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Reading Fanfiction at School Like...
  • Me: *reading fanfic*
  • Me: *comes across smut*
  • Me: *feverishly tries to scroll past it hoping no one saw*
  • Me: *accidentally drops phone*
  • Me: *literally tries to hide phone behind hair*
  • Me: *goes back to fanfic like nothing happened*
The Underground, Ch10

Hey friends, I’m back. Have another chapter (and some smut - you can have that too). xx

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After the New Year, everything started, miraculously, to fall into place. It almost seemed too good to be true, but Lily figured if she didn’t acknowledge it, then nothing horrible would happen to compensate for all her ridiculous good fortune.

She ended up, after a completely nerve-wracking interview with Minerva McGonagall, getting that job in the Foreign Office. She’d worn her emerald green dress with a smart blazer and had, after calling everyone else, called Euphemia to thank her, again, for such a gorgeous gift. Euphemia had just laughed into the phone, said, “Of course you got it, you’re brilliant, Lily. I’ll be in London next week to see James’ new exhibit. I’ll take you to lunch to celebrate.”

Lily felt a small twinge of guilt for beginning to like Euphemia more than she liked her own mother, but it was a small one and it passed fairly quickly.

Lily started work the week after her interview. She had worked in the FCO years ago and, thus, should have been used to Westminster, but Lily was (embarrassingly) over-the-moon about being back in government after her time away. She’d spent the first week (or so) screaming inside her head about THERE’S DOWNING STREET OH MY FUCKING GOD but eventually, she managed to settle down a bit. It helped, of course, that Minerva ran a tight ship and was soon working Lily into the ground. Lily, nutter that she was, absolutely loved every minute of it.

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marauders things part 2 ayy 🌚

literally I spent 40 minutes writing some but then tumblr decided to delete them so imma cri so here are some more shitty headcannons that probs don’t make sense but nvm I love doing this lmao 🍍

like so many people asked for a part 2 so here you go, if you haven’t read part one yet it’s somewhere further down my blog (I’m not good at this tumblr thing ok so I don’t know how to link the previous one don’t laugh at me ok) but yano

basically I got the idea for a marauders book shop themed au so I wrote a couples of lines of random drabble and literally could not stop like you cannot expect me not to world build ok so here you go 💩

•when harry makes the quidditch team sirius and James send him a howler which is literally 15 minutes of them both getting really excited like MY SON IS THE YOUNGEST EVER QUIDDITCH PLAYER IN HOGWARTS I AM SO FREAKING PROUD I CANNOT EVEN SAY HI TO PROFFESOR MOONY FOR ME

•sirius, james and peter go to every quidditch match each week without fail and always embarrass the hell out harry every week like OHH HARRY ISNT THAT THAT GINNY GIRL YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON but he is secretly super happy to have such fabulous nerds for his family the tears are real

•jily decide to have another kid but they can’t find the right time to tell Harry so he comes home for the Christmas holidays like wtf mum why r u so huge is that where all my chocolate frogs went

•the baby is born two days before Christmas and it’s a baby girl who they decide to call Florence and the twins are like wtf what is that but everyone else is crying bc she’s so damn cute

•peter is the godfather (remus is the twins’ godfather don’t worry) and Marlene is the godmother and he’s like ayy are we god-married then and she’s just like come over here and kiss me you goofball

•they all have Christmas dinner in the back of the shop and the weasleys and hermoine’s family and the longbottoms come over and Harry is just so damn happy to be with his amazing family and friends that he nearly cries on multiple occasions WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE AMIRITE

•he and ginny go into the back room to help wash up and they get stuck under the mistletoe and they kiss at the exact moment that lily and Sirius walk in the door and Sirius is like KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS HARRY and it’s really awkward but hilarious lmaooo

•they all go caroling around all the nearby houses and it’s just so perfect bc it starts snowing and everyone is so warm and fuzzy inside and love each other so much ummmm brb gonna go cry

