• James:Nuts. You’re nuts!
  • Sirius:You’re double nuts!
  • Lily:All right, that’s it. No more shepherd’s pie. [Vanishes their plates]
  • James:Evans!
  • Lily:[Corrects with a smile] Mrs Potter.
  • James:[Goofy grin] Oh yeah…
  • Sirius:[As petulant as ever] Mrs Prongs!
  • Lily:Every time we have shepherd’s pie, you fight.
  • James:We’re not fighting.
  • Sirius:We’re bonding.
  • James:And we’re starving!
  • Sirius:Come on.
  • James:We won’t fight anymore.
  • Sirius:We promise.
  • Lily:No. Shepherd’s pie is just too much excitement. I should not have served shepherd’s pie. You two always fight when we have shepherd’s pie.
  • James:That’s not true.
  • Sirius:We fight just as much when we have pot pie-
  • James:-and treacle tart-
  • Sirius:-any kind of tart, really.
  • James:Pudding…
  • Sirius:…Yorkshire pudding, especially.
  • James:You thinking about the food fight of seventy-three?
  • Sirius:As well as the kitchens massacre of seventy-six.
  • [James and Sirius don identical fond expressions]
  • Lily:[Shakes head] I married a child.
  • Sirius:Children.
  • James:Four.
  • Lily:Sorry?
  • James:Four children.
  • Sirius:You marry one of us, you marry us all-
  • James:-Mrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs.
  • Lily:I should have read the fine print.
  • James:Even if you do so solemnly swear to back out now, I’m afraid it’s too late. Right, Padfoot?
  • Sirius:Right, Prongs. [Nods] Mischief managed.
  • [James and Sirius high-five]

ok i read about this headcanon somewhere but i really wanna expand on it. so the premise was imagine harry with the marauders minus peter as his parents

