North Korea: We slipped over the rim and into the volcano under the fog that filled the ChangBaiShan crater.  As we dropped down the steep volcano walls snow-skiing style on loose rock we entered the forbidden border zone between JiLin, China & North Korea  and this photo is looking across to North Korea.   When the fog lifted the Peoples Liberation Army soldiers on the volcano rim saw us swimming inside the forbidden crater lake and intercepted us back at the rim.  We had to pay a fine and I got to keep my camera.


Teachers’ ‘special skills’ a social media rage in China

Social media users in China have been applauding the remarkable skill of a history teacher who apparently can draw the map of the world freehand.

The pictures of the teacher drawing the map on the blackboard were posted by a student on Sina Weibo.

The student, who goes by the handle @xuxuxuermao, said that it took the teacher, surnamed Zhao, barely a few minutes to draw the entire map. The student also said that this was something that Zhao did on a regular basis.

The post attracted a number of users, who were not only appreciative of the skill but also began sharing the unique and creative skills that their teachers have displayed.

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Prisoners, guards walk the ramp in special New Year fashion show

A special fashion show was held at the Jilin Provincial Women’s Prison in northeast China on Wednesday, featuring 40 prisoners and 40 guards walking the ramp.

The show was part of the annual Spring Festival gala held for the prisoners, with relatives of the prisoners and the guards in attendance.

The show was designed by an inmate named Ren, who has been the designer in charge for the past three years and will be completing her decade-long term in jail this year. Ren says her biggest dream is to design clothes for her daughter, who is in middle school, in order to make up for being absent from her life for all these years.

Wu Zeyun, the warden of the Jilin Provincial Women’s Prison, told Jilin-based news website xwh.cn that the prison has been focusing on educating prisoners, which includes schooling, psychological counseling and social work.

As per latest figures reported by the Xinhua News Agency in late January 2016, there are an estimated 2.35 million prisoners in China. The latest figures provided by the London-based Institute of Criminal Policy Research’s World Prison Brief report indicate that female prisoners accounted for 6.3% of China’s total prison population.



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