•the children go out and have snowball fights around the back of the shop and the adults (not including Sirius and James bc they’re as big a children as any of them and I’ll be damned if they didn’t go out to join in that snowball fight to kick their asses) stay inside drinking cocoa and cooing over Florence bc she’s so cute 💘

idek why this was so Christmas themed when it’s september but yano I’m not complaining 🍍
tell me if you guys want part three ok 👍

Hold on Hun, We’re Gonna Bunny-Hug (pt1)

“I’m not cruisin’ for a love connection,” she warns him with pursed lips. He still has her pinned to the door, one leg thrown around his waist as they grind into each other ever so often.

James doesn’t miss a step, just drags his teeth over her pulse and says, “Good. Me either.”

or, ‘I slept with you the other day and I didn’t know we had a mutual friend and now we’re sitting across each other for brunch and it’s awkward' 

wc: 3.7k
rating: M

read on ao3

The pub is raucous tonight. It seems like everyone and their mum decided to hit up the Three Broomsticks, and Rosmerta only had time to sling their drinks across the counter before hustling off to deal with another round of patrons. It just errs on the side of uncomfortable; the close packed bodies, the almost deafening levels of chatter, the slowly building humidity that leaves his skin damp, even after he rolled up the sleeves of his flannel in an attempt to cool down.

It’s a bit chaotic, but then again, he thrives off of chaos. At least, that’s what he says after watching some bloke spill his drink on a girl in an attempt to feel her up, only to receive a punch to the jaw. It results in a minor scuffle and he just sits off to the side observing it. It reminds him of an Andy Warhol painting for some reason; just a blur of colour and movement.

James Potter is not good at flip cup.

Or, more accurately, he’s not good at this blaspheme of flip cup that Sirius came up with. He’s making them chug a bitter stout instead of beer, and James grimaces the whole way through, costing him and Remus significant time.

He gives up after the third round of losing- he doesn’t hate himself that much, plus he’s sure that if he doesn’t wash down the taste with something else, his tastebuds would never forgive him- and Sirius pats him on the back.

“Oh don’t be sad, Prongs,” he says, pinching his cheeks.

James bats his hands away. “You’re a sadistic bastard.”

“Funny, that’s what my mum used to call me growing up.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was just wondering if you had any favorite jily smut recs? Reading about James and Lily saving the wizarding world is very important 😁😂

Hello! oh yeah, it’s a very important thing indeed :p 

here my absolutely favourite jily smut are these:

Run Around Rules - Petals-to-fish  * that fic was made specially for me for the jily secret santa last year and I completly love it! 

Hot and Cold - BC Daily 

Hijacking - BC Daily

Coercion and Competition - BC Daily

Happy Birthday Mr Potter -  CokeBottleK

Birthday Surprise - Scare of Clouds

Professor Potter - Scare of Clouds

The Incidentet in the Library -  Greenconverses

you should check it out this post too, a lot of good recommendations there!

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  • James isn’t ashamed of it at all
  • He’ll exit the girls dorm as quietly as possible (after Lily practically kicked him out because “Go James go it’s still early enough no one will see!”
  • But Marlene has always been an early riser.
  • So as he turns from closing the door softly they come face to face at the top of the staircase.
  • Marlene takes a long sip of her tea, eyeing James until her gaze falls on his hair.
  • Not only is it sticking up in all directions and sweeping to the left slightly
  • But it’s also damn attractive.
  • She raises an eyebrow, “Walked the windblown country side, did we?”
  • “Morning, McKinnon.” James ignores her comment, flashing her a grin as he slides past her and trots down the stairs over to his own bed.
  • And then there’s when he comes down to breakfast late.
  • He saunters in and slides into his seat next to Lily and kisses her on the cheek, “Fancy seeing you here, Evans.” while simultaneously reaching for a piece of her toast.
  • She turns to reprimand him but the second she gets a look at him she’s closing her mouth, looking back down at her eggs and turning bright red because well shit. so much for an early morning secret.
  • Because there’s no way you can’t tell what they’d been doing not two hours ago from the state of James’ hair.
  • She takes a large gulp of her juice, trying not to think about sliding her fingers through the soft strands and tugging, as she had not too long ago
  • Tried not to think about his lips on her neck and chest.
  • And fuck, his lips.
  • Always accompanying James’ sex hair, was his beautifully pink, bitten lips.
  • Lily tried not to think about where she’d like them to be right now
  • She tried not to think about his heated skin and toned body and soft hair and…
  • Well…
  • Maybe they were a little late for Potions.

