If you haven’t seen this yet…PLEASE. WATCH IT.

Beard and Butter

Chapter 6 of Shindou Family Circumstances is now available for viewing on Denshi Birz. Up until now, Eiri’s face had been carefully hidden, though we knew from information revealed in chapter 3 that he’d grown a beard. Well, his face was finally revealed in chapter 6, and uh…

Um…uh…I really don’t know if I should be grossed out or turned on, ‘cause he does look kinda dirty, but at the same time he’s got the headband and the apron and is totally fucking adorable. This look will take some getting used to…

Except we don’t have to get used to it, because later in the chapter he shows up looking like this:

*sploosh* OK, much better, please stay this way forever and never go back to the dirty mountain man look.