jily drabble

Okay but like imagine little first year Lily and James being friends, because they were little and pure platonic friendship that was just them being stupid together like James charming his hair to be red so he could be just like her and lily always pushing his glasses up because they always fell down his nose and she would laugh and while James didn’t really like Severus but it didn’t matter because they were 11 and they just were being friends until second year when James pranks started to single Severus out BC he was a Slytherin and best friends with Lily and how unfair was that? And Lily called him out and he “didn’t understand what the big deal was” and slowly their friendship fell apart and they didn’t talk as much and grew up and Lily was especially hard on him BC she knew what kind of person he was and could be and he was so frustrated because he grew up and his mind always seemed to find its way back to Lily, but she resented him because she already was left by her sister and the truth was she missed him and didn’t understand why he had to change and he didn’t understand either until finally around 6th year when he started thinking about his future and stuff, he realized he couldn’t see one without her and even though he had asked her out before he realized he just wanted to be in her life and don’t misunderstand because he totally still pulled pranks all the time and thought he was pretty great, but just to a lesser level, and then Lily’s frustration with him slowly ebbed away as she watched the first year James she used to know come back until it was just like how it was first year with her pushing his glasses up and him charming his hair red which she said “looked absolutely ridiculous” because his hair was still completely messy and sticking up every which way possible, only now it was an auburn red and she would charm it back saying “I like it better this way” and he would sling an arm around her shoulder and she would laugh into his shoulder and it was just like first year except first year they didn’t know what they wanted and didn’t even begin to think about dating and now they knew all they wanted was each other

Lily and Sirius dancing at every wedding they go to.

Lily eating her cake and Sweet Caroline comes on and she meets Sirius’s eye from across the table and they’re up in like .23 seconds on the dance floor and singing very loudly and James is rolling his eyes and Lily’s about to go back and finish her cake because it was quite good and lemon is her favorite but then Build me Up Buttercup comes on and she whips around and points directly at Sirius as she sings and he’s pointing directly at her and clutching at his chest as he sings and dramatically begs her to not break his heart and then James comes over and asks for a dance because it is their wedding after all and she agrees and they dance and Sirius pulls Peter in for a waltz but then Aint No Mountain High Enough starts to play and James throws his hands up in the air in defeat because Lily screamed because she didn’t see Sirius behind her but she spots him just as the lyrics begin and they start their number and James goes to sit with Remus who hands him a drink and pats him on the back because Sirius has to go to a wedding next week while they’re on their honeymoon and Remus refuses to do that duet so please let him get it out of his system now.

this is really important to me okay

The Flowers in James's Ribs

A/N :  Mentions suicide so if that isn’t your thing then the next thing will be happier, promise. For  @picassowasblue because she likes badass Lily as much as me  ///

Eliza Potter is not stupid.

She’s almost seven now, and can put the bread in the toaster without Sirius picking her up, so she can see that James is friends with the pretty new neighbour. 

And she is pretty, as in, interesting pretty. Like she looks like she could punch someone in the mouth, which Eliza actually saw her do one time to Jimmy Ogden during school when he told her to turn around for him. Eliza isn’t scared of her though, because once she fell over when she was riding her bike on the sidewalk outside the house and the pretty girl ran over and helped her up. The girl said that her name was Lily and helped Eliza inside. James smiled when she opened the door even though Eliza’s knee was bleeding into her sock.

James smiles a lot when she’s around, Eliza’s noticed. She tells Lizzy, her best friend, and Lizzy snorts, and says seventeen year old boys don’t smile a lot. And Lizzy would know, she has twin brothers who are seventeen and is the only one in the class who has a raincoat without any mud on it. Lizzy just understands these things. But James really does smile a lot when the girl- Lily- is around. Like when he was mowing the lawn and she waved at him from where she was picking flowers in her yard. James nearly took his foot off when he tried to wave back and Eliza remembers Mummy yelling at him to watch her flippin’ hydrangeas.

But Lily really is nice, plus she has cool hair. Eliza once asked who poured all of that red paint on her head and Lily laughed while James glared and told her not to be such a nerd. But it really did look like paint on Lily’s head, and when she told Eliza that it was just how her hair was. Eliza got annoyed; because she wanted hair that looked like blood so that she could scare sway stupid Fabian Weasley who keeps staring at her in class. Lily laughed again and said that she liked Eliza’s black hair, that black hair was really cool. James smiled really hard when she said that.

Lily is painting her fence on Saturday and James gets out of bed at nine in the morning (he never gets up that early, not even for cartoons) to help her. Eliza brings them sandwiches that she made herself and when she walks over James is talking, “…Yeah but that technically didn’t count as a suspension because Mum never found out about it, she would have fucking shot me if- oh, hi, ‘Liza”. Lily is grinning when Eliza hands her the pickle and jam sandwich. If she really thinks about it, Lily smiles a lot when James is around too. 

Lily also has a sister, but Eliza doesn’t like her at all, because she yells at her when she’s riding her bike on the road and she made Lily cry that one time, when they were outside and the mean sister said that she hated her. Lily cried and Eliza wanted to hit the other girl, because she didn’t have nice red hair or pretty eyes and she hurt Lily. But she didn’t, because mum said she shouldn’t eavesdrop anymore and she was meant to be practising her printing.

But she can tell Sirius about Lily, because Sirius is the best at listening and he likes her pickle and jam sandwiches. Sirius grins so big his face might fall off and says he won’t tell anyone, but she hears him teasing James about it later. Oh well, James deserved it. He called her a nerd.

Lily comes over a lot more now, sitting on the couch watching TV with James and sometimes he even lets Eliza watch with them. Lily leans on James’s knees and Eliza leans on Lily’s knees and it’s like a cool kneeling train. She likes it, because she gets to see James and Lily, who are her favourite people in the whole world. Along with Padfoot, Moony, Wormy and Mummy, of course. Eliza thinks her Dad might have been one of her favourite people to, even though he’s in the ground with the stone on top. Mummy says he was really sad and couldn’t take it anymore. Eliza still doesn’t know what ‘it’ is, but she’s going to find out and punch it, because it makes Mummy sad and James all quiet whenever they talk about Daddy.       

She tells Lily this while she’s waiting for James to get back from Remus’s house and Lily gets really sad, so Eliza tells her not be and gives her a hug, because she doesn’t like it when Lily is sad, it makes her hurt inside.

James comes to her that night and asks if she’s ever sad about Dad, so Lily must have told, but Eliza doesn’t mind because she and James stay up all night talking about him, and Eliza likes that because talking to James is nice. James is her favourite person to talk to ever, she thinks. She tells him so and he hugs her. James is the second best huger, next to Sirius, of course.

She tells Lily this and she says she must test that theory sometime. Eliza doesn’t know what a theory is but she sees Lily hug James a few weeks later after they do their big people school homework in his room. That makes James smile a lot, and he doesn’t even yell at Eliza when she tells him she broke his headphones by accident.

On the day that they always go and visit Daddy’s grave Lily comes with them, Mummy never goes. She just stays in bed and won’t make Eliza breakfast like normal, so James does it. But he’s really quiet and puts too much milk on the cornflakes, so it’s not the same. They borrow Peter’s car because it’s nicer and they drive to the rock in the ground with “ROBERT ELLIOT POTTER’ written on it in big letters. Eliza gets to put the flowers that they brought down, and she arranges them in a smiley face so that maybe, wherever he is, Daddy won’t be so sad anymore. Lily holds James’s hand and Eliza holds Lily’s other hand and it’s like when they kneel on each other on the couch but not fun. Not fun at all.

Lizzy tells her James wants to kiss Lily and Eliza tells her that’s gross, because kissing is yuck and you aren’t allowed to do it until you’re at least twenty-one. That’s what James, Padfoot and Moony all told her. Lizzy tells her she’s just a big baby and Eliza punches her in the mouth just like Lily did to Jimmy Ogden, because Lizzy’s always calling her a baby now and just because she wears a raincoat without mud on it doesn’t mean she’s the queen of the world. And she still doesn’t feel bad about it when she’s sent home early and Mummy yells at her. She tells Lily what Lizzy said and Lily goes really red and mixes up all her words, which is weird because Lily never does that.

One night the phone rings in the middle of the night and Eliza answers, because the phone is on the desk right outside her room and it’s Lily on the other end. She’s crying a lot and tells her to just go get James please and Eliza is really scared because she sounds really sad and what is she’s so sad that she leaves like Daddy. Eliza doesn’t want to see Lily’s name a stone in the ground so she runs to get James really fast. James is mad when she wakes him up but Eliza shoves the phone at him and watches him as he talk to Lily. He says things like, “Calm down” and “I’ll be right there” and then he’s putting on his t-shirt and running for his car. He says he won’t take Eliza and that makes her mad because she wants to see Lily and give her a hug and tell her to not leave, please, because Lily is hers and she loves her a lot. She tells James not to let Lily leave forever and James looks at her real hard and promises he won’t. And then it’s okay, because James doesn’t lie to her, ever. So it’s okay.

Eliza asks Remus why Lily was crying when he comes over the next day because Remus is smart and knows how to explain things so that they make sense, he always helps her with the stupid math homework so he will help her understand why Lily called in the middle of the night. Remus looks at James for a minute and James just gets up and leaves, which is confusing. Remus tells Eliza that Lily had been at a big people party and one of the boys had tried to hurt her, so she called James to come and get her. Eliza asks if James punched they boy and Remus smiles, saying he doesn’t know, but he should have. Remus then makes her promise to tell him or Peter or Sirius or James if a boy ever tries to hurt her and Eliza does, because why wouldn’t she tell? Peter, Remus, Sirius and James are her best friends, even better than Lizzy. Remus hugs her when she tells him this and she hugs him back, because Remus is the third best hugger of all time.