okay this is my life now.


Hey, look. Another Ed Sheeran inspired fic. You tired of these yet? This gets a bit obnoxiously inspired at the end because hot damn I could not resist. Well, actually, the middle – it was originally going to be the end but they decided to fuck instead so… fairly explicit smut ahead? I don’t know how to class this, people – <overshare> but if we’re classing smut based on a 1-10 ‘how thirsty is the author’ scale, this is about a 100000000 </overshare>. ANYWAY – No, I didn’t put the lyrics actually in the bloody thing, but I recommend a listen (if only because this is a damn good song).

Also – last one shot for a while. After the next chapter of The Underground goes up (this weekend???) I’m going on fic hiatus until mid-May because your girl has seminar papers to write. I know, I’m crying too.

Summary: James is in a band, Lily is thirsty af. Muggle AU, Met in a Pub AU (a thing?), Smut.

Find it on FF or AO3

The pub was packed.

It was loud and sweaty and the air smelled like hard liquor and beer and the cigarette smoke wafting in off the street. Her local was normally a quiet, subdued place (though it occasionally got a bit rowdy on pub quiz night) - it was a lowkey pub, the bartenders were all really nice (though she had her favourite), and the regulars were cool. On New Act Fridays, though, the place exploded. It was a scene she’d long since moved on from since leaving uni, one full of writhing bodies and spilled drinks, but she always made a special exception for what was, probably, her favourite pub event. So, it seemed, did everyone the hell else in Leytonstone.

Lily tipped her head in thanks to the bartender as he dropped off her third gin and tonic, squeezed the lime into her glass, turned back around on her stool. She swirled her drink, leaned her back up against the bar, and surveyed the crowd. Everyone was largely chatting amongst themselves while they waited for the next act to get set up - a few people were pressed up against the wall and snogging furiously in the far corner, but Lily knew the number would at least double by the end of the night.

There was a pair of men on the small stage in the corner, a lanky blonde and a tall one with a mop of jet black hair, setting up their instruments as they prepped for, Lily assumed, their set. A man with a leather jacket stumbled out of the crowd, grabbed the blonde one by the neck with one hand, a fistful of his white t-shirt in his other, whispered something in his ear, pressed a kiss to his lips - the blonde smiled, beamed, before shoving the man, now laughing so loudly Lily could hear him from across the pub, off the stage.

Her eyes flicked away from them as the blonde sat down at his drums, began twisting something she couldn’t see - she turned back to the black haired man. He was fiddling with the tuning pegs on his guitar, his fingers plucking the strings, a look of deep concentration on his face. She moved her eyes over the long, lean muscles on his forearm, the tendons popping out in that absurdly sexy way that they always seem to do on guitar players, took another sip of her drink. He was part-way through tuning the fifth string when his eyes snapped up and met hers almost immediately, like he’d felt her eyes on him. She couldn’t tell what colour his eyes were, not from this distance, but she watched his gaze travel slowly down her body (her breath caught in her throat) before his eyes met hers again and he arched an eyebrow. Lily bit her lip - his lips hitched up into a cocky, lopsided smirk.

