jill o'hara


This gets me so triggered 😣😣😟😩😩next thing you know, Tobin will be out of the April camp or she won’t suit up for any of the games. With her absence right now, it looks like she won’t be playing a lot of minutes if she stays in camp. RIP USWNT MIDFIELD


This might be the best thing I’ve seen all week! Shout out to whoever made it!

Honestly I dont like watching the USWNT anymore. The fucked up line-ups are frustrating to start with. The girls are just as frustrated because of it. They used have so much fun on the field. Now its just a fucked up Jill Ellis try out it seems.


Stanny O’Press after Christen scored the game winning goal in the 93rd minute against UCLA in the 2009 NCAA Women’s Soccer College Cup Semifinals.

(KO scored Stanford’s earlier goal off an assist from Press, and Lauren Cheney scored the equalizer for UCLA. Other notable presences in this game were UCLA striker Sydney Leroux and head coach Jill Ellis).