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Without question the best part of fics that pair enemies who fall in love is the immense feeling of superiority you get as a reader.

Like those first moments where they begin to develop a fondness for the other like ‘But of course, I’d never admit that to them’ and ‘But I’d never tell them that’

And you just sit there grinning, rubbing your hands in glee like ‘Yes you wi-ill’

jily fic recs: authors i love

I’ve met some wonderful people on here and I see fic requests all the time. I’ll occasionally share/highlight some wonderful authors who graciously share their talents with the fandom and deserve all the reviews, follows, and praise in the world. It’s been far too long since my last authors I love post, but I’m going to bring them back. 

Today: Ellie, aka, @ashryver​, formerly alrightpotter.

Random things: Her blog is gorgeous, her edits are breathtaking (you need to check them out and beg her for more), and her tagging system is goals. Her entire aesthetic is a work of her art, and her her fics are indicative of that.

Her writing tag.

Some things I love: Ellie speckles her fics with prose and imagery I can only dream about pulling off. Her characterizations are spot on! And her take on jily specifically is fantastic. 

Favorite fics:

Soulmates auTheir fingers touch. And it sends a shockwave through James that settles in his stomach and sends a shiver down Lily’s spine, and for him, it’s a cool sensation, like the metal of Sirius’s lighter, and for her, it’s the burn of a sparkler.

The Aftermath - Wartime Jily, which is my absolute weakness. I tried to pull an excerpt and couldn’t pick one because I love it all. 

Without The War - A James POV ‘if they lived’ au. You’re eleven, with dirt under your fingernails and a head of black hair that strays like your missing schoolbooks and yet sticks to you like a shadow. Between lessons, you hang upside down from your broomstick, and Sirius tries to sabotage your efforts whilst Remus counts the seconds you manage to stay afloat.

Amber. James POV of sixth/seventh year Jily. The room is vibrant, and he revels in the energy, but his eyes are glued to her. He has to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from thinking about how much he likes her, the fact that she’s etched in the dirt under his fingernails, the scar on his left elbow, the breath that curls in his lungs. She’s written all over him, and he has no desire to wash her off.

She’s got some headcanons (Sirius Black, and Alright, Potter?) and drabbles (Remus’s return to Hogwarts and the Marauder’s first day at Hogwarts) tucked into her writing tag.

Go check her out!

other authors i love

She's More Than Beautiful

“You’re beautiful” you tell her one night when you’re both sprawled on the grass, staring at the unfathomable stars. It’s dark and your glasses are crooked, obscuring your vision but you can just make out the contour of her body, curled up beside you like she was made to fit into the grooves of your chest.

She doesn’t answer and your eyes wander over her hair, tumbling over her shoulders and spreading like fire across the grass. Her eyes shine and you think you could spend an eternity staring into them; they’re even more unfathomable than the universe up above.

And that’s when you realize this wondrous creature beside you could never be described simply as beautiful. Beautiful is too common a word to describe something so transcendent, so utterly breathtaking.

She is much more than beautiful. Her hair is the color you saw when her best friend stabbed her in the heart and spat on her face. It’s the color that paints your chest when she juts out her lip and widens her eyes into a pout because she knows you can never resist it. Those wavy tendrils overtake you and set you on fire, just as they are setting fire to the grass. They wrap around you and draw you closer, until you no longer know where your body ends and hers begins.

Her skin shines the the same as the ethereal stag which bursts from your wand. It gives off light and shines for you a path of loyalty, friendship, and goodness that you had thought was too good to exist in this terrible, ugly world. Her body is an entire universe of freckle stars and birthmark moons and you could spend the rest of your life exploring it, discovering each intricate piece and mapping them out so only you know where to find each and every one.

Her eyes are two suns, burning with an intensity that is both fascinating and frightening. They shoot sparks when she is angry and pull you closer when she is sad. They see through to your intimate, vulnerable self and they speak in sonnets at night when words are simply too overwhelming for her lips. In the morning they are the sun that wakes you up, beckoning you forth into the new day. In the end…in the very end…their color will beckon you into a new morning, though this one much different than those you knew before.

anonymous asked:

Any good fanfics? (purticularly any ravenclaw ones?) but anything in general would be nice thank you

I don’t really know any Ravenclaw ones. I’m Jily trash so pretty much all my favorite fics feature them. Here are a few:

Kiss and Tell - jily, just listen to this amazing description “The rules were simple. Provoke each other. Scream at each other. Snog each other. Do this as frequently as possible, but don’t ever, ever kiss and tell.”

Text Talk - wolfstar au, had me giggling and clutching my heart over all the mushyness and feels

Fairy Tale Robbery - jily au, not completed yet but James Potter, modern day Robin Hood, has me swooning

Check out my recommendations page for more

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I don't know if there are any but do you know of any fics where James drinks polyjuice to talk to lily or something? Cheers

Title: Obsessive Lily Disorder
Author: Procrastinator-starting2moro
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Hurt
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 144,021
Summary: James worships the ground Lily, er, throws him on? Includes stalking, Polyjuice potion and James attempting many acts of suicide such as drowning his head in toilet bowls because Apple Of His Eye Evans hates his guts. Or does she?