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Fine Frenzy - Chapter 1

Pairing: Sirius Black x Marlene McKinnon
Rated: Mature (upcoming smut parts)

Fine Frenzy Masterlist

///gifs aren’t mine, credit for those who made them///

Red carpets and tapestries, golden blankets and pillows all looked muddy and black at this late hour in the common room, when even the fire went out and the only light source was as the bright moon beamed through the window. She sat on the soft couch with her legs folded under her, a half bottle of firewhisky in her lap, her fingers clutched around the bottle’s neck while she stared off and listened the loud ticking of the clock in the silent room.

Marlene glanced at her watch: it was two o’clock in the morning. She gave a long, weary sigh and slammed the alcohol on the small, round table next to the sofa before she stood up. She just leaned back to pick up her jacket from the armrest when she heard a clear voice behind her back.


She quickly turned around, seeing as Sirius was just walking down on the stairs in his light grey sweatpants with a black hoodie. She’d thought it was daytime, as his hair looked completely clean, not somebody’s who just crawled out from the bed. Only when the silvery light illuminated his face she could tell he just woke up; the narrowed, sleepy eyes gave it away.

“Marlene. Marly. Marls. Literally anything else except Marle, please.” – She answered with a monotone voice while the boy walked closer. She could see the emerging lips on his lips.


She shrugged and stepped back where the moon couldn’t light her face. “Because it’s sound like and old lady.”

He gave a short, bark-like laugh. “It isn’t.” – He said before he pointed his wand at the fireplace. – “Incendio.”

The room brightened immediately, but the sudden warm light made her growls and closes her eyes for a second.

“What? It’s really cold here and I couldn’t see that pretty face of yours.”

With a roll of her eyes, she plopped down on the couch again. Even though she didn’t really want any company, she thought Sirius frivolity maybe would be good for her. “Can’t sleep?” – She asked, looking up at him.

Sirius watched the big, glistening blue eyes with the slightly smeared makeup. There was something in her tone that he couldn’t decide what caused yet. “Lily is up in our dorm, and unlike Remus and Peter, I can’t sleep that deep.” – He sat down next to the girl, who laughed.

“Sometimes I’m really glad boys can’t come up our rooms. But you see, I think it’s still better when they couldn’t stop talking about each other.”

He let out a dramatic sigh. “Lucky you. James still can’t stop talking about Lily.”

“That’s so sweet.” – She said effusively. – “I’m so happy for them.”

“Me too.” – He said quickly. – “I just loved to sleep.”

Marlene chuckled again before she stood up to fold her legs under herself again, and Sirius realized what he heard in her voice earlier. “What have you got there?”

She followed his gaze while her eyes fell on the firewhisky. Grabbing the bottle, she turned back to him. “Happy juice. Want some?”

He accepted and took a sip, not taking his eyes off her, but he didn’t ask what was bothering her. After seven years knowing Marlene, Sirius learnt she doesn’t talk about her problems or there’s something wrong, and he could understand. He didn’t like to talk about them either.

He noticed she wore a pretty, short, dark blue dress under her leather jacket. “Had a date again?”

She only nodded.

“Was it so bad?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” – She muttered under her breath, snatching the bottle out from Sirius’ hand and taking a big sip. He fell silence and let her do what she wanted.

The two of them started became good friends only at the start of the seventh year, when after the first quidditch match Marlene showed a great muggle rock band to Sirius, and he quickly realized this girl maybe much more than he’d originally thought. Because she had her own, harsh style sometimes, and Sirius have had enough of harsh people. It wasn’t really a mask; she didn’t try to show herself something else that she truly was. She just never wanted to give her heart to anybody; what was the point if people could damage it so easily? Only those whom she trusted at least a bit could see her kind, big hearted and passionate side.

Sirius also noticed Marlene went on a lot of date lately. He didn’t know how far she went with them, but he could tell none of them lasted longer than a few hours. Usually, she laughed after these days, mocking about how awful every guy was, but now there were no jokes, nor complains; she was too quiet.

At least for a time being. Sirius made her laugh and lifted her mood quickly, thought the firewhisky definitely played a big role in it. After hours of talking, joking and playing truth or dare – which was only truth or truth with cheeky and embarrassing questions – Marlene was at the top of the table, singing a song from the Ramones when somebody stormed into the common room with dishevelled hair.

