Shooting Yoga at Dub Treatment

I always saw and respected Sabriya Simon’s yoga images. Always wanted to get my hands on some yoga shots. Its not easy I must say.

I learnt a lot. I believe I got some nice shots, but nothing that’s even touches the level of Sabriya’s imaging.

After the yoga class was over n I finally got a chance to chat with Sabriya. I asked “how do I shoot yoga?” She replied by saying if u want to know, you will have to get a mat n start doing yoga" she then elaborated by saying that sometimes you have to get down on the mat do it. Look for angles that gives viewers the impression they were actually there.

She also stated the closer u can get to a subject the more ur drawn in and the more personal you get. After showing her a few images I took, she pointed out a particular image of two yoga students touching and holding each other’s position in place.

It was so great that she actually liked my images and I appreciate her taking time out to help me with shooting yoga.

Next time I’ll be much better this much I promise. Images coming soon