Lily gets a rabbit and Eliza likes to go over and pet him, but when James tries the bunny bites him and Lily laughs so hard that she falls into her pool. She pulls James in by his foot and he yells and gets really wet. Eliza laughs because they’re laughing and then James is pushing Lily’s head under the water and Lily is splashing him and Eliza is grinning and grinning because her older brother is laughing and Lily wasn’t lying about her hair, because the paint doesn’t come out in water so it must be real.

James gets asked by Lily to go to her mean older sister’s wedding and when he leaves in his fancy pants and jacket, Sirius stays and watches cartoons with her. Watching cartoons with Sirius is fun, because he yells funny things at the characters and makes popcorn. Sirius says that James might be in love with Lily. Eliza doesn’t know what that means, because she loves Sirius, so is she in love with him? Sirius laughs and pauses the Power Puff girls. Then he looks at Eliza real hard which means he wants to tell her something really important so she looks back at him and tries to look like she’s listening really hard, because she is.

Sirius says being in love and loving someone isn’t the same, because Sirius loves her but isn’t in love with her. Eliza still doesn’t understand and wishes Remus was there to explain it, but Sirius keeps talking. He says that being in love with someone is when your ribcage feels like a flower garden whenever the other person is around. Eliza doesn’t know what a ‘ribcage’ is but she likes flower gardens and hopes that James has one in his body always, so she says she doesn’t mind if James is in love with Lily, just as long as they don’t kiss until they’re  twenty one, because that is illegal. Sirius smiles and tells her she’s right. Then he makes popcorn and uses lots of salt, just like how he knows she likes it.

When James gets home later Eliza walks up to him and tells him it’s alright if he’s in love with Lily. James stares at her for a minute and then throws his wallet at Sirius’s head, who catches it and smiles, chewing on the nice mint gum that he gave Eliza a piece of.

A lot of days later, she sees James and Lily kissing on the sidewalk. But she doesn’t call the police, because James is smiling when he pulls back and Lily flicks him on the nose and laughs. Eliza lets them do it this one time, but next time she really will call the police. Because she’s not stupid and Peter told her that if she kisses anyone before she’s twenty-one she will have to go to jail. And Remus said they don’t have the Power Puff girls in jail. And that would suck.  

Thank You

“I’d change those tights if I were you, Evans.”

“Good thing I asked.”

“Actually, good thing you won’t have to spend the day with a hole on your thigh.”


“I think you mean ‘thank you’.”

“Thanks, Potter.”

“Well, I thought I’d heard everything.”

“Don’t expect to hear it again.“

“Oh, don’t worry, I know I will.”

“Is that so?”

“It is, indeed, so.”

“And what makes you say that?”

“I know you, Evans.”

“But I also know me, Potter—”


“—and I know how rarely I am grateful to you.”

“So you’ve been grateful to me in the past?”

“Yes, I have.”

“For example…”

“About thirty seconds ago.”

“Other than that acute observation, I mean.”

“You really need to be more specific, Potter.”

“And you really need to answer the question, Evans.  You’re terrible at avoiding things.”

“I am not avoiding anything, thank you very much.”

“Told you I’d hear it again.”

“I wasn’t thanking you, Potter.  I was thanking God for getting me out of this conversation.”

“You forgot your Potions book, and to answer my question.”

“I didn’t forget to answer, I’m choosing not to.”

“Why’s that, exactly?”

“It’s a stupid question.”

“It’s a brilliant question.”

“Why’s that, exactly?“

“Stop smirking, Evans.”

“I can do whatever I’d like, Potter.”

“Then why haven’t you left yet?”

“I find this whole interaction quite funny.”

“I think it’s because you like talking to me.”

“I don’t like talking to you.”


“I know.”

“So you do like talking to me?”

“No, Potter.  I was avoiding you’re question.”

“Then what’s the answer?”

“When you wear that white waffle shirt.”

“It looks quite nice on you.”

“I’ll make sure to wear it more often, then.”













“Fun to be around.”

“I knew it.”

“Shut up, Potter.”

“Make me.”

“…when we aren’t in the library.”

“So now, then?”

“We are literally sitting in the Charms section, James.”

“We don’t have to be, Lily.”

“What makes you think I want to leave?”

“Because you like spending time with me—“


“—and I’m going to go for a walk around the castle.  Would you like to join me?”

“Not particularly.”

“You really need to stop lying, Lily.”

“No, I actually wouldn’t.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true.  I don’t want to go for a walk around the castle.”

…”Then what do you want to do?”

“I want to make you shut up.”

“I want you to, too.”

“I’m glad.”

“Why are you taking off your jacket?”

“I really do fancy that shirt.”

“Hence it’s removal.”

“And the smirk, I presume.”

“And the smirk.”

“Another thing I’m thankful for.”

“You’re very welcome.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write something where Lily is on the brink of really liking James and he's using a whole bunch of pickup lines on her that he heard from Sirius an even though she wants to be annoyed she finds them and him adorable?

