Here is a subbed video of the rac ist and hom opho bic comments that were made on Greek TV

and the hosts apology isnt even an apology. AND THEY ARE JUSTIFYING WHAT THEY SAID CLAIMING THEY ARE NOT RACIST.

Credits to video: eonbangtann@twitter


The man who said they look like women refuses to apologise because “How can they be top 15 most handsome men if they wear lipstick” !!

(I know this is not relevant to the tags ive put and I apologise but people need to see this!)



Please raise awareness!!

I didnt want to do this…

But since I get getting stupid asks, here is your answers.

First: All the members were exhausted, this is not a Jimin vs Jungkook or who should’ve done what, when and where.

Second: Despite being on the verge of collapsing, they got up, remained professional while walking together and encouraging each other

3rd: Watch this video that everyone seems to be using to hate on Jimin (open your fucking eyes, the staffs were already waiting to do their jobs)

1. Yoongi passed by as directed by a staff/professional who was tending to him I believe

2. Jungkook collapsed but the staff/professional were already there tending to him. As he has been sick weeks before, its understandable that he was more obvious.

3. As soon as Jimin appeared a staff/professional went to him attending to him as well, as they should, it’s their job.

4th: After all that, Jimin and Jungkook were still comforting and supporting each other

Since everyone making post using these boys exhaustion and pain to shit on their friendship, I decide to make one too. This is beyond shipping and solo stanning. This is not a matter of who did what and didnt do what. All the members were exhausted but remained professional and they received the professional medical help they needed. SO STOP EMBARASSING YOURSELFS AND GET SOME BRAIN CELLS. Stop overlooking what happened to spread your stupidity and hate, yes this goes to all shippers and solo stan who like to create drama out of nothing. This whole anti-Jimin agenda has got to stop because as hard as it might be for you guys to accept Jimin and Jungkook are friends, brothers and family, and nothing you say or botch about will change that.

If you cant use your brain to wish Bts good health and rest then Shut the fuck up. What the members need is for their fans to support them and love them not create bullshit fights.

I pray the boys are now resting.

You all must have a garbage bin for a soul if ya’ll have the audacity to say that Jimin doesn’t take care of JK like he did before. Firstly, JM himself was so exhausted that he couldn’t get up off the stage or even take off his coat without the staff helping. Secondly, Jimin was the only one who was later aware of JK’s situation and waited for him and helped him. Jimin himself was looking like he was about to collapse and you all blame him for not taking care of JK when he most certainly did when he later realized JK was in pain.

Honestly, as a hardcore Jimin stan, I can guarantee you that there are a lot of things JM is great at but not caring about JK would never be on that list. He has loved Jungkook from day one, embarrassingly crazy sometimes; not even the shipping kind of love, just general care and adoration. Jimins love for Kook is so obvious in the way he dotes on him, openly showers him with affection, compliments him and most importantly in the way he cares for Kook.

There’s a reason Jimin was the only one who stayed with Kook when he collapsed in burn the stage, There’s a reason he flew off stage and left mid fuckin choreography cause his bun was crying, there’s a reason why ‘There for you’ is the song that plays in Gcf in Tokyo and the reason is that no matter what, Jimin has and will always be there for all his members but especially for Jungkookie.

Don’t blame Jimin for something that was totally out of his control. Blame bighit for over working the boys so much that they near collapse after stages and blame the upcoming comeback that could’ve easily been pushed certain months ahead if only Big hit would stop milking them for money.

This doesn’t even have anything to do with ships. You can ship anyone in BTS but even you would agree that Jimin would get Jungkook the freakin’ moon if he asked for it. Jimin has always been the one person who always been there for his bun and I won’t let this one event undermine that.


As a maknae, the hyung that provides me with most warmth and comfort is Jimin hyung. - JK, radio interview, 2014.

When I missed my parents, Jimin hyung came to me and made me feel happy. - JK, festa files.

Sometimes it feels like, Jimin hyung loves me more than my own hyung. - JK, radio interview, 2015.

Jimin hyung and I are all nighter friends. It’s just him and me all night but I really don’t know what we do every night. - JK, festa files.

who’s the hyung that pays the most for you? Jungkook answered Jimin hyung. - Interview, 2015.

Who’s the hyung who takes care of you when you fall sick? Jungkook answered Jimin hyung. - fansign question.

Last year took a toll on me,

but I made it with you next to me.

Also, I will never NEVER forget when Jimin stood alone crying in the corner after drying your biases tears so don’t even get me started on this whole taking care thing. Jimin isn’t bangtans nurse, he’s not just there to take care of your oppas and end up crying in a corner always, fuck you.

This has been a PSA.