jill and adrian

“Holy crap,” I said. While staring off at Rose and Dimitri, a brilliant flash had caught my eye—a flash on Rose’s finger.
“What’s that?” I exclaimed. “Did you rob Lissa’s crown jewels?”
Rose, in what was a rare look for her, actually appeared flustered. “Maybe it’s too much.”
Dimitri brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the top of it. “No, it’s perfect.”
Jill clapped her hands in delight. “An engagement ring!”
“Hold up,” I ordered. “Show the goods.”
With Dimitri grinning, Rose complied, holding out her left hand for the rest of the table to see. It was a remarkable piece of work. A large, perfectly cut round diamond was set into a lacy square of platinum filigree that was edged in tiny blue opals. It was a statement ring if ever there was one, and a wholly unexpected choice.
“Did you pick that out?” I asked Dimitri. Honestly, I would have expected him to bend a piece of steel with his bare hands and present her with that.
“He did,” said Rose, her normal good humor returning. “He kept telling me that once I turned twenty, it was just a matter of time before he proposed. I told him if he did, he better make it a rock star ring—nothing subtle.”
“That’s pretty rock star,” said Eddie. “How long ago did this happen?”
“About a month,” said Dimitri. “I got her to wear it but can’t get her to set a date.”
She grinned. “All in good time, comrade.”

  • sydney: nice work, eddie
  • eddie: thanks, mom
  • eddie: why is everyone staring at me?
  • jill: you just called sydney "mom"
  • eddie: what? no, i didn't. i said, "thanks, man"
  • sydney: do you see me as a mother figure, eddie?
  • eddie: no. if anything, i see you as a "bother" figure," 'cause you're always bothering me
  • adrian: hey, show your mother some respect

Books I’ve Read in 2016: Last Sacrifice

What was love, really? Flowers, chocolate, and poetry? Or was it something else? Was it being able to finish someone’s jokes? Was it having absolute faith that someone was there at your back? Was it knowing someone so well that they instantly understood why you did the things you did—and shared those same beliefs?

“Look at him!” squealed Jill when I came down the stairs. “He’s gotten so big.”

Even Rose and Dimitri got into the baby admiration. Whereas we’d seen Jill recently, it had been months and months since their last visit. Declan was probably a giant to them. “We should’ve brought him a silver stake,” Dimitri said. “I’m surprised Eddie hasn’t taught him already.”

Eddie, his arm resting on Jill, smiled. “We work on it right after morning nap.”

—  The Ruby Circle, Richelle Mead

My friends here in Palm Springs knew about Sydney and me. They were the only ones in the Moroi world (or the human world that shadowed the Moroi) who knew about our relationship. They felt bad for what had happened for my sake and also for hers. They’d loved Sydney too. Not like I did, of course, but she was the kind of person who was fiercely loyal and inspired deep bonds in her friends. “I miss her too,” Trey said softly.

Once Adrian had been dropped off, Eddie relaxed and shook his head.
“Man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Adrian so mad. Actually, I’ve never actually seen Adrian mad at all.”
“He wasn’t that mad,” I said evasively, eyes on the road.
“He seemed pretty mad to me,” said Angeline. “I thought he was going to jump up and attack Dimitri.”
Eddie scoffed. “I don’t think it was going to quite reach that point.”
“I dunno,” she mused. “I think he was ready to take on anyone who messed with you, Sydney.”
I continued to stare ahead, refusing to look at any of them. The whole encounter had left me feeling confused. Why had Adrian protected me? “I offered to do him a favor next weekend,” I said. “I think he feels like he owes me.”
Jill, sitting beside me in the passenger seat, had been quiet thus far. With the bond, she might know the answer. “No,” she said, a puzzled note in her voice. “He would have done it for you regardless.
—  The Golden Lily, Richelle Mead
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