Pickup lines are fun. Thank you anon. :)

“Pardon me, is there a mirror in your pocket? Because I keep seeing myself in your skirt.” Lily’s head shot up and she wasn’t surprised to find James Potter standing in front of her with his hands on his hips and a playful smile on his face. They were in the back corner of the library, the DADA section. Lily was attempting to finish an essay. James didn’t seem to care.

“Excuse me?” Lily asked, trying her best to look upset with him. She was finding that that was as task that was becoming harder and harder to accomplish these days however, and she ended up pursing her lips together to hide a smile. It probably had something to do with their new found friendship, her reluctant admission that he was actually a very funny bloke and her even more reluctant admission that she might fancy him a bit. She was thinking that it was the first two though.

“That’s a really nice smile you’ve got there,” James took a step towards her, cocking an eyebrow and leaning forward. “It’s a shame that’s not all you’re wearing.”

“What are you doing, James?” Lily laughed. She didn’t want to of course, but how could she not when he was currently being so ridiculous? And besides, it was either laugh or blush, and one of those were much less incriminating than the other.

“Sirius and I were going over some pickup lines last night.” James shrugged. “Thought I’d try a few of them out for myself.”

“Is that what the two of you do in your spare time? Sit around and seduce one another with vulgar pickup lines?”

“Yes. And those weren’t even that bad. You should have heard some of the ones Sirius was saying.” James pretended to shudder and Lily rolled her eyes. “Hey, why don’t your surprise your roommates tonight and not come home?”

“Oh, we’re still doing this then?” Lily asked. “That’s nice. I’m going to look for my book now.”

“Do you know, your hair and my pillowcase are perfectly color coordinated?”

“I don’t believe that’s true. Gryffindor red and my red are slightly off matched and look horrible together.”

“You’re insinuating that you know what color my pillow is. People will talk.” James looked around the empty isle and raised his eyebrows.

“I’m assuming that it’s the same color as everyone elses in Gryffindor. Because I’m assuming that it’s the pillow that was given to you when you-”

“I’ve got another one that works for muggles and wizards.” James interrupted her completely correct list of assumptions. “Love, are you a broom? Because you just swept me off my feet.”

“That’s a horrible line.” Lily sighed, shaking her head. “No one ever falls for these.”

“Sirius said that they work for him all the time.”

“I think Sirius is taking the micky out of you. Or trying to get you to make a fool of yourself. Which he succeeded in, if that was his plan.”

“There’s a good chance of that.” James nodded. “I’ve got more though.”

“I think I’ve heard enough.” Lily said, pulling a book off the shelf to read through the index.

“One more.” James said, holding up one finger and giving her that look of his. She bit her lip and tried to stay strong. But then she had to admit to herself that perhaps she fancied him a bit more than a bit.

“Alright, one more. But make it a good one.”

James smiled and then cleared his throat. “If it’s true that you are what you eat… then I could be you in the morning.” Lily closed her eyes and tried to compose herself. Unfortunately that didn’t last long and she ended up laughing much to loud for someone in the library. James chuckled appreciatively, and then hushed her so that they wouldn’t get kicked out, which he correctly assumed would only make Lily upset with him.

“That’s horrible.” Lily laughed, whipping the tears from her eyes. “Completely horrible.”

“I know.” James grinned.

“Hey, do you sleep on your front?” Lily asked suddenly, looking back at the shelf of books now. James crinkled his brow and shook his head and her seemingly random question.  

“No. I normally sleep on my back, what does this have to do-”

“Do you mind if I do?” She looked back at him and winked before walking away.

“I see what you did there.” James called after her. “I see what you did and I liked it.” Lily smirked as she sat down at her table and began to write her essay.

I love you, Lily.”

The silence was killing her. It was heavy in her ears and it seemed to echo menacingly off the walls and off the floor. She could feel it swallowing her whole; she wanted to run from it, because there was nothing she could do. For once in her life, she was helpless. She couldn’t even bear to imagine what it was like for him. He continued to stare at her, his grip on her shoulders weakening as the seconds passed by. Though they didn’t feel like seconds, they felt like minutes; really, really long minutes. She watched him swallow thickly. Watching as the hopeful expression slipped quickly from his perfect face.

She watched as the awful thoughts invaded that beautiful mind of his, she watched as they began to destroy him, as they began to break his heart and wreck his soul. She watched helplessly, because she couldn’t move her mouth – she’d tried and failed again and again.

One last, hopeful glint in his eyes, and he opened his mouth, “Lily? Lily, did you hear what I said?”

She blinked, and with all the strength she could muster, she nodded. It was a small nod; it felt so tiny that she wasn’t sure he even caught it. But he did. There was no way he could have missed it. To James it wasn’t a small nod, it was like she’d knocked him to the ground and pulled out his heart through his mouth.

It wasn’t just a nod; it was what broke James Potter.