“Honestly, it’s four in the morning!” – Remus shouted. – “Can you two please shut up and go to sleep already?” – They looked back at him in silence with innocent faces, trying to choke back their laughs. – “Thanks.”

“Wow.” – She whispered after Remus left them. She stepped down from the low table, but landed in Sirius’ lap. – “He’s really moody.”

“No. It’s Moony.” – He laughed, wrapping his hands around her waist, pressing his forehead against her cheek before she could’ve stood up.

“Well, I don’t know who and why started to call him like this, but you should change it. Moody is fits for him better.” – She felt as Sirius smiled against her skin, but said nothing.

Out of nowhere, a sudden drowsiness overwhelmed the both of them, but no matter how nice would’ve felt to fall asleep in Sirius’ warm hug, Marlene shifted a yawn and crawled out from his lap. It felt cold without his arms around her, so she put on her jacket that she earlier dropped on the floor.

He closed his eyes and rested his head against the backrest of the sofa. It was the first time in long hours they haven’t said anything, and the silence brought the melancholy back again for Marlene.

“I think I give up.” – She said with a raspy voice. – “Dating, I mean.”

Sirius’ eyes fluttered open and turned his head towards her. “What are you talking about?”

She sighed. “I’ve had enough. Guys see I’m pretty and they don’t care about anything else.”

He let out a tiny, almost inaudible laugh, so she continued. “I know it sounds cocky, but that’s the truth. They ask me out but none of them really want more than one night. It would be nice, you know? Some to ask me what’s my favourite flower or something.”

“Do you want guys to ask what your favourite flower is?” – Sirius asked with an amused voice.

She huffed. “It was just an example! Whatever, I’m talking to the wrong person. You also need girls for only night.” – She folded her arms and turned her head away from Sirius, but he sat closer to her.

“Marlene, no offense, but it’s your fault.”

She quickly looked back at him with angry eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means you built up walls around yourself and you don’t let anyone in. Like, I know you for seven years and I only had a chance to realize how awesome you are a couple months ago. How do you expect from somebody to know that after one date, then?”

She fell silent for a few long seconds. “Well, maybe they should at least try to know me better.”

“Do you feel lonely?” – Sirius asked, surprised at even himself as he dared to ask something so personal. It felt heavier and so much more intimate when they were talking about their sexual life whilst they played truth or dare.

But Marlene answered immediately. “No, I don’t. I have amazing friends, and that’s enough, really. It’s just… now I wanted more than a one night stand, but I couldn’t get a normal relationship and it makes me feel unlovable and worthless.” – The words left her lips too fast and she stopped instantly after the last ones. She never thought she’d talk about this to anyone.

“What’s that crap? You’re everything but unlovable and worthless.” – Sirius said almost angrily. Marlene just rolled her eyes, and he sat closer again. – “Listen, if they don’t want to know you, it’s their fault, not yours. Why would you let some blokes who don’t even want to know who you really are makes you feel like this?”

She looked into his grey eyes, thinking about what he said weren’t just comforting words; he meant them, and it actually made sense. Really, why would I?

“You’re right.” – She said firmly. – “I’m gonna have fun and I won’t care about any stupid boys ever again. It’s their loss.”

“Now, that’s the Marlene I know.” – He laughed and messed up her hair.

She giggled softly before she stood up slowly; as the alcohol still affected her limbs her moves wasn’t so steady yet. “We should go to sleep. There’s a quidditch match tomo – I mean, today.”

“I forgot.” – Sirius growled and followed the girl. – “See you at the after party, I guess?”

“Sure.” – She gushed, eyes widened in excitement, completely forgot about the hangover will definitely make her to do anything but going to a party. – “I still have another bottle of firewhisky in the depths of my trunk.”

