OT3 Fic

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Jace is the type of person that seems and acts like a dad that can fix things around the house, and Alec is the person Clary calls to fix something when Jace “fixes” it

A snippet of Jillessa smutty goodness to entice you (because I want my friend to look over this and give me her opinion before I post the whole thing)

     She pressed herself up on her toes and kissed Will. She reached a hand out to Jem as she did it.

     Jem stepped up behind her and put his mouth to her neck, trailing feather-light kisses all over the back and sides. He kissed her under her ear.

     Tessa was conflicted on where to put her hands. Will’s were roaming all over her front while Jem seemed content to run his own fingers lightly over her shoulders and up into her hair. She reached out in front of her and splayed her hands out on Will’s chest.

     She lost herself in the different ways she was being kissed and touched by both boys. It was like their personalities. Will kissed and touched her like he couldn’t wait for what came next. Jem’s approach was more relaxed. He was content to simply explore her like this for the moment.

     She turned suddenly, letting Jem take his turn with her mouth. His hands still remained on her face, brushing his thumbs lightly over her check as their tongues played together.

     Will stepped away slightly and Tessa saw out of the corner of her eye that he was removing his shirt. He stepped up behind her and pressed himself into her back. His hands started just under her arms and slid slowly down her sides to grip her hips. He pressed his own closer to her and she let out an involuntary gasp at what she felt.

     So far, Jem had kept his body apart from her. And he still did, even as Will pulled her more flush against him.

     He whispered in her ear, “Your body is so perfect.”

     She moaned into Jem’s mouth as Will started sucking on her neck and rubbing himself against her backside.

Letters to Heaven

Tessa Gray lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Today had been a very eventful day, along with one of the happiest. She had finally gotten married to Jem Carstairs. So actually, she wasn’t Tessa ‘Gray’ anymore, she was Tessa Herondale Carstairs. After Will had died, Tessa wanted to keep every part of him that she possibly could. She had all of his most beloved books on a very special shelf on her bookshelf. All photos of Will and her were in their origial frames and currently sat by her on the bedside table. That’s also why she had kept his last name. Jem had said that he understood.
   Magnus had been right. The first death was the hardest. She couldn’t imagine how she would handle it when her current husband eventually passes away. She quickly shook the thought out of her head. She refused to think such things. Tessa quietly threw back the sheets, so as to not wake up Jem, and walked over to her desk. As she sat down on the chair, she began to shiver. She was only in her bastie white night-gown, which was not very thick, and the heat was not on. Even though, in the Twenty-First Century, the writing utensils were much more advanced, Tessa prefered to write with quill and ink, like she did when she still had both of her boys. She also pulled out a piece of parchment. She dipped her quill in the ink pot and began to write.
The letter read:

To: My Beloved
From: Tessa Herondale Carstairs nee Gray
Address: Heaven

Dearest William,
   How are you? I am quite fine. I have some exciting news! I am sure that I told you in one of my previous letters, but Jem, your Parabatai, is no longer a Silent Brother! I found out about a year ago during our yearly visit. I was standing there when a young gentleman came up to me. I almost instantly recognized him as our James. I was so rejoiced to find that he was no longer one of the Brothers. He had said that he completely cured of the yin-fen that, in the past, had poisoned his blood.
   That is not the matter of this letter, though. I write to tell you that Jem and I are now happily married! I wish you could have been at the wedding. It was truly magnificent! Magnus had been the preacher. Clary Fairchild, Isabelle Lightwood, and Emma Carstairs had been my bridemaids. Jem had chosen one of our decendents, Jace Herondale, to be his best man. Unfortunetly, Jace looks nothing like you. He has blonde hair and the most golden eyes you have ever seen. I suspect all of the goldness comes from my demon blood. His personality is exactly like yours. Although he reads, he does not seem to share your love of quoting, as far as I’ve heard anyway. He is sarcastic and spontanious, just like you were. Just to complete the Herondale package, he seems to have found himself a young lady. One, Clarissa Fairchild. Her hair is the exact color of Henry’s. She has Charlotte’s stubborness and Henry’s freckles. It also seems that she inherited Charlotte’s sense of fashion and, umm… height.
    The next part you might not be so chipper about. The famiy that seems to have inherited your looks are the Lightwood’s. Their eldest son, one Alexander Gideon Lightwood, is an exact replica of you. Blue eyes and all. His sister, one Isabelle Sophia Lightwood, almost looks exactly like Cecily. When I say almost, I mean the fact that she didn’t inherit the blue eyes. Aside from that, she is like Cecily in every way.
   Back to the matter of Jace. It seems he literally went to Hell and back with Clary. It worried me when I heard that the last Herondale alive had gone to Hell through the Portal in the Seelie Court. But, seeing as he came to my wedding, he is still alive.
   Remember our, umm…. first time? In the cave? Well it turns out that Jace also slept with Clary…in  a cave. God Bless Genetics? Anyway, the scar that my necklace gave you, the star shaped one, gets passed through generations as well. Jace’s is on his shouder, exactly where yours was.
   I still have that pearl bracelet you got me for our 30th wedding anniversary. I wear it every day. I miss you so much, and love you all the same. I always thought you were as beautiful as an angel, and now you are one. Just remember that I still, and will always, love you, William Herondale.
                                                                                                            Tessa Herondale Carstairs nee Gray

