jill ohanneson


It was my absolute last big design for the show, and it was the perfect dress for Amanda Clarke to marry Jack, her sweetheart, after four years. […] With the wedding dress she wore with Daniel, she was still playing a role, and I wanted that one to be very big, and a spectacle, but this one, I wanted it to be beautiful, simple, elegant, and romantic. […] This dress was the real her, and we wanted the audience to see that this was the true Amanda, instead of a big fluffy wedding gown. It was very soft, beautiful, and sensual, but you could tell she was still very comfortable. - Jill Ohanneson, costume designer (x)


“We wanted to have the quintessential Victoria and the quintessential Emily Thorne looks when they had the shootout, so Amanda in her black hoodie, and Victoria in her classic sheath dress,” says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. “I also loved the element of the black and white to suggest—who is good, and who is bad?” (x)