  • background: so rewind to 1981. james is out getting milk or something when voldemort comes to kill harry
  • lily still sacrifices herself to save harry, but james wasnt there to do the same
  • james comes back with the milk to see his cottage burnt to a crisp and his garden blackened with ash
  • panicking, he scrambles inside, runs through the trashed living space to find harry, peacefully silent, in his crib
  • at first glance james assumes both lily and harry are dead and begins sobbing and spasming in pain
  • he cannot bare to look down at his dead wife’s form, pale and stone cold, but eventually he caves in and shrinks to his knees, salty tears raining on her body
  • as james lies there staring at lily, with wet, hefty sobs and his milk abandoned by the floor, he hears a baby’s cry match his own
  • looking up, james sees that harry is crying, and therefore still alive, and almost incapable of restraining his joy, he firmly kisses lily’s cold lips and gets up, picking up harry, and wiping away his fresh tears
  • james is still devastated that lily is gone, and his initial response after the joy of finding his son alive is to seek revenge
  • he summons remus and sirius immediately, and when they get there, the shock waves begin and soon enough the three of them are crying into each others’ cold tea mugs, distressed and grieving and paranoid
  • all three share the desire to avenge lily’s premature death and decide that voldemort’s reign must end asap- for lily, for harry, for every witch or wizard ever terrorized by his evil deeds
  • they find out peter had killed the dozen muggles, so he’s sent off to Azkaban instead. basically peter becomes a vile subject for the three, knowing that he along with snape had been at fault for lily’s death
  • the anger only fuels remus, sirius, and james to begin the journey to defeat voldemort while simultaneously raising harry
  • skip forward to the three raising harry
  • the four of them own a small bungalow near the Burrow, where they raise harry and soon enough become close friends with the Weasley family
  • harry and james bond over trying to catch remus and sirius kissing, a long, tiredlessly played-out joke that neither seem to want to abandon. it honestly just gets on sirius and remus’ nerves so much that they end up buying a hotel room whenever they need privacy. tom at the leaky cauldron keeps a room empty just for them ;)
  • sirius takes harry out for motorbiking in the sky, and although remus always disapproves, saying that it’s “dangerous and reckless and most likely illegal” sirius just rolls with it, saying not to worry (secretly he charms harry with every safety precaution he can think of before each flight, too aware of how tragic it would be to lose another potter)
  • sirius and james are adamant about coaching harry for quidditch, although remus protests to the methods involved. evidently, it might not be a good idea to throw dishware at harry to test his dodging capabilties. although they aren’t the best teachers, they see that harry has raw talent, and of course by the time he’s a first year, it’s no surprise he broke a record and joined the team as its youngest member
  • usually sirius, james, and harry pit remus against them during quidditch games in their field. remus gets so tired of playing the one man slytherin team that he gains all his energy and ambushes the three of them, stealing the quaffle, and surprisingly winning. sirius congratulates him afterwards for being the “underdog” and it takes remus 14 repeats of the stupid pun before he slaps sirius
  • when harry overhears some jerks bullying a girl in his class for having two dads, harry strides in and is like “oh yeah? you think she’s weird because she has two dads? well i’ve got three!” basically just harry sticking up for anyone who gets bullied for their sexual orientation, race, or gender, because his dads taught him equality 
  • so basically whenever harry sees people bullying lgbtq members at hogwarts, and it’s so out of hand that he himself can’t stop it, he calls in his three dads– they’ll know what to do (it usually ends in stinkbombs or enchanted hats that bite whenever you say something offensive intentionally)
  • the marauders visit harry at hogwarts so often that they become frequents and almost every student knows their names
  • sometimes they barge in on harry’s classes for the stupidest reasons, one time even daring to interupt snape’s lecture on love potions- “hi, sorry not sorry to bother you, snivelous, but we need our #1 champ for a quick meeting with mcGooGoo is that a-ok?”. of course snape replies with “ah, yes, i see these three nitwits have decided to join us. class, why dont we discuss amortentia with these imbeciles? i’m sure they could use a teaching, they’re probably too infatuated with their mirrors to know what love is anyhow” and somehow it escalates into a full out catfight between james and snape about how lily never deserved the other, their voices echoing throughout the dungeon. harry just leaves with remus and sirius, knowing james wouldn’t be joining their meeting anytime soon
  • because mcGonagall realizes that the marauders are slowly attaching themselves more and more to hogwarts, she becomes extra precarious to rarely leave her office. whenever word is sent that they’d be visiting, she locks her door and boards it up with wood panels, hoping to send a clear message that she does NOT want to see the three pesky maruaders AND the golden trio in the same room. that many troublemakers could hurt her already bad heart and “merlin’s beard i thought i was finished with you three! no, james, get out of the women’s toilets, i am trying to find some privacy!”
  • although once james and sirius realize that she’s purposely avoiding them, they make it their task to seek her out more and more
  • they even begin asking ms. norris in animagi form if they know where she is, although ms. norris never reveals her fellow cat’s location
  • they try to pound at her office door each time they realize she’s in there, making awful cat puns in a bad attempt to lighten her mood
  • “come on, McGonagall! stop being such a pussy and say hi!”
  • “pawlease come out! right now would be a perfect time, harry’s even here with us!”
    “what’s wrong, McGonagall? Cat gotcha tongue???”
  • it gets so bad that the marauders get so desperate to see her that they start attending harry’s transfiguration classes, not even trying to be discreet
  • mcGonagall just walks into class one day to see a stag and a black dog hanging out behind harry’s desk
  • instead of acknowledging her two alumni, she simply says, “ah potter, if i had known you were good enough to transfigure two dimwits into a stag and a dog, i would have placed you in a O.W.L. level class, not grade 3″
  • this banter between the three continues basically until harry graduates, lupin only somewhat going along with their teasing. all along, remus tried to backtrack almost every plan sirius and james came up with, worried that they’d involve harry and he’s actually get in trouble for his stupid dads’ actions. lupin and hermione bond over being the only “logical, attentive people forced to look after these idiots”. soon enough whenever sirius, james, harry, and ron do something stupid, it becomes a tradition for hermione and remus to turn to each other, roll their eyes, and mutter annoyingly, “boys.” 
  • this is because remus is obviously the over protective, tries-to-be-fun-and-fails-miserably dad, but it turns out that with a few drinks he loses all logic. one time he got so out of control trying to prove to harry that he was the fun one that he brought harry to a gay bar when he was 15. as soon as sirius and james found out they got pissed and grounded remus for a month (”yes, parents can ground other parents, remus, i dont get what you’re talking about!! no cuddles for a week!” and “no i am revoking your usage of the “i am a fully capable adult” card because you are obviously not if you thought it would be a good idea to drag harry, a MINOR, to a gay bar!!”)
  • on the day harry, ron, and hermione graduate, the three of them are just silently tearing up in the audience. they don’t even try to pull any last-minute pranks or cause mayhem because “oh my god guys, he’s finally grown up! our little harry has finally grown up…” and “shut up prongs you’re gonna make me cry too!” and “shhh guys its starting!”
  • after the ceremony, james approaches his son and gives him a small box. inside is an old, milk bottle filled with one single strand of bright, red hair. “i’ve kept this bottle with us these whole 17 years, so at least a part of your mom would always be with you to see you grow up”
  • just. harry with three dads, okay? it’s perfect

匿名 質問:

Do you have an absolute favorite Jily fic?