His arms dropped limply by his side and he exhaled sharply. He tore his eyes away from her and ran a hand through his hair quickly, before covering his mouth. He felt ill - really, really ill. He turned towards the window; there was a lump in his throat and all the had colour drained from his face as he nodded,

“Right,” He croaked out, his hand running through his hair again, “Right, no worries then.”

“James-” She managed to say, her voice sounded nothing like her own. It wavered, it was small, fragile – it was scared. She was scared.

He held up a hand slightly to stop her talking, he struggled to find the words, “Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to explain.”

He’d put a distance between them, and she’d never felt so alone. She could reach out and touch him, but she knew he didn’t want her to, and that hurt more than anything. 

“James – Please…” she whispered, covering her mouth with both her hands as her voice cracked. She wanted to run now more than ever. The look on his face was too much to bear. It was broken. She’d broken James Potter.

“I mean why would you?” He said to himself quietly, with a sad chuckle, “You’re Lily Evans. You’re perfect and witty and clever – why would you love a prat like me?”

“I’m not perfect.” She whispered, tears falling silently from the corners of her eyes.

He smiled sadly as he stared out the window, watching as the snow coated the grass outside, “To me, you are.”

“I’m not,” She argued, not bothering to wipe away the tears as she took a step nearer to him, “I’m a coward, James. I’m foolish and – and horrible and selfish. If I was perfect I – I wouldn’t be afraid to-” she choked, wishing she hadn’t taken that step towards him as he turned around and faced her once more.

“Wouldn’t be afraid to what?”

She sighed, fresh tears fighting their way to the surface as she lifted her head to meet his gaze. The look in his eyes broke her heart, it was loving and kind, despite the fact that she had just responded in the worst way possible to someone telling you that they loved you. She expected his eyes to be cold and resentful, but when he looked at her; she felt warm again, she felt at home – and that in itself was what scared Lily Evans about James Potter.

“Do you know how terrifying the idea of loving you is, James?” She asked quietly, her small hand reaching out and grabbing a handful of his jumper, taking another step closer to him, “I know that once I admit it. Once I admit that… that I love you; there’s no going back. I’m going to feel this way forever; I’m going to love you forever. And when you wake up one day, and you don’t feel the same anymore – I’ll just be stuck here, loving you like I do now.”

The silence was back; but something was different this time. It wasn’t cold and suffocating. Instead it was warm, comforting even. She’d finally said what she needed to say, what she needed him to hear. James’ face had softened as he placed his hands on either side of her face, his thumbs wiping the tears off her cheeks,

“You’re right, Evans. You are foolish.”

“I know.”

“You’re foolish to think that I’m ever going to wake up and not love you.”

 (The other marauder’s reactions when they catch Jily snogging somewhere for the first time? for anon)
(Art is by http://anxiouspineapples.deviantart.com )

“Shut up!” Remus hissed as the three marauder’s poked their heads back around the corner. Sirius just grinned.
“Oh come on Moony, lighten up! He’s too far in Lily-Land to notice us.”
“Maybe, but she’s not,” Peter said nervously. Sirius scoffed.
“Oh come on, she’s barely able to take her eyes off him.”
“Maybe,” Remus said, “But still, careful. James will murder us if he catches us.” Sirius just rolled his eyes, poking his head back around the corner.
“I think they’re fighting.” Remus and Peter quickly followed Sirius’ gaze and it sure looked like they were fighting. Lily’s face was flushed and she was glaring at James, her finger prodding his chest. James on the other hand, was standing with a cocky smirk on his face and his hands in his pockets. They could see him speaking and what he said clearly caught her off guard, considering her face flushed darker and her mouth gaped open and closed. James was smirking widely. 
“Wonder what he’s done,” Remus whispered, just as something happened that cause the three of them to gasp. Lily had clutched James’ shirt where she had previously been prodding. She used this new advantage to pull him sharply towards her crashing their lips together. They saw James stiffen before slouching slightly and cupping her face in his hands. She moved her hands to his side, gripping at his shirt. He moved his hands to her hair, knotting them in her wavy red hair, pulling her closer.
“Merlins pants,” Sirius breathed. Peter just stared open mouthed at them in shock. Meanwhile Remus stood with a rare smug smirk on his face. 
“Five galleons please, both of you.” Peter frowned and Sirius grumbled as they both handed over their 5 galleons.
“Told you she’d kiss him first.”
“Gloating doesn’t suit you, Lupin,” Sirius said, hitting him over the head. They turned to walk back down the corridor but at the last moment Sirius turned back and shouted, “Nice one Prongs!" 
As Lily and James broke apart the three boys sprinted away, laughing loudly, high-fiving eachother.

The Jaw

James Potter had a jaw.

Yes, everybody does, I’m not stupid. But James Potter really had a jaw.

If you’re interested in boys, you know exactly what I mean.

And if you aren’t, well…James Potter had a jaw.

Boy, did he have a jaw.

And Lily Evans realized this during the third week of her seventh year at Hogwarts.

