Just a dream

The church is filled with beautiful flowers. I’m sure the event is
wedding. I can see little flower girls who are very pretty in their
gowns and a cute ring bearer. The entourage is composed of beautiful
ladies and handsome gentlemen. There are a lot of guests inside the
church. The Ateneo Men’s Basketball Team is also there. I really don’t
know who will be the groom and bride. But the only thing that I’m sure
of is that the bride is my friend.

Everyone is really excited to see the bride. Almost all of the guests
are saying, “I’m sure she’s the prettiest bride in the world.”  And
the bell rings. Everybody is now looking at the main door of the
church. The entourage is now walking in the aisle. As the bride walks
in the aisle, her face is blurred. Now that the bride is almost near
in my seat, I realized that the bride is Jill. She’s very beautiful in
her white wedding dress. And when I looked at the altar, the groom is
Juami who looks stunning in his tux.

So the wedding ceremony starts. The priest is about to say, “You may
now kiss the bride”, but my cat wake me up.

It was a really beautiful dream. It’s really nice to see one of my
favorite couple getting married. Ate Jill & Kuya Juami really look
good together. Everytime I look at their pictures I always smile, coz
I can see the sweetness in their eyes, meganon? :) haha! Seriously, I
really love them.

PS. Hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit ko sila napanaginipan. Sobrang
nabitin ako, pero natuwa rin ako kasi friend ko yung bride sa
panaginip ko :)