There are so many it would be impossible to choose just one! I haven’t read a lot of multi-chaps (thus it’s easier to choose a favourite) but my favourite (canon) one is All Right, Evans? 

and then for one shots I look a lot by author so my favourite jily writers are apalapucian bigquidditchhero aceremuslupin october31st1981 fetchalgernon hiddenpolkadots jiilys scared-of-clouds lilypxtter darknesshasdrains gxldentrio suzies-qwrites

  • Lily:Your kids don't need to know who you were before you had them. They need to know who you wish you were, and they need to try to live up to that person. They're gonna fall short, but better they fall short of the fake you than the real you.
  • James:Which is why we don't hide anything.
  • Lily:That is the opposite of what I just said.
  • James:I was not listening.

disneysravenclaw 質問:

Jily + And 'James The Little Mermaid is my favourite movie please stop talking about the differences between mermaids in the muggle world and the wizarding world your'e such a nerd please stop'.

This is AU in that The Little Mermaid (disney) movie didn’t come out until waaay after these lovelies were killed. But otherwise they are their normal wizard selves. Sorry this took so long (and isn’t very long) but this is how I envisioned it happening. also disclaimer: no profits being made for HP/disney characters/references.

“You could be Ariel,” he tells her, as he sits back down on her mother’s sitting room sofa. “Long red hair and the voice of an angel – “

She scoffs, rolling her eyes, secretly pleased until he goes on.

“She gets the dapper prince in the end too. Fitting, isn’t it?”

His grin is wide enough to show all of his teeth as he gestures to himself. He is visiting her house in Cokeworth a few weeks before the start of Seventh Year. And they’ve maybe-sort-of discussed the possibility of dating. (And she is maybe-sort-of-absolutely excited at the prospect. But he needn’t know that.)

“I suppose it could be, if I finally do meet my prince. But I doubt he even exists, really.”


  • James:Every time I’m face to face with you I want to strangle you. And then I miss you when I go away. And then I call you on the phone and I get the person I want to talk to. But when I’m standing in front of you, I bring out something terrible. I think about how you came into my life and how you drove me crazy. And now… I don’t even know what to do with myself. because all I want to do is be with you.
  • Lily:I don’t know what to say. I feel like I can’t breathe. I don’t even think about you. I mean, I do, all the time, because you’re there. And you’re here [touches heart] and you make everything OK. You always do. No matter what. I mean I must be…. Because you’re always right. I can’t believe this. I think I’m in love with you too. I really do.
  • My brother:Abby! Abby Abby Abby!!!
  • Me:WHAT?
  • My brother:Paper Towns opens July 24th!!!
  • Me:*blinks at him*
  • My brother:*blinks back at me*
  • Me:*grins*
  • My brother:*grins*
  • Both:*roll around on the ground squealing*
  • Lily:What's he doing?
  • James:He's chosen the most defendable area in the room, counted all the Death Eaters, counted all the exits...And now he'd counting the exact distance we're standing apart and starting to worry. Oh, look a him frowning now. "Something's wrong with James and Lily, and who's going to fix it?" Annnd he straightens his leather jacket.
  • headcanon that in fourth year snape saw james giving remus a back massage after the full and was like ‘haha are you guys boyfriends? haha’
  • it was totally supposed to be an insult but james, completely straightfaced, went ‘yes… remus and i are lovers’
  • so from that day on, it was an ongoing joke between the two that they were in love
  • like, remus would enter transfiguration late and see james paired off with peter and shout ‘wHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS BETRAYAL JAMES POTTER? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME AND YET YOU KEEP CHEATING ON ME’ and mcgonagall is like ‘lupin sit down how did i ever think you were the sane one’
  • and whenever remus entered the great hall, james would run up to him and kiss him on the cheek like ‘my love i missed you’
  • and sirius and peter totally played along with it like if someone asked ‘why does potter grab lupin’s arse whenever they hug????’ sirius would sigh and look off into the distance and be like ‘that’s the beauty of love my friend’
  • and then in fifth year sirius and remus start dating and they act all sappy and smoochy in the great hall pretty much at all times and james pretends to cry because ‘my one true love has been stolen from me, how can i ever love again…’
  • until one day where lily comes up to him and is like ‘stop crying potter i’ll date you ffs’ and james is just a blushing grinning dork tbh
  • and so, despite sirius and remus being absolutely adorable together, and despite jily being shipped by pretty much everyone, remus and james went down in history as the best couple in hogwarts