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Piers had heard about Jill Valentine. She was Chris’s old partner. Chris had told him about her before, and spoke highly of her. It was this thought that made him wary of approaching her. If she knew that he worked with Chris in the BSAA, and knew the story of what happened in China, then she might pass along that he was still alive. And as much as he may have wanted to let Chris know he was alive, he didn’t want Chris to have to deal with him. He kept his distance from her, head down and hoping he just melted into the crowd on the street.

☆ Girls of Resident Evil

A little bit of Jillian in my life,
A little bit of Claire by my side.
A little bit of Ingrid’s all I need,
A little bit of Sheva’s what I see.
A little bit of Helena in the sun,
A little bit of Sherry all night long.
A little bit of Rebecca here I am,
A little bit of you makes me your man!

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Harper was told to rendezvous in a meeting room with Hunnigan and the Chief Director about an important assignment, something pertaining to having a new partner aiding her in this. Her interested was quite piqued an she agreed to meet in the quarters as assigned. She enters the room momentarily to find her superior, Hunnigan and another woman who was unfamiliar to her. “…?”