jill tate


“Not All Monsters, Do Monstrous Things.”

“There is a monster inside all of us, It can Possess us, Control us, or Awaken us; And It will give us Power. How you choose to use that power, depends on you. Just remember that Power comes with a price. One you must be prepared to pay, and I think that’s a lesson in Teen Wolf. Everyone pays…just not in the way they want”

Sometimes the shape you take, reflects the person you are”

  • Mom: Okay sit up, are you being victimized again?
  • Oliver: No. What do you mean victimized? I'm never victimized.
  • Mom: Yes, you were, throughout primary school, and in Cubs.
  • Oliver: I don't remember that.
  • Mom: Well I do. There was a lot of crying.
  • Mom: Is it drug related?
  • Oliver: How is this drug-related?
  • Mom: I really don't know, you tell me.
  • Oliver: It's not.
  • Mom: Your pupils are huge.
  • Oliver: It's dark.
  • Mom: Is it self harm?
  • Oliver: Why would I punched myself in the eye?
  • Mom: I really don't know
  • Oliver: I wouldn't. Look this is stupid.
  • Mom: Well I'm not going anywhere until you tell me the truth.
  • Oliver: Ok. I got into a fight.
  • Mom: Mm-hm
  • Oliver: I was uh, defending the honor of my girlfriend.
  • Mom: Ok. Fine. You're not being serious. That's fine.
  • Oliver: No, I am. I have a girlfriend now.
  • Mom: Really?
  • Oliver: Yeah.
  • Mom: Do you?
  • Oliver: Yeah.
  • Mom: Really?
  • Oliver: Yeah.
  • Mom: *scoffs* Of course. Yes, or course.
  • Mom: What I mean...
  • Mom: Why wouldn't. I didn't...
  • Mom: I mean. I didn't know what to..
  • Oliver: Did you think I was...?
  • Mom: No. I didn't think...
  • Mom: Come here
  • Mom: *hug*