Orion: I’m still on the letter Regulus sent about Paris. It’s like 25 pages.

Orion: I like Sirius’ better, it’s short and to the point.

Orion: “Hi dad, send money.”

PSA to HP ffn writers (or to fanfiction writers in general)

There is a new trend on Instagram: reposting stories.

How is it even possible you’re going to ask me? They post screenshots. Make dozens upon dozens of posts to repost stories as long as 100k words. The worst part? The name of the original writer often appears only in the first post. But not in the caption. That would be too easy. Rather you have to swipe right to see it on one of the screenshots. They make new cover pictures for the stories, on which only the title of the story appears, so merely scrolling through the tags won’t show you which story is yours. You have to actually read the screenshots to recognize it. Some let their followers think they are the writers by answering to questions such as “When will you continue this?”

In the past 3 days, I contacted 4 different writers, and I wasn’t even looking for reposts! They randomly appeared in my recommended section! One of them was so devastated they said they felt like deleting their stuff.

The Drarry community is particularly plagued by it from what I saw. The main sources are AO3, FFN, and Wattpad.

Keep on the lookout, guys, and if you follow such reposters (most of whom are gathering thousands of followers off someone else’s work!), stop praising them for it and protect your real content creators!

Sirius: I can see the light!

James: Wtf Pads

Sirius: Shut up I’m monologuing

Sirius: Tell my mother she’s a bitch

Remus: Sirius,

Sirius: Tell Lily that she’s short

Lily: you better watch it Black

Sirius: Tell James it was me who stole his favourite t shirt and got chocolate all over it

James: Wait, what?

Remus: Sirius!

Sirius: Tell Regulus that he- what Moony?

Remus: Shut the fuck up, it’s just a damn paper cut

The Disastrous Date

(The very late post of my Script Swap 2018. Written by @smolbeanbella )

Over the winter break of their seventh year, Lily Evans and James Potter met with Lily’s sister, Petunia, and her sister’s fiancé, Vernon Dursley. Everything was going smoothly until James started talking about his own material wealth. It did not end well, and Petunia and Vernon stormed from the restaurant, leaving Lily in tears.

Sirius shrieks and runs away

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Sunrises and Sunsets
  • Every month after the full moon, Sirius would watch the sun come up
  • It meant he could stop watching Remus in such awful pain
  • Remus was always passed out by then, so he never knew about it
  • But Sirius did it every single time
  • Even in the summers, when he was away from Remus, he would watch the sunrise on the full moon nights
  • He got a tattoo of the moon, which would change based on the phase that night
  • On the full moons, it would turn into a sun
  • Orange, red, and pink, when it was finally morning
  • That’s what he watched for those twelve years
  • When he couldn’t see the sunrise
  • Or his moony
  • Or anybody other than the dementors
  • But he could watch the sunrise
  • And he would pray that the change wasn’t too bad
  • Every night before full moon rose, Remus would watch the sunset
  • It was his last moment of peace before it all went to hell
  • He started doing it on other nights too
  • Whenever he needed a moment of peace
  • One night after they graduated
  • anything to get his mind off of Sirius
  • He’s a traitor
  • Hes a traitor
  • He’s a traitor
  • He wondered it Sirius ever thought about him
  • If he was thinking about him right now
  • But he wasn’t
  • He wouldn’t until about 10 hours later
  • By then Remus would have forgot about him already
  • Seems to be quite the pattern isn’t it?
  • Sirius being madly in love with Remus, caring about him more than he cared about himself
  • Remus thinking that his feelings weren’t returned, that Sirius hated him, that Sirius betrayed him
  • Just barely missing each other
  • they just never quite got the timing right
WIP Snippet

Tagged by @jamesandthedog (who is half the reason I write Jily anymore) to post a snippet of my ongoing Pride and Prejudice AU which you can find here. 

