Jiloise and Corney headcanons

Well it’s Valentines day, so I decided to post a little bit of my headcanons for two of my OTPs, Jimmy and Heloise and Corey and Laney. Mainly what I think it will be like when they start dating.

I think Jimmy would be a awkward yet adorable boyfriend to Heloise, he would try to be romantic but always add a little ‘Jimmy’ touch to it. Jimmy would help bring out the good in Heloise and he would keep her from going too far. Heloise would still be mean as ever, but around Jimmy she would open up more. He would give her the love and affection she never had. I also think Heloise would bring out his protective side, like he would pull her closer when other guys look at her or try to flirt with her. Beezy would still interrupt them sometimes and Heloise would still beat him up, but Jimmy would try to keep him from messing with their dates as much as he can. All in all, they would really care for another and protect each other.

Corey I imagine would be a really sweet boyfriend. If Laney was cold he would give her his jacket if he was wearing one. He’d still be as touchy as ever and would often hug her or cuddle up to her. Laney will help keep Corey from getting in trouble, but he would still persuade her to go along with his crazy ideas like he always does. Corey would still be trying to figure out romance, since it is new to him, but Laney likes him just the way he is. They would share headphones and listen to music together. Kin and Kon would support their relationship and they would all still hang out like they always do. Laney would also get to wear Corey’s hat every now and again. Corey would still be a bit awkward with love, but Laney would give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him she loves him anyway.

Happy Valentines day everybody!