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Jily Intro Fics: Smut

When Jily writers do smut, they do it very well, so if you’ve never read any before here’s a list of fandom favourites to pick and choose from. “Smut” is usually just sex with little or no plot. “Lemon” is a stand alone, or a chapter, that includes a sex scene. A “Lime” is usually not as detailed smut or is suggestive stuff. One shots below will be categorised in this way, while all multichapters listed below will have explicit smut scenes, at intervals throughout the fic.


Buried Treasure and Transmogrify, 20 chapters, complete - Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn’t quite what they thought it was.

Kiss and Tell, 17 chapters, complete- The rules were simple. Provoke each other. Scream at each other. Snog each other. Do this as frequently as possible, but don’t ever, ever kiss and tell.

Love and Other Tragedies, 21 chapters, complete - “We don’t deserve her,” the Head Boy answered thoughtfully. “None of us do. Not even me. Not because she’s perfect. She’s not. Sometimes I think she’s even more disastrously flawed than the rest of us combined. And not because she’s beautiful, even though she is. Certainly not for being lovely because she never was.We don’t deserve her because she’s so much more than we’ll ever be”

Lust… or Love?, 30 chapters, complete - Who to say, who to say? Lily thought, looking around the nearly empty library. Someone Vince never talked to, someone she hardly spoke to—whom to pin the loss of her virginity on? “Potter,” Lily blurted out desperately.[…] Oh, hell. What did I just get myself into?

A Very Thin Line, 14 chapters, complete - Lily Evans can’t stand James Potter. James is determined to change Lily’s mind. A battle of wits ensues, proving the old adage ‘There is a very thin line between love and hate.

Every Other Midnight, 83 chapters, WIP - Professor Potter and Head Girl Lily Evans… The Dark Decline

Age of Inertia, 16 chapters, WIP - “You’re a pretty, innocent-looking young witch. You could get away with anything.” As an obituary writer and spy for the Order of the Phoenix, Lily looks to her past to keep the part about innocence at least partly true.

Before the Fawn, 52 chapters, WIP (abandoned?) -  “You’re a pretty, innocent-looking young witch. You could get away with anything.” As an obituary writer and spy for the Order of the Phoenix, Lily looks to her past to keep the part about innocence at least partly true.



Just In Time, one shot -  James and Lily have a quick shag before Potions. 

One night stand (untitled), one shot - “So” He started to talk to her. She looked at him, lifting one eyebrow. “I think you’re hot.”“I think so too.” She agreed. “But what are you going to do about it?”

The Continued Corruption of Lily Evans, one shot - James and Lily are forced to sneak around Hogwarts during patrols to spend time together.

It Happened in a Broom Cupboard, one shot -  James Potter was not happy, and it was all Lily Evans’s fault.

Kiss Just as Before, one shot - It was supposed to be a one-night-stand, no-strings attached. But there’s something about James that Lily can’t help but connect with.

Control, one shot -  In the beginning, you were all about control, both of you. - You aren’t playing the slightest bit of attention to the lesson, for two main reasons – one, you know the subject, and two, three of his fingers are inside you. The development of Lily and James’s physical relationship.

Here Let Me Help You With That, one shot - James comes back from Quidditch practise only to find that Lily is in need of assistance in… certain areas.

All Worked Up, one shot -  Lily gets mad when James makes her all worked up for nothing. James can think of uses for said worked up-edness.

Stockings, one shot - “We’ll leave these on, yeah?” he told her, voice husky as he kissed the lace decorating her right thigh.

Heartbeat, one shot - Lily seeks James out after a Quidditch match.

Black Tie, one shot - It was all because of her note, now stored in his pocket and feeling as though it burned him through his trousers.His fingers gripped his drink at the thought of it.

So Close, one shot - “James looked at her and she felt like her skin had suddenly caught fire. ‘It’s got one hundred percent, absolutely nothing to do with your essay.’“: Featuring professor!James, student!Lily, and both parties’ abandonment of better judgment.

And The World Turns Slower, one shot - Out-take from [the] multi-chapter fic “Turning Tables”. Overly romantic smuttiness.


Birthday Surprise, one shot – Lily gives James a surprise for his birthday.

Exercise In Stress Relief, one shot -  Lily Evans knew exactly where James Potter was going to be and she needed to be there with him.

Nightmares, one shot - Lily’s been having nightmares.

Something of Note, one shot - James receives a note from his girlfriend, asking him to meet her somewhere unusual.

Coercion and Competition, one shot - Lily finds James after a particularly grueling Quidditch practice.

Hijacking, one shot - James and Lily start hijacking one another’s rounds in order to sneak off to entirely inappropriate Hogwarts locales.

Hot and Cold, one shot - No one would believe it, but it actually hadn’t been his idea.

Auror Training, one shot - Auror training is not quite what she expected.

Why Don’t You Make Me?, one shot - They’re fighting (again), and they’re forgetting why (again) because James is giving her The Look (again), and Lily is letting it get to her (again).

