"Oh, Good. You’re awake. Now get out of here." Jillisa threw a shirt towards Eddie.

"W-Wait, What do you mean? I thought you were gonna give me my body back." Eddie asked in confusion. "I was about to, but I decided that your life was worth losing my old body over. I can get used to being a handsome, rich man." Jillisa replied back.

Eddie could only stand there with his jaw dropped. Feeling a deep sense of regret at his decision to cheat with Jillisa. Knowing full well that she couldn’t be trusted, and yet trusting her anyways.

The promise of sex is what got him. His wife, Sharon had been particularly cold towards him, and thus he decided to take Jillisa up on her offer. He should have known something was wrong though.

Her suggestion to swap bodies for a new experience had seemed odd. Thinking she was crazy at first, but finding out firsthand that she was right. Reciting a quick spell that automatically swapped them into each other’s body.

The sex was amazing, but not worth losing his body for. He could only sit there on his former bed, and stare at his former body with shock. “Don’t you have classes today? Better get to it, Jillisa.” Jillisa teased Eddie.