Tessa sniffled as she signed the letter. She blew over the parchment to dry the ink. Then, she folded the beautifully written letter and put it in the drawer under a false bottom, where she kept the rest of her letters to Will. She closed the drawer and proceeded to weep for her lost loved one.

    Jem stretched his hand over to where his wife, Tessa, was supposed to be. Her side of the bed was cold. His Shadohunter instincts kick into action and he sprung off of the bed, silently, not making a sound. He looked over to the desk that was in their room and saw Tessa, prying the bottom out of the drawer. He was going to walk over, but stopped when he noticed that she was putting something underneath the false bottom. It looked like folded up parchment, but he couldn’t be sure.
   She put the false bottom back in place and closed the drawer. Her face distorted into a look of utter grief. She then put her head down on the desk and her body started to shake uncontrolably. Jem ran over to her in that moment and wrapped his arms around her shaking body. Tessa’s head shot up at contact and looked Jem straight in the eye.
   Her beautiful face was covered in tears. She folded into his embrace and continued to sob. Jem put his finger under her chin and pulled her head up so he could see her face.
   "What’s wrong, love?“ He asked as softly as he could. Tessa took a few breaths and said, "It’s b-been 75 years s-since Will p-passed.” She sobbed.
   That was correct. That day was the 75th anniversary of Wills death. The two stayed like that for a while, huddled together on the floor, rocking back and forth, comforting each other.
   After a while, when Tessa had stopped crying, Jem said, “What were you putting under that false bottom in the drawer?” Tessa looked up at him with sorrowful eyes and replied, “I have been writing letters to Will since at least 1942. It’s my way of coping. It’s like when I was trapped in the Dark house and I had written letters that were supposed to go to my brother, but were never actually sent. I was going to have one of my decendants burn them for me at my funeral, as a way of sending them to Will. Sort of like a fire message.” She hiccupped.
   "Oh Tessa.“ Jem cooed. He kissed her on the head. "Can I read them all?” He asked. Tessa nodded and stood. She went over to the desk and opened the drawer, taking out the false bottom. She beckned for him to come over. He went to her side and knelt beside her.
   She picked up the one dated, January 1, 1942, and gave it to Jem. She looked at him and said, “Read them to me?” Jem nodded at her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they leaned their backs up against the desk. Tessa snuggled into his side as he began reading, “Dearest William…”
   The rest of the night, the two lovers sat up, reading Tessa’s carefully worded letters and being there for one another. Some day, Tessa thought, We are all going to be together again.
   William Herondale watched over them both and watched as his two best friends read Tessa’s letters for him. The letters that were addressed to heaven.

  • Alberto:*is adorable*
  • Dom:*is awesome*
  • Emeraude:*is amazing*
  • Matt:*is tall and adorable*
  • Isaiah:*is old spice guy*
  • Me:*clutched chest* I don't know if my little heart can take it
Fatherly Advice
  • Clace Boy:Hey dad. I need to talk to you. I'm having trouble with girls.
  • Jace:What do you mean? You are a Herondale.
  • Clace Boy:Yeah, its just, it isn't that easy.
  • Jace:Well then I suspect it is about time I pass down the family secret. This peice of advice has been in the family for generations.
  • Clace Boy:Okay, what is it?
  • Jace:'Remember the Cave.'
  • Clace Boy:What does that mean.
  • Jace:*hesitates* It is open to interpretation.
  • *tmi as robin hood about to rob a bank to give to the poor*
  • Jace:So does everyone know the plan?
  • Simon:Yeah . . . Wait no, I wasn't listening at all.
  • Everyone:*groans*
  • Jace:God bloodsucker, get your shit together. You take out the cameras then watch the door. Clary and Izzy take the front, I get the vault.
  • Everyone:Got it.
  • Jace:*runs to back and opens vaults*
  • Jace:*sees rubber duck sitting on cash*
  • Jace:ABORT MISSION!!!!!
  • Bank Manager:*in corner of room* We've been expecting you.