J.K. Rowling’s new wizarding school locations were released on Pottermore recently; Uagadou in Africa, Mahoutokoro in Japan, Castelobruxo in Brazil, and Ilvermorny in the United States. Their descriptions and map images on Pottermore are captured in the images above. Click on each image for higher resolutions. 

Harry Potter Locations
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act the first.
six months old and james potter is pushing a glass of a table without touching it. miracle child, they call him. orange tulips on the kitchen table. chocolate cake on his first birthday. his dad constructing a quidditch pitch in the yard when he’s five. his first broom is a comet 180. first pair of glasses. sand between toes in cornwall. plum flavored bertie bott’s. sharing his christmas presents with himself. his mum slathering his hair with sleakeezy’s. red and gold flags on the walls.

act the second.
eleven years old and james potter makes his first friend. fizzing whizbees. closing his fingers around his wand for the first time. naming his owl desdemona. scraped knees and cut palms. sneaking to hogsmeade without permission. his dad giving him the invisibility cloak. his mum finding out. throwing the sleakeezy’s in the trash. picking it out and begging dad for forgiveness. pete’s smelly socks on the floor. trying out for the quidditch team and falling of his broom. kissing gracie littleton third year in front of the tapestry of trolls doing the ballet. finding out about sirius’s family. breaking his specs. getting an o in transfiguration. getting remus to smile.

act the third.
fifteen years old and james potter hates himself. sirius laughing in the great hall. becoming a stag for the first time. running from filch. catching red hair in the corner of his eye. laughing at snape. wanting to curse himself instead. remus pushing them away. peter looking lost. doodles on exams. being made captain. trying trying trying to make lily evans’s lips twitch. remembering the times she yells better than when she smiles at him. biting his tongue so hard it bleeds after flicking his wand at snape. throwing his mirror across the room at sirius. rain getting through open windows. smoking for a bit. throwing out all his packs. nodding at sirius at breakfast. going to the kitchens at two am. drinking a whole bottle of firewhiskey. waving goodbye to lily on the platform.

act the fourth
seventeen years old and james potter is free. trying to ignore snape. making mcgonagall smile. going to hogsmeade with lily and alice and marlene and the lads. treacle tart. losing the first quidditch game. passing notes in history of magic. blowing up his potion in class. grinning at lily across the room. holding her hand for the first time. swimming in the lake. winning the quidditch cup sixth year. pete clapping him on the back. remus flirting with a girl. sirius moving in. something blooming in his chest. making head boy. lily, her lips pressed against his. in the library at two am. lily testing him in charms. lily, her lip caught between her teeth. explaining transfiguration to lily. getting in their first fight over shoes. sometimes kissing does make things better. punching snape in the hall. lily, finding him bruised and bloody after. lily, telling him she loves him first. lily, trailing fire with her fingertips. losing a quidditch match. lily, kissing him in the locker room. the lads loving her almost (almost) as much as he does. lily, saying okay even though he doesn’t have a ring. lily lily lily.

act the fifth.
eighteen and james potter is saying yes to dumbledore. buying wedding rings. sending an unforgivable for the first time. lily, at the end of the aisle. violet flowers. spending the night at sirius’s apartment. notes on the fridge about battles. gid and fabian are dead. snape looking at him through a mask before apparating. waking up in st mungo’s. lily, curled on the bathroom floor. marlene is dead. four muggle pregnancy tests in a neat line on the counter. lily’s bump. eddie bones is dead. sirius coming up with baby names. caradoc dearborn is gone. a doe appearing in order headquarters. lily, propped up in bed. lily, handing him harry. naming sirius godfather. dorcas is dead. lily teaching him how to make her mum’s pot roast. choosing peter. harry laughing on his new broom. harry unwrapping chocolate frogs. finding them a week later. wanting to dress harry up for halloween.

—  his life isn’t a life now it’s a story

“You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think that we don’t recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble? Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you have need of him. How else could you produce that particular Patronus? Prongs rode again last night.

hindsight (and lack thereof)

notes: i’m taking a pause in my crazy ex girlfriend binge to write some jily. also i had half of this written three months ago but i could never bring myself to finish it. but secret relationship!jily is my crack so here we are.

word count: 3717

In hindsight, James really should have said no. Then again, he found himself thinking this after agreeing to most of Sirius’s plans and they weren’t dead yet so. They were clearly doing something right. And kissing Lily Evans in his room while she was wearing nothing but a button down could never be considered wrong.