Him, three shot, and Her, two shot -  He hopes she hates him. /  It’s him. It’s always him.

New Year Resolutions, one shot -  She was so drunk, she could swear it. Nothing besides alcohol could make her act this way.

Stay The Night, two shot - The events of a single night can have very unexpected consequences.

Red Velvet Ribbon, one shot - It all starts with some teasing banter beneath spindly branches and green leaves, all bundled up in a red velvet ribbon.

The Hallway with the Large Windows, one shot- It was wrong, the way that he wanted her and the way that his fingers were ghosting over her hips like raindrops in a sun shower and the way that her breathing was heavy and the way that she was pressed too close too close to him in the broom closet.


Thunder and Lightning, one shot - Lily’s terrified of storms and when Marlene and Alice are away for the Easter holidays and not there to help her deal with it, Lily has little choice but to seek comfort from other sources…

Fireside, one shot - Trying to reassure Lily Evans that the world isn’t going to fall apart on his watch, James ends up revealing far more than he’d intended - and the emotions that have been bottled up for years are finally realised.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Potter, one shot - In which James is oblivious, Remus plays matchmaker, Lily laughs at her boyfriend’s expense, Sirius drinks, and Peter loses chess.

A Moment, one shot -  It starts with an occasional glance from across the table during meals, a brush of his foot against yours under the table, the electric shock when his hand brushes yours during rounds. Next thing you know, you’re in his bed again.

After Hours, one shot - It was beautiful, just beautiful, but the best part would always, always be right after.

Purely Business, one shot - They didn’t do it out of love. They were not in love, nor did they want to be. They barely knew each other. None of this was romantic, not even close. What they had together was purely business.


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marauders things part 2 ayy 🌚

literally I spent 40 minutes writing some but then tumblr decided to delete them so imma cri so here are some more shitty headcannons that probs don’t make sense but nvm I love doing this lmao 🍍

like so many people asked for a part 2 so here you go, if you haven’t read part one yet it’s somewhere further down my blog (I’m not good at this tumblr thing ok so I don’t know how to link the previous one don’t laugh at me ok) but yano

basically I got the idea for a marauders book shop themed au so I wrote a couples of lines of random drabble and literally could not stop like you cannot expect me not to world build ok so here you go 💩

•when harry makes the quidditch team sirius and James send him a howler which is literally 15 minutes of them both getting really excited like MY SON IS THE YOUNGEST EVER QUIDDITCH PLAYER IN HOGWARTS I AM SO FREAKING PROUD I CANNOT EVEN SAY HI TO PROFFESOR MOONY FOR ME

•sirius, james and peter go to every quidditch match each week without fail and always embarrass the hell out harry every week like OHH HARRY ISNT THAT THAT GINNY GIRL YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON but he is secretly super happy to have such fabulous nerds for his family the tears are real

•jily decide to have another kid but they can’t find the right time to tell Harry so he comes home for the Christmas holidays like wtf mum why r u so huge is that where all my chocolate frogs went

•the baby is born two days before Christmas and it’s a baby girl who they decide to call Florence and the twins are like wtf what is that but everyone else is crying bc she’s so damn cute

•peter is the godfather (remus is the twins’ godfather don’t worry) and Marlene is the godmother and he’s like ayy are we god-married then and she’s just like come over here and kiss me you goofball

•they all have Christmas dinner in the back of the shop and the weasleys and hermoine’s family and the longbottoms come over and Harry is just so damn happy to be with his amazing family and friends that he nearly cries on multiple occasions WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE AMIRITE

•he and ginny go into the back room to help wash up and they get stuck under the mistletoe and they kiss at the exact moment that lily and Sirius walk in the door and Sirius is like KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS HARRY and it’s really awkward but hilarious lmaooo

•they all go caroling around all the nearby houses and it’s just so perfect bc it starts snowing and everyone is so warm and fuzzy inside and love each other so much ummmm brb gonna go cry

•the children go out and have snowball fights around the back of the shop and the adults (not including Sirius and James bc they’re as big a children as any of them and I’ll be damned if they didn’t go out to join in that snowball fight to kick their asses) stay inside drinking cocoa and cooing over Florence bc she’s so cute 💘

idek why this was so Christmas themed when it’s september but yano I’m not complaining 🍍
tell me if you guys want part three ok 👍

As promised, car!smut Jily. Lily and James have just signed on with the Order of the Phoenix, and there’s no better time than now for a roadtrip through the Scottish Highlands with the Sex Pistols on full blast. Lily drives like James flies. The only rational thing for them to do is pull over. 