They vanished the empty glasses and walked across the room together, saying good nights, but Sirius turned back before he stepped on the stairs. “So what is your favourite flower?”

She frowned but smiled. “Dandelions.”

He cocked an eyebrow and watched her disappearing behind the girl’s dorm’ door, not sure if she was joking or not.

As promised, car!smut Jily. Lily and James have just signed on with the Order of the Phoenix, and there’s no better time than now for a roadtrip through the Scottish Highlands with the Sex Pistols on full blast. Lily drives like James flies. The only rational thing for them to do is pull over. 

Pretty sure that at least one of them got a bug up their arse during this encounter. Here you go:

Copilot - Rated M
Coming into this trip, she’d been a tense, agitated mess. Surely unfit to be driving at such reckless and giddy speeds. Now she’s flat on her back with a huge, wide sky above her, a storybook meadow all around her, likely at least one police car within ten kilometers of her, and James Potter fiddling with her skirt. There’s no way this can end badly. LE/JP, July 1978.

Fine Frenzy - Chapter 2

Fine Frenzy Masterlist

Warnings: Smut & everything that goes with it

Originally posted by it-is-just-the-begining

She woke up to the sound of somebody slammed the door shut, causing her almost fell off from the bed. Her head fell back on the soft pillow while a quiet growl left her mouth. “I’ll never drink again.” – She muttered to herself, but a light voice answered back.

“For like, what? Two weeks?”

Marlene raised her head up, seeing the smirking redhead standing near to her, leaning against the doorpost of the bathroom. “Maybe three.” – She said with a hoarse voice, clearing her throat. Lily shook her head and walked to the small table next to the door, grabbing a goblet and conjured some water, giving to her friend. She sat up and quickly drank all of it; the cold drink settled her stomach a bit immediately. – “Thanks.” – She breathed out, falling back on the sheets. – “Can you make some potion for this?”

Lily frowned. “Well, there’s something for hangover, but it looks really complicated… and I don’t want to poison you.”

Marlene let out a crying sound and buried her face back into the pillow. “Just do it. It’d be better.”

Lily laughed and jumped down to the bed, lying next to her friend. “Now come on, tell me what happened yesterday.”

She told her about the date with the seventh year Ravenclaw guy who couldn’t stop talking about himself, and in the end of the night was really offended, when she didn’t let him to kiss and touch her. After she finished but before Lily could’ve started to scold the guy – as she always did – Marlene quickly added. – “And I get drunk with Sirius. He was also in the common room, had a hard time with sleeping.”


Marlene smiled smugly. “Well, I think he had to hear something like “Oh, James, yes, right there…” – her moans changed into a laugh after Lily hit her with a pillow.

“Shut up.” – Her cheeks were flushed. – “I think we forget about the silencing charms.”

“Don’t worry. Sirius left and he said Remus and Peter can sleep really deep.”

But she still saw the embarrassment on her face as she let out a tired sigh, though Marlene found the situation really funny. They fell silence for a minute, before Lily carefully turned back at her. “So… you and Sirius…”

“Absolutely not.” – She cut her off. – “I’m not an idiot.”

Lily let out a long, relieved breath. – “I was scared. I mean, I love you both, but you know him and… I don’t think you’d need another heartbreak.”

“As I said, I’m not an idiot. We’re just friends.”

“Alright then.” – The redhead girl smiled and jumped up from the bed. – “Get up, have a shower and eat something. Gryffindor – Hufflepuff game starts in an hour.”

Marlene growled again. She completely forget about the match, and now wasn’t sure her throbbing head would bear it without exploding in the loud quidditch pitch.

But she crawled out from the bed and took a nearly cold shower, washed her hair, and felt herself a lot more fresh a half an hour later. She put on a Gryffindor-quidditch sweater with a short, black skirt before she walked down to the Great Hall alone, since everyone else had already left.

Half of the place was decorated in red and golden colours, and her house table was already loud and crowded. It was the last game of the season – and also James’ last chance to win the cup again. He was clearly nervous and excited at the same time.