The two Heads were sitting in the Gryffindor common room at 8:36 P.M. on a Wednesday; it was quite a normal scene. James was playing chess with his mate, Remus, and Lily was finishing her Potions essay on a nearby table.

Potter and Evans could see one another clearly, but neither were very focused on this. James, of course, would glance at her every once in a while, as he always did.

Lily, on the other hand, was quite focused on her parchment. Well, until boredom overcame her.

(She was great at potions. But, Merlin, did she hate writing about it.)

Lily began to watch Remus and James’s game, with mild interest. Potter suddenly became very focused on his next move and she watched him carefully.

Damn, Potter has a jaw.

Lily then looked around, worried someone had heard her thought.

James made eye contact with her as she turned his way. The two looked at one another for a moment, Lily with a blush rising through her cheeks and James with a devilish grin.

Then, he winked.

It was almost as if he knew what she was thought.

Lily quickly returned to her work and tried to focus, but was unable to.

Because James Potter had a jaw.

He really had a jaw.


In which Lily swears like a sailor and Remus convinces her to smell the damned potion.
(Also, Lily’s inner monolgue is in italics, and written in first person. Just to save any confusion. This wasn’t a prompt, but I am still accepting promts here!)

“Well. Since we’re finished early, thanks for that time saving tip, by the way, you gonna smell it or not?” Remus asked with a boyish grin, as he and Lily sat at the back of the class, watching various other pairs of students make the same mistakes they had been careful to avoid. 
“This isn’t going to be one of those bullshit moments where I smell something that reminds me of James and I realise I’ve actually been in love with him this entire time."The seventh year redhead warned him. "I keep telling you, James and I are friends Remus. And even then, we only became friends under duress because of head duties.”
“Did you hear me mention James? No. Because I didn’t. Just smell the damned potion, I’m curious. For me it smells like chocolate, mostly. Among a few other things.” Remus replied with a shrug. Secretly of course, he had been hoping for one of those ‘bullshit moments’ where she smelled James. He had a galleon riding on them being together by Easter. Not that he’d admit to that, of course. 
“Fine.” Lily said, a little reluctantly as she leaned over and sniffed the potion. 

“I can smell the air, the way it smells just before its about to rain.”
I’ve always loved thunderstorms and being out in the rain. I love the way the wet grass feels between my toes, and the way it feels like there’s nobody else in the world in that moment, because everyone else sits inside, away from the rain. The way the smell fills everyone with a sense of anticipation, waiting for the rain. The scent is sharp in your nose and dry in contrast to the rain that you know is about to fall. The scent which draws you towards it, wishing you would stay and dance under the forthcoming rain. I’ve always loved the rain, even before James took to staying outside in the rain with me, making sure I don’t catch a cold by practically forcing his jacket on me. 
“I smell… burning. Not smoke, but the type of smell you get from a dwindling fire." 
That was the smell which constantly filled the Heads common room late into the evening. It’s a scent that coaxes you towards its arms, lulling you towards sleep. The one that feels heavy in your nostrils, matching the rest of your body when its heavy with sleep. Even after you close your eyes, the smell keeps your attention on the colour of those last few embers on the hot coals, worn white and grey by fire. I love that smell, it’s comforting and relaxing because the dwindling fire means its almost time to sleep. It’s a part of the atmosphere. A smell I often wake up to when I fall asleep on the sofa in the common room, my patchwork quilt from my room thrown  across me, presumably by James…
"And pine needles with cinnamon.”
The smell of Christmas, my favourite time of year. The scent that pulled each and every person into the feeling of home, the scent that felt like someone was hugging you from the inside, the scent that makes you see everything with a warm red tint and fills you with childish anticipation and excitement. The scent that feels warm. I suppose I smelt it with Amortentia because Christmas just makes people feel loved. It reminds me of a time of year when my sister and I actually get on, when it feels like we’re a normal family, makes me feel wanted.
“Theres one more… but I can’t pin what it is." 
I don’t know what this scent is. But its soft, like silk and the colour of woven gold. It’s as viscous as honey and lighter than air. It’s not heavy like the smell of a dwindling fire, or sharp like the smell of the air before rain. It’s not even warm like the smell of Christmas. It’s comforting and soothing, bringing a sense of relief washing over me like water, but the sensation is more elongated, as if the water was as thick as honey, but smoother, and less sticky. It smells safer than home and brighter than the moon. It smells like…
"Merlins saggy ballsack, is that, broom polish!?” Lily exclaimed.
“You don’t have a broom, do you Lily?” Remus asked innocently with a small grin. 
“This. Is bullshit.” Lily declared, crossing her arms grumpily. 

“I don’t dance.”

Her hand was still stretched out towards him, and his arms were folded tightly across his chest. She narrowed her eyes, and smirked at him. James almost regretted the influence he’d had over that smirk since they started dating,


“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true.”

“Gryffindor’s golden boy can’t dance?”

“Shut up.”