Pretty sure that at least one of them got a bug up their arse during this encounter. Here you go:

Copilot - Rated M
Coming into this trip, she’d been a tense, agitated mess. Surely unfit to be driving at such reckless and giddy speeds. Now she’s flat on her back with a huge, wide sky above her, a storybook meadow all around her, likely at least one police car within ten kilometers of her, and James Potter fiddling with her skirt. There’s no way this can end badly. LE/JP, July 1978.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was just wondering if you had any favorite jily smut recs? Reading about James and Lily saving the wizarding world is very important 😁😂

Hello! oh yeah, it’s a very important thing indeed :p 

here my absolutely favourite jily smut are these:

Run Around Rules - Petals-to-fish  * that fic was made specially for me for the jily secret santa last year and I completly love it! 

Hot and Cold - BC Daily 

Hijacking - BC Daily

Coercion and Competition - BC Daily

Happy Birthday Mr Potter -  CokeBottleK

Birthday Surprise - Scare of Clouds

Professor Potter - Scare of Clouds

The Incidentet in the Library -  Greenconverses

you should check it out this post too, a lot of good recommendations there!

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Jily: "Oh, fuck, oh FUCK." Please and thank you. :3

s-m-u-t  … s-m-u-t-t-yyyyy

James glanced over his shoulder only once, and down the hallway before he was too gone to care anymore. Because now Lily was sinking to her knees in front of him and her fingers were fumbling with his belt and zipper.

“C’mon, Lils. We gotta make this quick literally anyone could- mfgh- oh god-”

He couldn’t bring himself to finish his sentence- not with lily cupping him through his boxers like that, the friction of the fabric against his quickly hardening dick too much for actual sentences to be made.

Lily blinked up at him, “What were you saying?”

But he just shook his head, staring down at her, lip between his teeth.

He sucked in a sharp breath when she smirked at him, tugging down his boxers to his mid thighs in a second, the cool air hitting his heated skin.


“Shh..” Lily laughed softly, glancing quickly around the corner to make sure they really were still alone, “So easy today, aren’t we?”

James made a disgruntled noise, “I am not ea- ah.”

Lily hand was tight around the base of his dick, thumb stroking a thick vein that ran up it, causing James’ hips to buck forward involuntarily, “Shit, shit.”

James tried to keep quiet and she pumped him slowly, her other hand alternating between massaging his balls and circling the tip. He tried to grit his teeth, bit his lip, his knuckle - anything to keep her going on like that.

It was only when she sucked him into her mouth did he truly loose it. It was slow at first, just her tongue swirling around the tip - he was able to let out no more than a soft groan.

But when her hand tightened around the base, the other squeezing his balls, and her mouth took him more fully, cheeks hollowed out.. then he slipped. His hips bucked into her mouth and he felt his head fall back against the wall, “Oh my god, Lils…” He reached forward, tangling his fingers in her hair, grip tightening each time she took more and more of him into her mouth.

He watched, admiring the way her lips seemed to grow redder, swollen and wet and wrapped around him - a sight he’d never get tired of.

He groaned when Lily’s head bobbed once more that stopped with a soft pop, glancing around the corner,

Lils.” He moaned, his dick  jerking in the air on its own, desperate for contact.

“Sorry, sorry… Thought I heard-”

“I don’t care, I don’t care, just- Lils please.” He was too gone to even care that his voice cracked.

Lily looked up at him with wide eyes and swallowed thickly.

“Fuck..” she muttered under her breath, the sight of James, flushed and pleading, sending a wave of heat through her. “Fuck, okay..”

He slid back into her mouth easily, but this time James was ready. He tightened the grip on her hair and slowly, carefully, bucked his hips forward in small motions, not wanting to hurt her but desperate to be in control, desperate for release.

She moaned, the vibration going straight to his dick and making all the heat already coiled in his stomach tighten further, “Fuck… Lily..” He breathed out, inhaling deeply through his nose and letting his head rest back against the wall again. She moaned again, hands steadying herself against the wall as James picked up the pace.

He felt himself right there, on the edge..

He looked down - Lily’s eyes were closed, her tongue swirling around him, hand gripping his thigh, and moaning.

And he was gone, over.

“Oh fuck… Oh fuck.. Fuck!..”

He spilled into her mouth, hot onto her tongue, hips bucking feebly a few more times before stuttering to a stop and a groan.

He felt Lily place a soft kiss to his hip bone in his daze, barely acknowledged her dressing him again. He just closed his eyes, catching his breath.

“You alright there, love?” James felt soft fingers against cheek.

“Mm.” He kept his eyes closed, hand coming up blindly to encase Lily’s and brought it to his mouth to kiss, “After that?” Finally he opened them, blinking at her and smiling lazily, “’course I’m alright.”

It has been a week since her first day at the police department. She was so incredibly busy in this week that she couldn't bother to care about the fact that her ‘one-night-stand man’ was her boss.

She did see him every day, he was her boss and the one who was teaching all the trainees how to react to any situation. She learned a lot from him, to be honest. Lily was one of the better trainees and was only getting better.

And it was a miracle, since she was the most distracted when James opened his mouth to say anything to the class. All she could imagine was how his lips felt on her skin in that one night they got together.

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