But first:

“’Lo, ladies,” Sirius said as he threw himself on the couch, laying his legs over Lily’s. She sent him a look, which he ignored, as James and Remus plopped themselves in front of the fire. 

“Whatever you have planned, we’re not interested,” Marlene said dryly, looking up from her nails which were half painted a deep green.

“You don’t know what we’ve planned,” Sirius said, affronted.

“Well,” Marlene said, her eyes remaining on her middle finger which had joined the others in its green color, “I value my liver and my life, so I reckon I should stay away from you.”

“You’re not invited then,” Sirius said. This time Marlene’s eyes slid up to look at him. His shifted under her gaze and looked away. “What about you Evans?”

“I’ve learned a long time ago not to agree to anything with you four involved unless I know what it is,” Lily said, smiling sweetly at him.

“Tossers,” Sirius muttered. “I guess you don’t care that Peter is on his way back with three bottles of firewhiskey and James may or may not have a new deck of exploding snap.”

“And what do they have to do with each other?” Lily said before she could stop herself. “Wait, I don’t want to know.”

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~ you must know ~  a maxon/america fanmix
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“Your eyes look like chocolate,” I mumbled.
He smiled. “And yours look like the morning sky.” 
it's a dark and shiny place (but with you my dear i'm safe)

a/n: i promise i tried to make this not angst. emphasis on tried. i suppose i could have tried harder. so try to enjoy (?) my contribution to @jilytober. its bittersweet so… but yeah i don’t really post my writing much in the jily fandom so this is a new thing but i thought why not, i need a way to procrastinate on midterms. thanks to @lilyfanciesprongs for proofreading <3 also, so so much love to lena and fahima, who i don’t know what i would do without bc i love talking about hp with you guys even if i’m p sure i wake you up in the middle of the night some days bc time differences are a bitch. y’all are the real mvps and i love you loads. oh and the title is from the moon song by karen o and ezra koenig bc i love that song to death

November 1st, 1981

James Potter doesn’t sleep. At three am, he gets up. His wife shifts but her eyes remain closed. He shuts the door behind him silently and her eyes open. His feet pad across the floorboards quietly as he makes his way to the room across the hall. She hears the door open, the small release of breath and the door is closing again. She buries deeper into the sheets and James crawls back into bed.

At four am, the duvet is thrown off his body and Lily turns away from him. Her feet peek out of the end of the duvet and she tucks them back in. The door across the hall opens, a sigh is emitted and he’s back in bed.

At five am, Lily sneezes and James doesn’t come back to bed.

At six am, Lily wraps herself in the duvet and walks across the hall. James’s legs block the way, his back against the door across the hall and his eyes trained on the wall. She reaches down to adjust his glasses but thinks better of it. He doesn’t watch as she walks downstairs, each step creaking under her feet. She picks his wand up from the couch where he threw it down last night. She closes her eyes and without warning, without any prompting or rhyme or reason, an image of James lying motionless in the hall flashes across her eyelids. Her eyes spring open and she shakingly sets his wand on the kitchen counter. The tea kettle is put on, two mugs, one with sugar, one without, are set beside it. The liquid in them shakes as she makes her way back upstairs. James hasn’t moved. She tries to put the mug in his hands but he doesn’t make to grasp it. Setting it on the floor, she places his wand in his lap. He doesn’t move.

Harry begins to cry. James blinks, once, twice, and Lily thinks he’s going to get up.

He doesn’t and she worries he’ll only let himself fall backwards if she opens the door. He doesn’t even twitch when she does, his back bent at an unnatural angle with nothing to lean upon. Harry is in her arms in seconds and she winces as he wails right into her ear. He reaches for his dad because mum is too stiff right now and her hands are cold. Lily bobs him up and down and turns him away from her husband, frantically searching for the snitch-shaped stuffed animal Peter got him for his first birthday. She ponders asking James if he knows where it is but decides against it.

(Later, she finds it under the couch, torn to pieces by the cat.)

Harry will have to do with just the muggle pacifier Petunia sent without a note and she nearly rams it in his mouth. He looks like he’s going to spit it to the floor but he catches the look in his mum’s eye and thinks better of it. When she goes downstairs to get him breakfast, she swears she hears James move but the house is silent but for Harry’s slurping of mashed bananas.

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