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The pilot for LLOYD is now public!  


LLOYD, episode 2, “My Big Fat Geek Buddy” is finally here! 

So when I watched The Cinema Snob Movie, the love scene between Brad and Jillian happened, and I was immediately uncomfortable. I didn’t know why at first. Did it just go on too long? Maybe it was weird because I had just met Jillian at a Con? After thinking, I realized why it bothered me so much. 

It was too real. 

Everything about that scene felt like I was watching two real people in real love making out. From how it was shot to how Brad and Jillian played it, to the lack of music. They were married at the time, and these two clearly loved each other. The kissing alone showed it, but once they get hot and heavy, their love really comes forward. There’s no acting in that scene. 

This is meant to be praise for everyone involved in that scene. I never thought I’d feel a real emotion in a movie about the Cinema Snob, but to Brad, Jillian, and the director’s credit, I still feel something months after watching it.