jills a cat


BEASTS OF BURDEN: WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN was nominated for an Eisner Award in the “Best Single Issue/One-Shot” category. 

Congrats to co-writer Sarah Dyer, co-creator/illustrator Jill Thompson (also nominated in two other categories for her work), editor Daniel Chabon and publisher Dark Horse Comics. 

And thanks to those who sold, bought and read the 2016 one-shot. Appreciate the support.  

FYI, the one-shot is still in print and available, as is the first hardcover collection, BEASTS OF BURDEN: ANIMAL RITES, currently in a 7th printing. More stories are in the works, fingers crossed something will see the light of day before 2017 is out. 

Rules: Tell us your favorite character from ten different fandoms and tag around 10 people.

I was tagged by @elloette thank you so much! <3 I did one about four months ago, and I am so happy to have this chance to add some of my new re/found faves.

  • Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)
  • Harold Finch (Person of Interest)
  • Phryne Fisher (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)
  • Trish Walker (Jessica Jones)
  • Jill Riley (One Day At A Time)
  • Éowyn (Lord Of The Rings)
  • Cat Grant (Supergirl)
  • Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
  • Jack Gordon (The Darkest Part Of The Forest)
  • James Tiberius Kirk (Star Trek: Alternative Original Series)

If you fell like to do this, I’m tagging @nervouscupcakestudent, @tounknowndestinations@talking2thesky, @potcpoi@becumsh, @vindicatedtruth, @freloux, @theragnarokd, @merionees, @the-emef and anyone who wants to :)


1 ½ hours of listening to Stevie Nicks…

“And I will never forget…
The last time I saw you
Like a photograph… so rare
Like a painting
No I will never forget…
The last time I saw you
Never to be… not you… not me
No… no… “