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Okay Jill, You can stop now ✋

If these three don’t get better by the friendly against Russia, Imma be so upset Jill will catch these hands 👐 (I’m joking ya’ll. Jill is actually okay because she plays my faves a lot) . The midfield would be such trash without them. I hope they get better but I’m not too worried because it’s only preseason and these games don’t matter


This gets me so triggered 😣😣😟😩😩next thing you know, Tobin will be out of the April camp or she won’t suit up for any of the games. With her absence right now, it looks like she won’t be playing a lot of minutes if she stays in camp. RIP USWNT MIDFIELD

The USWNT will likely beat Japan by a few given they’re a young side in transition but winning 2/3 games and the Brazil comeback doesn’t excuse the disaster the rest of that Brazil game was up until the 80th minute mark. Or the play vs Australia. All the headlines about the USWNT comeback benefit Ellis the most because if you didn’t watch you wouldn’t have seen how they played before those 9-10 minutes. My biggest fear is that the issues get swept under the rug again. As we’ve seen at the Euros other teams are catching up and the days of playing badly and still winning won’t always happen, especially in 2019. I take nothing away from the comeback but to me it was once again winning in spite of Ellis and poor play. It was relying on individual moments of brilliance to get by. Some people will ask why it matters as long as they win - but again, that’s not how you want to play as the women’s game continues to progress. That’s not a philosophy you want going forward. I don’t want Jill wasting the talent she has access to.

I’m fine with rotation and experimenting but losing/letting in goals because of stupid and unnecessary ways is not progress. I also think you can only use the chemistry excuse so long - at this level they should still know what the game plan as a group. I think that goes back to the coaching tho and that aimless play is on Jill.

I’m not trying to be negative but these are the things that have to be fixed before 2019. It’s been a while since you left a game feeling like they really dominated for a full 90 minutes vs a strong side and everyone was on the same page. I know a few other journalists that follow the team feel the same so I can’t be the only one??


Happy #InternationalWomensDay, Fritzi Wagner, Ginny Ryerson, Jessica Stanley, Sarah, Meg Brickman, Natalie Keener, Stacey Pilgrim, Katherine, Rosie, Courtney Babcock, Diana, Janet, Beca Mitchell, Jill, Lindsey Lewis, Erica Wexler, Jenny, Lisa, Cathy Hiatt, Nina Collins, Cinderella, Alicia, Martha McKay, Rebecca, Jillian Stewart, Alice, Danna Cummings, Poppy, Eloise McGarry and Anna Kendrick!

I’ve been reading so much about the USMNT lately and I kinda want to give USWNT some props, because it’s not just about their superior talent but their attitude. It’s the way the men consistently fail at World Cup Qualifiers and still find ways to blame the pitch, the environment, the crowd, CONCACAF, etc., and absolve themselves. It’s the way the men seem to forget they have to score goals until a strike from Pulisic finally gets them to respond. It’s the way they seemed almost content to not just settle for a draw, but a loss because they assumed Mexico and Costa Rica would win. 

We lose 1-0 to Australia in a made up tournament and our players are furious. We lose She Believes and our players are on twitter liking tweets about how they’re playing poorly, because they’re pissed. Rapinoe gives interviews where she says losing is one thing, but that the team is not playing well enough. They criticize themselves and push themselves to be better when they’re not performing, and a lot of the time they do that publicly.

This is a team that wills themselves to come back and win after trailing 3-1 because they’re so sick of losing. These are players who know that if they fail in another international tournament that their league could be in trouble. They’re the ones who find last minute goals and defend with their lives to see out games. They always want to be better. 

Also Bruce Arena is more of a joke than Jill Ellis and that’s really saying something lmao.