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When you’re watching ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and you hear Lily and James speaking with Harry and you start sobbing and your mom covers you with a blanket because this is not the first time this has happened.
—  The title of my autobiography

Here’s a silly little drabble I whipped up in response to this request

Enjoy & please keep sending requests! I’ll try to make the next few less dialogue-heavy and more introspective :) 

Palentine’s Day? It’s official, Evans. You’ve completely lost it. Someone inform Dumbledore, he needs to find a replacement for the Head Girl –“

“Shut up, James! It’s a thing, I swear.” Lily protested, slamming her fist against the desk.

“Alright! Fucking hell, no need to turn into a bloody troll over it.”

Lily groaned, shifting her stack of books to block out James’s unnervingly amused expression. She knew this was going to be a colossal mistake from the start. This was the first Valentine’s Day that they were both A) single, and B) on friendly terms with one another. Now that James had swallowed his pride and deflated his ego, Lily had to admit, he wasn’t nearly as vile as she’d painted him to be. On their better days, she might even be moved to say he was rather pleasant. Charming, even. So much so that she thought it would be a good idea they spend the dreaded holiday together. As friends, of course. Mates. Chums. Pals. Palentines.

James was having none of it.

“I don’t understand why you’re making this so difficult. It’s not like you have other plans!” Lily scowled at the pile of books.  “And stop smiling.”

“I’m not smiling! You can’t even see me behind these sodding books.”

“You are too. I can feel the smugness radiating off of you.”

“Are you policing my happiness now?”

“Don’t see what you’re so happy about.”

“I’m happy, Evans-,” James paused to remove a few books off the top of the pile. Lily could now see his shock of black hair and perpetually crooked glasses. “-because after seven years, you’re asking me out. It’s a refreshing change.”

“I am not.”

“You want me to spend Valentine’s Day with you.”

PALentine’s Day, James! There’s a difference!”

“You invented a bloody holiday to get me to go out with you.”

Lily restacked the books, blocking James again. “Forget it. It was a piss poor plan from the start.”

“You know, if you just stop referring to it as Palentine’s Day, I may reconsider my no.”

“What do you propose I refer to it as?”

“A date, Lils.”

“A platonic date.”

“Fine. We’ll just be two mates, wining and dining platonically on Valentine’s Day.”

“Paletine’s Day.”

“You sound like a fucking Hufflepuff.”  

cntrldaltdelete asked:

hmmm allright then for Jily: hmmmmm well if we can include characters from the Marauders? how about James and Lilly are trying to have some lovely cuddle time late at night in the common room (or in James's bed? IDK) but Sirius keeps on bothering them because he thinks its hilarious. Then Lily takes matters into her own hands and either threatens to curse Sirius or calls Lupin to get rid of him? What d'ya think?

A/N: ahhhhhh thank you so much for sending this prompt!! i’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get to. the prompt is altered just a bit, but, hope you like it! :)

Now, James Potter may not have kissed very many girls in his eighteen years of life – it never really seemed like that much of a priority until somewhat recently, when there were always pranks to pull and mates to cause trouble with – but he liked to think that in the past couple of months, he had gotten rather decent at it.

That, or his girlfriend was lying superbly in a valiant attempt to make him feel better. But, that wasn’t a thought he entertained too often – after all, if he was really that hopeless in the realm of kissing, he’s fairly sure that Lily would have said something by now. Or, you know, stopped pulling him into dark corners to snog. Or, she’d have just outright chucked him by now.

(Yeah, he really hopes that he’s decent at it.)

So when Lily pulls away from him, her brow furrowed like she’s in deep thought – or, to be honest, deeply confused – his heart starts hammering in his chest because, oh Merlin – what if this is it?

(Well, okay, his heart was already hammering a bit from, well, Lily, but those were obviously very different circumstances.)

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Just Stay in Bed

Since moving in with James, the only thing that had gotten more difficult for Lily was getting out of bed in the morning.

Her mum had warned her: “If you move in with him, the magic – the romance – will be gone. He’ll snore and leave food out and leave a mess in the laundry room, if his laundry even gets that far. He won’t be your boyfriend anymore, he’ll be the bloke who wrecks your flat every day.” And her mum was right. James did snore and he did leave a path of destruction all over the flat, but Lily slept like the dead so she didn’t rightly care about the snoring and if Lily glared at him enough, he’d grumble and clean up his messes. 