Title: Polyjuice
Author: greysky3
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 976
Summary: James is tired of guessing at what Lily is thinking. One day, he decides to impersonate one of her friends. He will definitely learn more than he had in mind.

I also remember one where he used polyjuice to transform himself into Remus and then went on Prefect rounds with Lily who developed a crush on Remus (because he was James). I can’t find that one atm but I’ll keep searching for it, and if anyone has any more to rec that would be helpful!

Updated 07.02.16 thanks to @katieeasterlee who knew the fic I was talking about above, thank you!

Title: Prelude to Destiny
Author: AnotherDreamer
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 26
Word Count: ~
Summary: Lily’s goals were to get over her annoying crush on James Potter and avoid becoming Head Girl, but in 6th year after her ex-boyfriend shows up, everything started spiralling out of control.

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Send “Amortentia” for what smells my character associates with yours; ; ACCEPTING

Pumpkin Juice

The first time Lily doused him in a goblet’s worth (out of indignation, mostly likely – though James attributed it to a lacking sense of humor), he realized this girl was impossible and infallible all at once.


He’s unsure of whether it’s for the Gryffindor Common Room, where he spent years trying to catch her eye; or her fiery spirit; or, more likely that not, for the time he accidentally set her hair aflame.

Freshly Pressed Linen 

In (what he considered) a stunning display of maturity, Lily always seemed to wear clean, ironed clothes – a habit that eluded James his entire life. Why bother with bother with finding a new shirt when yesterday’s still smells decent?

The heavy air before a downpour 

It was drizzling the first time she kissed him, raining by the time they broke apart, and pouring before he could wipe the goofy grin off his face. 

Imagine Sirius and Lily bonding over their sibling problems

This is an excerpt from my Jily fic Tell Me More

“Right,” Sirius said, pulling up a chair and sitting beside Lily. “Now that Prongs isn’t here, what’s wrong, Lilybean?”

               In answer, Lily held out Petunia’s letter, now crumpled and torn. Sirius smoothed the paper out and scanned the paragraph, his eyebrows furrowing together.            

               “Petunia’s your sister?” he asked when he had finished, handing Lily the letter.

               She nodded and stared at the writing. “She hates me,” Lily whispered, refusing to meet Sirius’ gaze. “And I didn’t do anything. She hates me because I’m different and because I wouldn’t give up magic to live at home.” 

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are there any teen pregnancy fics

I haven’t read it but try this one:

Title: A Secret Inside
Author: A Writer Named Anna
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 12,580
Summary: Sixth Year Lily and James went out for a short time, then he broke up with her for someone else. Their still friends, but Lily has a secret and she doesn’t know how to tell him that she’s pregnant.

I also know there is a pregnancy scare in the following:

Title: Kiss and Tell
Author: SunshineDaisiesWindmills
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Smut
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 51,598
Summary: The rules were simple. Provoke each other. Scream at each other. Snog each other. Do this as frequently as possible, but don’t ever, ever kiss and tell.

James Saves the Day

Drabble. An excerpt from my fic Tell Me More

“If Miss Evans and Miss Fortescue are quite done with their conversation, then,” the transfiguration teacher said, sending a severe look in their direction, “I’ll ask you all to kindly pass up your essays.”

               There was a great rustling as everybody dug in their bags for their essays. Lily became more and more aggressive as she poked around in her bag and couldn’t find hers. It couldn’t be, she thought. She had definitely done it. In fact she had set it on her night table when she had finished—

               “Oh, bloody hell,” she swore under her breath.

               “What?” Marlene whispered from beside her, glancing over at Lily’s red face.

               “I left my essay in the dorm,” Lily whispered, glancing around the classroom frantically. Nearly everyone had their essays out. Any minute McGonagall would collect them. She saw James slouching in his seat, his own parchment in front of him, covered in his writing. He turned and suddenly their eyes met. Lily ducked back down and continued searching furiously through her bag.

               “Lily, it’s not going to appear if you keep looking in there,” Marlene said gently. Lily huffed and sat back in her seat.

               “It’s not fair,” she whined. “I did it! I just don’t have it.”

               Marlene and Alice looked at her sympathetically. “Don’t worry too much,” Alice said, patting her shoulder. “We’ve all done it at some point or other.”

               Professor McGonagall waved her wand and the essays zoomed towards her, forming an orderly stack which she caught easily. Lily slumped in her seat, dejected. McGonagall flipped through the pieces of parchment, checking they were all there.

               “Mr. Potter!” she barked, turning towards James. “I don’t seem to have an essay from you.”

               “Yes, I’m terribly sorry about that, Professor,” James said. “I did it, you see. I just seem to have left it in the library.”

               “You are aware I don’t accept late work, Potter?” McGonagall asked.

               James nodded, bowing his head. “Quite aware, Professor.”

               “You will receive a zero for this assignment.”

               James nodded once more. “It won’t happen again, Professor.”

               With a ‘hmph’ McGonagall turned away and began her lecture. Lily gaped at James. His head was still bowed but he turned to face her and gave her a small smile. She felt a surge of affection for him she hadn’t felt since that summer. His eyes were still that beautiful hazel…

��� �

James Potter and Lily Evans: 1/?

            He says, “Oh, baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends
     I’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through heaven
         If there’s a light at the end, it’s just the sun in your eyes
        I know you wanna go to heaven but you’re human tonight"