. Five friends had died this month. All five of them were victims of a damned deatheaters’ wand. Today, Mary joined the list of victims. Mary was such a good girl, funny, smart and with a rare heart in her possession. She had a golden and pure heart that gave every single beat to the ones in need, to the weak ones who couldn’t fight. She had a warrior’s heart. Mary was only twenty, a year younger than Lily. One more month and she would turn twenty-one. Lily had been planning on giving her her favorite book as a gift, Mary loved books.

After half an hour of stillness, Lily let her head fall and rest on the window’s side. She wanted to cry, but for some reason she couldn’t. Her eyes wouldn’t allow any tears to fall, so the girl just sat there and continued staring at the sun.

The creaking door disturbed her from her silence and the sound of someone coming in soon followed. Lily didn’t turn around. Heavy footsteps were heard on the wooden floor, the sound of a vase crashing on the floor caused Lily to look over her shoulder in curiosity.

James was stumbling towards her, he walked unsteadily as if he was walking in a bus’s corridor whose driver was driving faster than the speed-limit.He held an empty bottle of tequila in his hand an his eyes and nose were red.

The sound of hiccups soon enough filled the silence of the room. Lily looked at her boyfriend, annoyance overshadowing her grief for a brief second. Though, when James accidentally bumped face-first on the wall, Lily’s look soften. Let him be, maybe that was his own way of grieving, he would be a mess in the morning but oh well..

Frankly, Lily would love to swallow the depression she felt with a few shots of tequila as well. But, she wanted to be sober. She owed it to Mary, she would spend each second sober, fully aware of how cruelly she had died. Lily refused to be oblivious.

“Lils…” James’ voice sounded hoarse. The man stumbled over to Lily and sat next to her on the windowsill. Lily grimaced, James  stank of alcohol. In other circumstances, she would have been mad and slap the back of his head for getting himself drunk, but she had no tolerance for dealing with anything currently. Besides, she didn’t really want to push James away, even if he was drunk. Only a few of her loved ones were still alive and she would certainly not push them away.

James muttered something under his breath, he said it quickly and was interrupted by hiccups. Lily shook her head, slightly pissed.

“What?” she spat angrily, without turning to look at him.

“I…hic…love you, Lils. Please…hic…don’t go…hic…away ever!”

The girl turned her head to look at her boyfriend’s face. There was a huge red mark covering his nose and forehead from hitting his head on the wall. His glasses were smashed way up his nose, almost pushed to his forehead.

“I won’t” she said, though not entirely sure if he remembered the words the next day, he was after all, a mess. Lily fixed his glasses properly with her index fingers.

“Idiot” she said, though it didn’t come out as angry as she had planned to.

James smiled and hiccuped again. Lily returned to her previous position and continued staring at the sun that had almost set. Darker hues of blue slowly replaced the red sky. It was almost dusk.  Lily felt James’ head falling on her shoulder and she could feel his breathing growing deeper. She looked down at him, he had passed out on her shoulder. His mouth was open and he was drooling on her white shirt.

Lily would tear him a new one in the morning, but for now…she wanted him here, even if he was drooling on her shoulder. He was soothing her pain, letting her know that she still had people to fight for.

Light shines brighter in the darkest of times (A Jily one- shot)

“Light shines brighter in the darkest of times”

James hadn’t really managed to fully understand the above statement the first time it was sweetly uttered to him by the lips of lovely Lily Evans. Even though the statement meant nothing to him at that time, he still memorized the moment, the rain that was pouring down on their heads as they were running for shelter, giggling and intentionally splashing all the water in the small ponds in Hogsmeade’s street all over each other’s clothing. That day was the tenth of November, and James could recall because it was the first date of many dates to come with Lily Evans. It wasn’t anything special, a butterbeer sweetened by several hours of long and at times passionate conversations in the Three broomsticks and a quick visit to Zonko’s to enhance James’ equipment of mischief. That’s when the rain started and it wasn’t the normal rain, the kind that starts with a few drops, no, it was raining buckets from the very first second.

That’s when they had run to shield themselves under a pub’s outbuilding, that’s when Lily has started the conversation that led them to the current events that were slowly opening the doors of war, a war, that in James’ opinion, would be long term and with several casualties. The opinionated redhead, surprisingly, hadn’t participated much in the conversation which apparently ended as James’ pessimistic monologue about his predictions of the oncoming war. Lily had just been looking at him with those thoughtful, emerald green eyes of hers that seemed to penetrate his head. When James was finished and turned to Lily, waiting for her agreement or disagreement, the redhead only said one thing.

“Light shines brighter in the darkest of times”

James had rolled his eyes and mocked her with his glance. He accused her of reading to much classic, muggle literature and laughed her off. This was probably one of those supposedly sophisticated quotes writers made and got worshiped by people who did not even understand their meaning. Light was the same no matter the circumstances. Lily wasn’t too upset with his reaction, in fact, she smiled at him and shook her head in amusement.

Until this very day, James wasn’t sure if Lily was aware of the impact those words had had on him. As destiny would have it though, after many struggles that had made him more mature and stronger, James Potter of twenty one years old had just realized the meaning of this statement in his living room, as he looked at Lily, his wife who was  laughing , her face shining with bliss as she played with their newborn son in her arms. It was a normal scene, really, nothing unusual. James had been used to the sight of Lily having fun with their son since last week when they had brought their baby into their home.

The young father had just finished attending to some quite stressing responsibilities he had in the Order of the Phoenix. Merlin, it had been a long night, chasing deatheaters all around a muggle neighborhood, he had found two young children tortured and trembling on the cold pavement. It was one of the worst sights he had laid his eyes on.

He entered his house tired, expecting to be tortured with nightmares yet again, but once he saw the sight waiting for him in his living room, he stopped dead in his tracks, his mind travelling back to the first evening he had spent with Lily as a couple. Those words she had said just appeared in his head and James instantly matched them with the sight of his wife and son in front of him, sitting by the warmth of the fireplace.

At that moment he realized that he was right, but Lily was right, too. Light was the same no matter the circumstances. But it was the way people realized light that changed and that was the part in which Lily was right. A man who walks out of a tunnel can be blinded by the faintest of the sunbeams, but a man who is used to light won’t even notice that small sunbeam. James right now felt blinded by the light in front of him.

Lily finally noticed him and he gave him a questioning glance.

“Everything alright, James?” she asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

James grinned, the muscles around his mouth stretched painfully, it had been a long time since he had grinned. The man walked over to his wife and son and kissed them both on their foreheads.

“Light shines brighter in the darkest of times” he whispered, this time fully aware of the meaning of those words.