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What is your jam (besides Wolfstar)? Do you like wolfstarbucks?

Wolfstarbucks is amazing and I didn’t expect to fall so deep into that ship gaaah

Other ships I have fallen nto that i can think of: JILY, starbucks, romione m? parlavender, linny, jilypad, flonks, bleur, deamus, hinny, scorbus, hedric, thee are others and i am forgetting them oops

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HI :) do you know of any accounts like yours where they help find lost fics? Cause I've been looking for something for awhile but it's not Jily...

Which ship are you looking for?  I know if you’d like to find Hinny, @read-a-hinny-fic is an excellent resource :)  And it seems @dramioneasks can help out with Dramione fic searches.

Do our followers know any other accounts for fic search help?

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If you want (or do these) can you base a SiriusxReader off of the song To Late To Say Goodbye by Cage the Elephant ?? Thank you! x

I just realised that I answered the wrong ask! I’m very sorry, and I’ll try and answer this ask when I do the one that was meant to be this one

“Marleneee, pleaseeeeee.”
“I need to meet Zach,” she paused, and flicked her eyes downward to check her watch, “now.”
Lily stuck out her tongue, and jokingly whipped her scarf into Marlene’s face, “Fine then,” she said, grasping at her heart with an expression of mock anguish, “you’ll be the one crying over my corpse when it turns out that I ate a contaminated cockroach cluster without your supervision.”
Marlene laughed, turned around and began walking towards the Three Broomsticks.
A flake of snow fell on Lily’s scarf, which she then tightened in an attempt to trap all of her hair, before removing her gloves and opening the door to Honeydukes.
Her blue fingers were reaching for a packet of sugar quills, when they were snatched from just under her fingers. She was about to just grab a new packet, when she saw a flash of messy black hair.
Damn James Potter
She tapped him on the shoulder, and stood on her tiptoes, so that she was a more intimidating height. “So.” She paused, drawing in another breath, “I think you’ll find that I was reaching for those first.”
“And I think you’ll find that I got them first.” He smirked at her, and his spare hand fiddled with his hair.
Damn James Potter and his messy black hair
“You know, there are other packets right there.”
“Exactly! You have one of those, and I’ll take this packet.” She grinned up at him and reached up to try and grab the packet he was holding.
“Now, now Evans, I’m sure you remember the muggle saying; Seekers keepers, losers weepers.”
She laughed fondly, “You dork, it’s finders keepers, losers weepers, but, I think as a penalty for your evidently atrocious work in muggle studies, I should get the sweets.” She grinned up at him and muttered under her breath, “Trust you to make it something about Quidditch.”
He shook his head, ’“Nuh-uh, and what was that you said, Evans?”
She smirked, and said in a sing song voice, “Not telling youu.”
He leaned closer, so that she could smell his aftershave, “Lily, it’s not very nice to keep secrets.”
Damn James Potter and his delicious aftershave
“Still not tellinggg.”
“How about if I do this?” He said, pulling her closer and tickling her, until she turned to face him and whispered “Not fair, James.”
They were so close, so close. She could smell the mint on his breath and see her reflection in his glasses. They both leaned in slightly, and maybe, just maybe, she would have been able to kiss James Potter.
If Mary hadn’t walked in with a birthday present for Marlene.
“Oi, Lily, should I get her the green or the blue?” She shouted from the doorway, holding up two scarves to her face.
“Um, not now Mare.” Her voice sounded strangled, oh shit.
“Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise you and James were… busy.” She winked at Lily and walked out again.
They both took a few awkward steps back.
“Well… Umm…” Unable to think of anything else to say, she grabbed the sugar quills, and made a run for the till, until he caught her with his arms.
She could feel his breath in her ear from here.
“Sorry James, gotta dash,” her brain scrambled for excuses, “I'm— uh— meeting Sarah for lunch.”
“So I suppose you don’t have time to buy the quills then.”
“I suppose not.”
“I also suppose you could give them back to me.”
“I could.”
She chucked the bag at him and sprinted out of the shop.
three months later

Lily woke up, and decided walked over to the window, “Last night of being sixteen.” She whispered to the fog on the glass.

In the morning, she woke up to shouts of ‘Happy Birthday!“ and a crinkled piece of plastic where a pillow should be. She pulled out the plastic from underneath her cheek, and read the not scrawled on it:
“Happy Birthday Ginge.
Hope you enjoy the quills,
Have a great day (I don’t even need to say that, I’m there, of course it will be great! — Just kidding!)
ps; it’s ok, this is a different packet then the one before, a) I ate them and b) I wouldn’t be able to give them away, because “seekers keepers”! ;)

Damn James Potter and his ability to make her fall head over heels

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Hiya I love your blog! I was wondering if you had any recommendations to a good Jily fic that has lily thinking James doesn't like her anymore and just general fluff :) XX

I can’t think of any off the top of my head but publishing in case anyone has recs

I just really love James potter you guys. He was so in love. He was that complete dork who doodled JP+LE in his notes and did anything he could to impress his crush and got all nervous and flustered when she was around and he was just SO IN LOVE OH MY GOSH I need more james potter being a hopeless dork in my life please

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Hi, first i love your acc, it's lovley. But also i just wondered who you ship Sirius with? Bc you have several wolfstar posts but also w him & Marlene (dont know their shipname sorry) so yeah just wondered haha, sorry If it's a weird question.

We’ve got Wolfstar,  Blackinnon (marlene +sirius), Prongsfoot (aka Starbucks aka James+Sirius)

Basically, we ship Sirius with everyone. but those are the 3 ship tags we use for Sirius.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Prongsfoot but don’t tell Morgan, because I’m suposed to love Jily more, and she punishes me with Sirily (lily + sirius.)