Miss Black decided that they should play some pianoforte as entertainment, and of course, to display their levels of accomplishment. She asked Lily to go first, who did so pleasantly and with a smile. She was not “accomplished” at the pianoforte, but she enjoyed playing it. After she played a few pieces, Miss Black took over. Lily settled onto the couch to enjoy the music, but she could not help noticing how frequently Mr. Potter’s eyes were fixed on her. Lily, of course, could not suspect that she could be an object of admiration to so great a wizard; and yet that he should look at her because he disliked her seemed even more unlikely. Lily at last decided that he must be looking at her because there was something more wrong about her than any other person present. But as she cared little for his opinion, this did not pain her.

After playing some Italian songs, Miss Black switched to a lively Scottish tune. Mr. Potter drew close to Lily and interrupted her reverie. “Do you not feel the inclination, Miss Lily, to seize such an opportunity of dancing a reel?” Lily smiled, but did not answer. Mr. Potter, not one to back down once he had made a decision, repeated the question.

“Oh, I heard you the first time Mr. Potter. I was struggling with how I should reply. I know that you wished me to say ‘Yes,’ that you might have the pleasure of despising my taste; but I always take pleasure in overthrowing those kinds of schemes, and cheating a person of their premeditated contempt. I have therefore made up my mind to tell you that I do not wish to dance a reel at all – now despise me if you dare.”

“Indeed, I do not dare,” Mr. Potter replied softly. Lily was surprised at his gallantry; she had expected to offend him. But there was a sweetness and archness in Lily’s manner that made it difficult for her to affront anybody, and Potter had never been so bewitched by any woman as he was by her. He really believed that if it weren’t for the inferiority of her connections, he should be in some danger. The remainder of the evening passed without incident, and Lily retired early. The last image she had before she fell asleep was the absurd vision of Potter asking her to dance a Scottish reel. If she hadn’t been absolutely sure that he was not, she would have thought that he was drunk, but she shoved the thought aside. His behavior was bewildering but not worth pondering.

I haven’t got the time to write something proper for my jily fic rn so here’s a lil bit I wrote a few days ago.

The knees of Lily’s jeans were stained green, her cheeks had flecks of muck on them and she had a red mark all over her forehead but the smile on her face was blinding. Remus was ready for her to ramble on and on about whatever book she was reading, that’s what he planned on doing and he knew she’d feel the same, but when she walks right up to their table, throws herself on the seat across from him dramatically and says she just met the love of her life, he just sighs with an “alright get on with it”.

He’s used to her declarations of love for strangers, whether it be the pretty girl she saw at the opposite side of the tube stop or the cute cashiers at shops she’ll go into once but this time she seems different, which unnerves Remus more than he’d like to admit. She tells him the story without a single interruption until she mentions the name and he has his phone out immediately.

“What’re you doing? Remus, I met the love of my life and you’re gonna fucking ignore-

"What was the last name? Porter?”

“What? Potter, why?”

“Because I’m nosy and if he lives close it shouldn’t be hard to find him online” Lily can’t even bring herself to be surprised at him anymore honestly.

“James Potter, 20, Trouble maker and married to @seriouslysirius. Who is, I mean, I’m sorry Lils but this bloke is on different levels of gorgeous. Jesus Christ.” She snatches the phone out of his hands and scrolls through Sirius’ Instagram, even the stupid, blurry photos go with his aesthetic and she can’t help but feel kind of jealous.

“No, he’s the one who was at the park with James, with the dog. James pointed over and said they were mates, it’s probably a joke about how close they are.” She can see it in their pictures together, there’s love there, anyone could see it. But it’s not romantic, its something else, more than family. Which is what James says when they’re texting that night and she mentions her best friend was insta-stalking him.

Me: what did we say we’d do these holidays?

Me: write a book, read books, watch movies, learn oil painting, learn a new language, utilize every moment and come out a changed person

Me: and what did we do?

Me: read fanfiction

Me: and?

Me: read fanfiction

Me: and?

Me: watch cat videos


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