Jilly Sutton .

“The warmth of wood, the quality of the grain, and the life embodied in each and every tree, together with a veneration of the head as a sculptural form … this is my passion. However, working with the vagaries of the organic, still living, nature of the material, and pushing the boundaries of its plasticity, is the constant challenge.”

Jilly Sutton is a UK based Sculptor who uses locally felled timber in the creation of large scale sculpted heads. The pieces, using sandblasting and limwashing to capture texture and color, offer a reflective, pensive and serene tone, and a feeling of ancient artifact. Using sculptural lines that take great advantage of grain lines and imperfections in the material, and with a mighty attention to surface, the level of detail is even more impressive in relation to the scale. The pieces are striking for their uniqueness and the artist has been exhibited internationally and is found in many private collections.