“How’s your head, Marls?” – Her gaze met with Sirius’, and suddenly, she felt herself smaller than ever. I talked about my fears and feelings with this boy. She gulped and smirked, sitting down in front of him.

“Wonderful, really. But I might skip that another bottle today, if you don’t mind.”

Good idea, his own pounding head screamed to Sirius, but other words left his grinning lips. “Oh, don’t be such a pussy.”

She cocked an eyebrow at him while poured some coffee in a cup, but Peter next to her spoke up. “He’s right! This is our last game, we have to celebrate.”

“See?” – Sirius grinned even more.

Marlene rolled her eyes and tried to eat a toast, which finally calmed her angry, burning stomach down. The headache remained with her, no matter what she had done.

Fortunately, the match didn’t take long as the Gryffindor seeker caught the snitch in the first twenty minutes, earning a win and the house cup as well. The common room was extremely loud and smelled with the mix of every alcohol they could buy at The Three Broomsticks after fifteen minutes. She sat in a comfy armchair at the corner, thinking about what she’d give for a quiet, empty room, when Sirius suddenly appeared with weary face, collapsing in a seat next to her.

Marlene looked at him with raised eyebrows, mimicking his words from earlier. “Oh, don’t be such a pussy, Black.”

He turned his head towards her. “That’s your fault, McKinnon.” – He said with a sulky voice. – “I wanted to have some fun in our last Hogwarts party.”

She rolled her eyes. “By “fun” you mean that blonde over there? I see you can’t take your eyes off his arse.”

He tilted his head on the left side with a half smirk. “Even you couldn’t say no for an ass like that.”

“That’s probably true.” – She shrugged, making Sirius laugh. He slipped closer with his chair and rested his head on her shoulder, closing his eyes with a growl.

Lily tried to pull up her several times to make her dance, but she didn’t move. “I think we look like an old married couple here who can’t have fun.”

He said nothing but chuckled, his head stayed on her shoulder. It was long past midnight when the common room finally emptied – thank to McGonagall, who had to come in three times to send the students to sleep. Marlene and Sirius also went toward their dorms, but the boy stopped when he saw Lily and James hurrying up together. “Oh, come on.” – He growled, head tilted back. – “I think I just sleep in the couch, then.”

Marlene giggled. “You can go. I don’t think she’d forget about the silencing spells ever again.”

“Not going to risk it.” – He mumbled and collapsed on the comfiest couch.

She stood between him and staircase awkwardly. A sudden feeling made her to want to stay, but she wasn’t quite sure she should. She made a half step towards nowhere, when Sirius spoke up. “Will you stay?”

Her heart gave a happy jolt, but shrugged. “Okay.”

Thanks for the lack of sleep from yesterday, both of them fell asleep quickly in the warm common room. The couch was big enough for the both of them, but still, when Marlene opened her eyes up several hours later, their bodies were pressed together tightly.

It was still dark, and she had no idea how much she slept, but her headache finally vanished. It was the first things she noticed, as it was like a heavenly gift. Right after that, she noticed something else – Sirius’ boner against her from behind and his hand on her hip. He lied still, and Marlene had no idea if he was sleeping or not.

She didn’t know what to do. Maybe she should get up and leave, but she couldn’t bring herself to stand up. On the other hand, another part of her had a really hard time to prevent herself from make a move with her lower half, and she gave up after a half minute. She softly rubbed herself against him once, but he was still motionless. He was probably asleep.

But Marlene craved for more; any bit of friction to get some relief from her own, growing, tingling sensation between her legs. She grind herself against his lap again, harder this time.

And he thrusted back.

Her lips parted and she felt her heart beating in her ears. She didn’t dare to move, no matter how badly she wanted, but Sirius thrusted again; his hand slipped lower to her belly.

