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Anonymous asked: Smut prompt: fuck buddies that realize they’ve fallen in love

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It doesn’t feel awkward, that’s his first thought when he wakes up with Emma Swan naked beside him in his bed. Her hair fans out behind her, like glorious golden flames, as she lays curled on her side, the comforter tucked under her chin. She looks like she belongs there upon his white sheets.

He doesn’t look for a way to get her to leave, which he would usually do (not that he does one night stands very often- is this a one night stand?). It seems natural to head to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee, to bring her a mug and watch her as she rouses, a faint blush on her cheeks as she clutches the sheet around her body when she sits to take it from him.

No, it doesn’t feel awkward, or strange, that one of his closest friends should now know him so intimately. It feels… good.

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jill-da-triangle  asked:

Hello! I've been telling this story to other Bisexual blogs asking for advice so you may have heard it already. Basically I came out to my parents at a younger age and my mom pulled out the "you're too young" and "the internet is poisoning your mind" cards. After the reaction I claimed it was a phase and I believed it myself. But homosexuality knocked on my door and I think my mom still thinks I'm straight. If I come out to her again she might take away my internet privileges completely. Advice?

You are never obligated to come out to your parents. If you know they are queerphobic, if coming out can harm your safety or your mental health OR just because you don’t wanna come out - then you don’t have to come out.

Being in the closet definitly has it’s negative aspects such as being subjected to queerphobia from people who assume you’re straight, hiding your sexuality, all that jazz but your safety is more important than all of that!

And I would also say that parents who punish their children a) for being queer and b) do so by taking away their “internet privilege” are honestly…. I mean…. I don’t know how to say it other than if I could I would take away their parenting privilege because obviously they don’t know how to parent.



Okay, I’m no expert on kids, but I’m almost positive a TWO YEAR OLD doesn’t have the mental capacity to manipulate someone. Seriously Derrick, he’s “buttering you up”? No, he’s parroting a phase he’s been taught to say. Because HE’S TWO!

OR HE ACTUALLY LOVES DERICK.  WTF, this kid could be being punished for saying he loves his dad.  No, that won’t fuck him up.  (Kids can be sneaky and clever like that but if Izzy’s doing that at two, he’s a smart little dude to say the least.  But I’m willing to bet the level of “manipulation” here is Izzy saying “I love you Papi!” and smiling all cutely when he’s being scolded or something.)


I think as a non-fundie, Derek sought out JimBob and the fundie lifestyle because he wanted to be worshipped because he is a Man. I believe he went to Nepal because he wanted to “save” people and have them adore him. He is a walking white savior complex. And he looks like a discount ferret.

EVERYTHING about this is true.


“Human nature is still there so…” “Still” there? Wait so are they trying to beat that out of him?

Well, human nature is sinful, don’t forget.  But yeah, not sure what exactly they’re trying to replace it with.


As a mother this is horrifying, let your child be a child! You do not TRAIN your child. If you can’t handle the behaviour without resorting to violence or abuse then you need to look at YOURSELF and not have more children. I remember her saying in an episode (I think it was their anniversary) that they need another child so Izzy could learn the world didn’t revolve around him! I mean, come on, that poor kid.

Of all the reasons to have another kid, “Because we don’t really want to bother parenting the one we already have” is probably up there with the worst.  FFS.  If you can’t teach a kid that without having another child, you’re a moron who shouldn’t be reproducing for the good of our species.


There are plenty of ways to teach a toddler he isn’t the center of the universe. Activities. Play groups. Spending time with all the other toddlers in the immediate family. And guess what they all have in common? No violence. Go figure.

But those involve spending time with your kid.  Now that Samuel is on the way, Jill can just release them into the house telling them to play together so she and Derick can go back to playing newlyweds like she wants.


Things like this make me so sad, not only is it extremely fucked up, but the child will in the future have a lot of issues too. Why wouldn’t you want your child to explore and interact with their environment to learn new things? I have two cousins around the same age as Izzy and yeah keeping up with them as they run around playing and exploring can be exhausting but I know my family would take that over this shit any day.

They don’t want curious, intelligent, interested kids.  They want drones in an army for Jesus.

On the “blanket training issue”...

I will do a big research on the subject concerning Jill later tonight. I know, there have been rumours going around for ages. I will look into them and will comment on them later on! But, please note, that I can also only give an informed opinion on the matters, I will not be able to find evidence to either support or disapprove the claim, that Jill blanket trained Izzy with a ruler or a rod.

I hope you guys will understand :)


halo-noel  asked:

Which of the duggars, probably out of the girls but any of them, has the most non duggar friends?

I would guess Jinger - since she moved so far away she probably inherited all of Jeremy’s local friends by default.  Plus it’s probably easier for her to make friends than the others, since Jessa’s got two little kids to chase, Jana is stuck in the compound still, Joy just barely left (and the Forsyths seem similarly isolated), and Jill is…well, Jill.  I’m sure she’s not without people who put up with or even like her, but I don’t know how genuine friendships can be when based on “OMG I love your culture so much, I’m going to appropriate it when I feel like it but also you need to change this part of it cuz I know God better than you :) :) :)”  

Jinger also seemed to have the most varied friends group in her wedding party, beyond sisters and sister-in-law.


Happy birthday to the most amazing man I know.  And thank you so much for not only making my life better - but for making the world a happier and better. Thank you for being in my heart since I know how to love. I grew up watching you, you are a part of who i am. Now, I can’t even imagine how my life would be without you. And I know that I’m not alone, there are  thousands of people who feel same. We are proud of you, please never change ❤️