Soooo it’s April 2nd again.
For those of y'all who don’t know me I’m Larissa, I’m 16, I’m a model and I’m autistic.
I was diagnosed when I was 15 and the whole experience was incredibly helpful and exposed me to a whole community of people more diverse and beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Our community has struggled for so long to break out of the box society has built for us and now in 2016 I don’t believe we’ve ever been more powerful. I want to live in a world where I can exist without being treated like a second class citizen, I want my challenges to be as accepted as my gifts. I want this for everyone in our community.
I’m not your inspiration, I’m not your teachable moment and I don’t exist to ‘show you how to be a better person’. I’m autistic, I don’t ‘suffer from’ or ‘happen to have’ or 'live a life in the shadow of’, autism is a gift that has made my life hard in the past but is only making me stronger. And even though this day is meant for neurotypicals to tell us how horrible we are, we’re reclaiming it and asserting our power. I love this community 💘💘💘

My very first TV commercial. Just saying those words still gives me chills. It’s pretty unbelievable to see how far determination can get you. And boy do I have a lot!

I love when you guys tag me in all social media’s to tell me that you seen the commercial or take video clips watching it. So I just want to say thank you! It gives me the strength to continue my mission of diversity in media and know that I am going on the right path. 

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So I teamed with Tumblr’s @postitforward to talk about something that I get asked a lot that may help you be as positive as I am everyday. It was such an honor to be included in a call-to-action because I think sometimes hearing stories about personal experience can help you with what you may be going through. We are all in this together and if there’s any chance that someone else can help you, why not?! Remember your not alone. So this is my @postitforward story, would love to hear your’s and remember to tag #postitforward


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You all have no idea how speechless I am right now. That’s me and James Astronaut!! for the Spring/Summer Diesel Campaign. My very first international campaign image for Diesel. Shot by the most beautiful photographers I’ve ever met Inez & Vinoodh and lead by Nicola Formichetti, who I love so much and couldn’t have done this without him. Thank you for giving me a chance of a lifetime and believing in me. This is beyond everything. You guys that’s me!!