She started to make small, but constant circles with her hips, but a low growl from Sirius make her more eager. She felt her body burning with desire. Reaching back, she tried to unbuckle his belt, but it was hard from that position so he helped her, and she slipped her hand into his boxer in the moment she heard the satisfying clack sound of the clasp. She moved her hand up and down slowly but firmly, while he attached her lips to the soft skin on her neck, covering with open-mouthed, wet kisses. I didn’t take long before his hand moved lower and rolled up her skirt, touching her through her damp knickers. She could practically feel him smirking, as he noticed she was already so wet for him. He gently rubbed her with her underwear still on, but Marlene was too impatient and aroused for his little games. She quickly draw off her panties; not completely, just to give enough space for him. She grabbed his hand, placing where she wanted it to be.

Sirius wanted to say something sarcastic; he wanted so badly, but her confidence made him completely lose his mind. He growled into her ear again, rubbing long, soft circles between her wet folds while her small palms find her way back to his cock. Tiny gasps left her mouth several times, but when Sirius slipped two fingers inside her, she couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. It went on for another minute, and though he really, really enjoyed it, he needed to stop her. “Try to keep her voice down, doll. They’re going to hear us.”

Marlene just chocked back another moan and bit her lip, before she opened her mouth in the next moment. “Inside me. Now, please. Please.”

She didn’t need to ask twice. Sirius grabbed her hip again, pushing himself inside her slowly, and Marlene had to bit the back of her hand to hide another moan. He gave her some time to adjust, making only slow and long moves before he picked up his pace. She couldn’t stop grinding herself against him too, making the friction even stronger as they slammed together. His hand wandered up under her sweater, stroking and massaging her soft breasts. They weren’t big, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how perfectly they’re fit in his hand.

“Faster.” – She whined, though the position didn’t really let them to do it any faster. Sirius was afraid if they’d change positon he’ll come right away, but he wanted to give her what she wanted. He pulled out, made her to turn on her back and crawled on top of her fast, but stopped suddenly as they could finally look into each other’s eyes. It lasted one, long second, gazing into her desire filled eyes before he entered into her again, and he knew he was right and won’t last long. Because she was so hot and wet and tight, and moaned so sweetly into is ear – he didn’t even tried to make her keep her voice down anymore.

His body stiffened above Marlene with the last growl with his orgasm before he collapsed on top of her. It took him a long minute to collect himself and look up at the girl, her eyes closed. “Did you not… I mean…”

“No.” – She said, but her lips hovered into a satisfied smile. “But it was still amazing.”

He smiled back, but his hand wandered down on her.

Marlene shivered as his fingers brushed against her still wet folds again. She closed her eyes when he thrusted two of them inside her, pulling them in and out, in and out; she was long forget about he said she should shut her mouth. “Oh, Sirius.”

He dropped his head on the crook of her neck. “I love when you moan my name.”

She softly giggled between two moans, while started to loses control over her own body, moving it upwards for more pressure. He gave it to her, pressing his thumb against her clit, rubbing circles which quickly made her shuddering and shaking beneath him. She cried out one last time, arching her back before she let herself go completely.

Sirius lied down next to her, an arm still around her waist. “You’re really loud, Marls.”

Her eyes fluttered open and murmured a low “Sorry” under her breath. She was always insecure about she can’t control her voice.

“What on earth for? I loved it.”

As their body started to cool down, both of them came to realize how stupid was that they’ve done – both of them for quite the same reason.

Marlene was the first who stood up, pulled up her underwear and adjusted her skirt whilst started to speak. “Well I uh… I just go… to my room.” – She cleared her throat. – “It wouldn’t be good for anyone to find us like this here.”

Sirius sat up. “Yeah, you’re right.” – He ran his fingers through his hair while Marlene turned around, slowly walking towards the staircase. Before she could’ve reached it, he called after her. – “We’re going to talk about this, aren’t we?”

Marlene bit her lip before she turned back to face him with a tiny smile. “Sure. Tomorrow.”

Sirius nodded and waited her to leave before he let out a deep, weary sigh.