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Jily/Marauder’s -James’ nerves- Wedding day

James paced nervously in front of the mirror.
“Prongs!” Sirius cried exasperatedly, “Would you stop pacing!”
“I can’t!” Remus, always calm, sighed and stood up from where he was lying on James’ bed reading a book.
“Mate, calm down,” he said, putting his hands on James’ shoulders and holding him still.
“I can’t!” he repeated. 
“Why?” Remus asked.
“Don’t you want to marry Lily?” Sirius asked. “You’ve loved her for like ten years and you’re backing out now? Come on…” He trailed off when he noticed the glares he was getting from James and Remus.
“Of course I want to marry her!”
“Then what’s the bloody problem?!”
“Because what if she doesn’t want to marry me?!” James snapped, plopping on his bed and putting his face in his hands. This got a universal sigh from the two present Marauders.
“James,” Remus sighed, “She said yes didn’t she?”
“Yes bu-”
“And she’s been really excited about this?”
“Yes bu-”
“No buts!” Sirius interrupted. “We had to listen to you drone on and on about her for years and she agrees to marry you, in two hours by the way, and all of a sudden you’re unsure?! Here’s a suggestion, grow some balls, ruffle your hair, let me finish writing my speech and lets go!” Remus smiled at Sirius but James was not convinced.
"But why?! Why does she want to?!” he asked, looking up at Remus and Sirius with a almost pleading glance. 
“Because she loves you,” Remus tried, he was ignored. Sitting down beside James, Sirius spoke,
“Prongs! You’re being ridiculous! She’s marrying you because you’re sexy and funny and can fly a broom better than anyone! And look at that hair.” Sirius reached up and ruffled James’ hair. “nearly want to marry you because of that hair!” James smirked and fluttered his eyelashes.
"Do you really want to marry me Paddy?” Sirius grinned and stood up. 
“Any day Prongs. Too bad Evans got to you first.”
“Soon to be Potter,” James said. Remus laughed.
“You’re back to normal then.” James grinned as Sirius walked to the bathroom.
“Wait,” James called, “Have you honestly not written your speech yet?!”
“Eh it’s sort of done.”
“Sort of? It’s either done or not.”
“Technicalities..” Sirius said vaguely from the bathroom.

He was walking down the street. That was all he was doing. A harmless enough action, that caused so much bloody damage.

Lily hadn’t been the first to see him, it had been Petunia.

“Phwoar, would you look at him?” she muttered, trying to tidy her hair hurriedly. Lily rolled her eyes, not even bothering to look in the direction of Petunia’s gaze. In hindsight, she probably should have.

“Oh my, he is quite lovely, isn’t he?” Her mother fussed. The three of them were having lunch in London, at a café her mother absolutely adored in the center of town, having gotten a nice table outside on the street where they could, as her mother called it, ‘people watch’. Lily merely sipped on her tea, before finally looking up to see the boy in question. She nearly passed out at the sight,

“Shit.” She muttered, feeling the colour drain from her face, trying to place her tea down gently, but instead she made an almighty clattering noise as the china collided.

“What was that dear?” her mother asked softly, turning back to look at Lily, “Everything okay?”

She nodded dumbly, trying to avoid the gaze of the boy.

James Potter was in the center of muggle London; a guitar slung over his shoulder, a news paper tucked under his arm and a cigarette hanging from his lips. James Potter was in London, and her mother and sister had just found themselves drooling over him. She had to admit though; he did look bloody fit.

He was dressed in a sharp black coat, neat trousers and a worn pair of leather boots. She tried to not stare at him, but the second she managed to tear her eyes away, the damage had already been done. He’d spotted her.

“Evans!” he grinned, waving to her before beginning to cross the road towards them.

“You know him?” Petunia hissed across the table, her eyes were murderous with jealousy.

She muttered what was supposed to be an excuse to leave the table, but it came out an inaudible jumble of words, as she stood up and made her way towards James. She could feel her sister’s eyes burning into the back of her.

The boy grinned as they neared each other, “Wotcher, Evans?”

“What the bloody hell are you doing in London?” she asked with a cocked eyebrow, a question which merely caused him to chuckle softly,

“Had to buy a few more strings, Red. Sirius busted most of them last week trying to play some Hendrix. Turns out the acoustic didn’t handle the electric so well…” He said, motioning to the instrument on his back, “Could ask you the same thing though?”

“Lunch with my mum and my sister.” She muttered darkly, not bothering to look over her shoulder at the pair  

“You don’t seem overjoyed at the fact?” he asked, raising an eyebrow with a bemused smirk,

“I love being with my mum, but If you’d met my sister, you’d understand.” She said with a sigh,

“Then let’s go meet her then.” He said, smiling charmingly as he stepped past her and towards the table of women. Lily tried to stop him, she reached to grab his arm, but felt the material of his coat slip between her fingers,

Oh no, oh god no.

It was too late, he’d already introduced himself and had both the women swooning at his lopsided grin. He chatted easily with them, oozing his usual charismatic charm, and Lily stood and watched in awe as she appeared beside him. Finally, after what felt like excruciating hours, he said,

“I best be off, but it was lovely to meet you ladies,” he said with another grin, kissing Mrs Evans’ hand softly and winking to Petunia before turning back to Lily, “It was wonderful to see you, Lily.” He said genuinely, “See you on the train?”

She nodded weakly, and he grinned, leaning down to kiss her cheek as he whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. You’re still my favourite Evans.” Before waving goodbye once more to the others and disappearing down the street. Her cheeks burnt red and she stared after him, wondering what he was playing at.

When Lily sat back down, Petunia’s expression was murderous. But Lily couldn’t help but smirk right back at her.