“This is my awesome Northwest Native Husky mask! I received the mask blank from Jillcostumes as part of a trade, and this is what I did with it! I didn’t have an idea of what style to paint my mask in until my boyfriend suggested I do something in the theme of the NW native tribal art. There is EL Wire that illuminates the eyes, ears and tongue, as well as the white marking on the back of the mask. There is also UV reactive paint on some of the white markings (its only seen under blacklight, and doesn’t glow in the dark) The red and black spiky fur I got from Distinctive Fabric as a narrow strip of a remnant, it was just enough for this project! Very proud of this, since it allowed me to step out of my "toony fursuit” comfort zone.“

Resin base done by Jill0r, finishwork, paint, and details by Matrices


Thought I’d share some pics of the awesome friends of mine that make suiting that much more fun! All of these floofs are amazing suiters that you should definitely check out. From left to right we have Vel Applebee, Oliver Luvtail, Lights/Signal, Juke, Makoh, Paskhowl, Bounce, TWP, and Button. Keep on being awesome you lot c: