jill shut up

Plot Twist:

At the beginning of 3x15, Ed turns around to leave the docks, but then with a regretful look across his face, turns around and jumps in the lake.

Aright I have a headcanon that kai and opal grew into some of the most powerful airbender around because they learned to incorporate aspects of earth and metalbending into their airbending forms

kai may have hated it, but he still picked up a few tricks while he was captured by the earth queen. rather than focus on the simple drills they were being taugh, he began to study the techniques employed by the dai li; quick, quiet, and light on their feet, but also able to use low stances and powerful forms to add strength to their moves. As he progressed in airbending kai began adapting some of their style into his own personal techniques, in order to give himself some extra grit and strength in combat while not sacrificing the agility required to airbend effectively.

for her part, opal grew up watching her brothers and mother metalbend. Suyin in particular had an effect on opal, and watching her dance performances lent her and even greater degree of precision and fluidity than what can be found in normal airbending. Opal’s personalized style as she began studying airbending revolved around efficiency and fluidity; being able to shift from one stance to another with minimal wasted time or energy. (She’s also one of the few airbenders who still trains with a glider/staff occasionally because I imagine su could teach her a few tricks when it comes to staff fighting.

Like damn.)


All we ask for is an apology…

Dammit people…I know I have see a bunch of posts about how smart Dean is but I got the feels last night when I was watching S5E2-Good God, Y’all. He figures it out BY HIMSELF…Sam needs hints from War to figure it out.

Dean knows exactly where to look in Revelations when the Father tells him that the river ran polluted. He knows that one of the Horseman rides a red horse, and he figures out the Red Mustang so flipping fast. 

Dean is so smart and doesn’t get nearly enough credit. His just is different from Sam’s intelligence…Dean puts together patterns and little tidbits of information and I think that kind of thinking is so under-recognized in society.

While I guess I don’t REALLY believe that there’s an epic Jill/Jessa feud going on, sometimes Jessa looks like she wants Jill to shut the fuck up.  Like, intensely.  Which I can relate to.

Or maybe she’s just pissed because she’s heard Jill babytalk this sentence eight times because she didn’t walk into the room correctly on the first seven takes.  

  • Eddie: A princess of her people has no business putting herself in danger.
  • Jill: A princess of her people has no business sitting off to the side while her people are in danger.
  • Eddie: Do you have any idea what could have happen if-
  • Jill: Oh, shut up.
  • She said, reaching for him. He flinched in surprise, but once she started kissing him, the tension left his body.