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Just a list please. I can download them myself. :)

Whoo! Okay I’ve updated since the last time:

Other Guys - Jonny Diaz
You and I - Michael Bublé 
Best of Me - Michael Bublé 
Everything - Michael Bublé (I think I was in a very bubbly Bublé mood when I added these haha)
You Got Me - Colbie Caillat
Rhythm of Love - Plain White T’s
Smile - Uncle Kracker
Superhero - Jeremy Greene
Distance - Christina Perri
Arms - Christina Perri
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse (It’s their hot n sexy work-out song)
Take It From Me - The Weepies
Somebody Loved - The Weepies
Wonderland - Natalia Kills
Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes (probably my favorite)
So Contagious - Acceptance
Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift
If My Heart Was a House - Owl City (also a favorite)
Should’ve Kissed You - Chris Brown
I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
Crash and Burn - Savage Garden
Shut Up & Kiss Me - Orianthi
Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings


I think a lot of sappy love-songs remind me of Spitfire nowadays.  

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What is the music playing in the backround? It's very pretty :)

Piano medley songs from K-ON! =) If you wanna know the link, just visit this tumblog again. ;) Haha

Hi so today I’m going to school for 2 hours then I’m coming home and at 1 we’re going to the airport. We may/may not get on the flight.

But I’d like to say this :

To Holly - Come on the plane with me I doubt I’d get sick if you were with me <3

To Jillieeee - Take me to Girls’ Generation okay ? c: And listen to VOCALOID xD

To my copper lopper thingy - Watch all those animes lol

To Tina - I’d like to see you stalk me now =w=

To my followers - I’ll try get on Tumblr in Hong Kong, but if not ILY <3 <3

I’ll try to keep mysellf occupied by making gifs and watching this anime I downloaded.

Um. Yeah. That’s all I have to say at the moment >3<

iLY <3

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Oh my. Your voice is very high for a 22 year old. Not that there's anything bad about that. I never would have expected it though...

LOL! Me and my baby voice. 

I’m like the soprano of all sopranos. 

My voice actually does have a lower frequency I use at work and stuff; I just don’t like the sound of it as much. 

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Hey jncera. I want to put a spitfire picture on my tumblr. Have any good ones? Thanks :)

You betcha! When I remember, I usually tag all the Spitfire pics/fics/vids I reblog/post. So here they are!

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Hey Jncera! You think you could give me some of your music from your spitfire playlist? :D

Give as in the actual mp3’s or a list of them? 

I usually convert my songs from YouTube videos to mp3’s, and you can find a converter by googling “video to mp3”. 

If you want the list, I can dig up them up for you :)

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Hey, what's you do you love about spitfire? Other than everything. Lol.

I like that they’re sexy and are going to make beautiful babies together some day.

On a more serious note, I like the realism of their relationship and how it starts off with palpable tension. Artemis is probably the first girl that has ever stood up to Wally, and can actually match his snarky comments–a characteristic that probably frightens and entices him at the same time.

I also like the pairing because I sense a lot of character development happening as their friendship and relationship progresses; they’re going to help each other change and grow.