jill roberts


- awesome female main characters
- awesome poc main characters
- realistic depiction of a gay main character struggling with coming out, internalized homophobia, and homophobia from those around him (but he is supported by his friends)
- one ep had a girl who was sexually assaulted and one of the main characters talked about how it wasn’t her fault, no matter what she was wearing or doing
- the men on the show respect the women
- realistic depictions of friendship
- realistic depictions of mental illness including PTSD and eating disorders
- the characters will often call themselves and each other out on their biases
- shows the struggle of being gay in the military
- one ep has a character spy on his daughter through the phone somehow and he ends up getting reprimanded by his wife for not trusting his kid and not respecting his kid’s privacy
- is genuinely funny and has very endearing characters
- combats unnecessary gender roles, for example, has male nurses, female doctors, female military personnel and EMTs, and a male character going into pediatrics
- has characters talk about their background as children of immigrants, has a character’s daughter having her quinceñera, doesn’t erase poc character’s culture but doesn’t force it as a novelty
- stresses that it isn’t shameful to get help when you need it, whether it’s for mental illness, physical illness, or anything
- still has all the drama and angst that a lot of people like in their shows

Signs as Emma Roberts characters

Madison Montgomery (AHS Coven): Libra, Taurus

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Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens):   Aries, Cancer

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Jill Roberts (Scream 4): Pisces,  Aquarius 

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Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew): Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo

Poppy (Wild Child): Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio

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