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WidowTracer Art Commission!

Commissioned piece from @jiinsy, depicting part of Chapter 4 of A La Maison


Lena took a bite of her own piece of the blood orange cake, then looked thoughtfully out of the gazebo back towards the hotel. “I didn’t start at Overwatch until just after you got married. Was your wedding much like this?”

“No, we had a small ceremony. Gabriel attended. One of Gérard’s friends I barely remember was his best man. We didn’t even have a reception – we just flew to Barcelona for a weeklong honeymoon. Gérard kept promising we would do a larger ceremony with our families back in France later on, but…” Amélie’s shrug encompassed many things. “I suppose it was for the best.”

Lena’s hand came to rest on her thigh, and Amélie put her own hand on top of it as she shook off the bittersweet memories. “Still. What was it you said to me once? ‘It got me here, and here is pretty nice’.’’

The Brit giggled, leaning in to kiss her cheek. “Our first date. We had chips!”

“I suppose it was,” Amélie admitted with a smile, “even if we both would have denied it at the time.” They finished their cake in a comfortable silence. After they’d put their empty plates aside, they’d re-arranged themselves with Lena sitting against one corner of the gazebo while Amélie leaned against her, her legs up on the bench.

“If you were going to do it again,” Lena murmured softly into her lover’s dark hair, “would you want something like this? Or just slip away and elope somewhere?”

Amélie was quiet for a long moment, feeling Lena’s arms wrap around her gently. “I am happy for Jack and Gabriel, but I don’t think I would want a day long affair like this. Still – there’s no need to sneak away. A civil ceremony, perhaps? Just a small one. But I would like to have some kind of a party with our friends – the family we made.”

She could hear the smile in Lena’s voice. “I like that. Get the legal business out of the way, enjoy a party, sneak away for a while?”

“That seems like a lovely plan to me, chérie. Where would we go, though?”

“Ooh. Tough one. Suppose it depends on the time of year. Winter, I’d want to go somewhere warm. A spring or summer getaway, somewhere beautiful? Maybe New Zealand? Never been, but it looks gorgeous in the movies.”

“I’ve never traveled outside Europe, really. It would be an adventure.” Amélie turned her head and Lena obliged her by leaning in for a kiss. “I’d be concerned about you taking my name, though.”

“Yeah?” Lena grinned. “You interested in being Mrs. Oxton instead?”

“I’m not sure it’s ideal,” Amélie admitted, “but Lena Lacroix sounds like one of your comic book villains.”

“No longer will I lay dormant at the bottom
what a wicked place to come from
but believe me I will rise.

Waters raged and storms have passed
I’ve endured the tests of time.
and as all always I will rise.

Though I may go down
beneath miles of hurt and tides

One day soon,
Watch Me Rise.”

Clearing out my headspace, needed to do something personal before getting back into commissions. 

Felt like doodling between commissions today, and suddenly superheroes. Don’t have much for them yet, but Left to Right: 

Ray: Uses hardened light projectiles, can create platforms and shields out of them too.

Dia: Flight, Invulnerability, Super strength, Crystalline form

Ari: Nano technology engineer, made Ray’s flightsuit, mechanical arms can separate into smaller shards and can shape shift, or be used as projectiles.

Soh: Energy manipulation, specifically electricity and magnetics through that. 

Lilo and Nani lost both their parents when their Jaeger (Ohana King) fell in of the Kaijuu attacks.Due to a severe storm hovering over the area where Ohana King was at the time it had gone off the radar and was never found.

Nani was still a child herself when she had to take up the mantle and play both mother and father to Lilo. When given the opportunity to join the corps and train to become Jaeger pilots, Nani agreed if only to have enough money for food and a consistent roof over their heads. A few years after living on base Marshall Cobra Bubbles got word that a rescue team had news on the whereabouts of the wreckage of Ohana King. Upon finding it, they discovered something else, something worse. A remote team was experimenting on live animals with the remains of the Kaijuu DNA. Most of their creations died off, but one survived, a little french bulldog who had curiously turned blue during the experiments. His tongue and eyes sometimes glow and he is super intelligent.

After some extreme begging and persuasive talking Lilo convinced Cobra Bubbles to allow him to stay and named him Stitch. With the official title of a “Therapy Dog” he was able to live with them and became a sort of mascot for Nani’s Jaeger team. 

When Lilo got old enough she enlisted as well, and when Nani’s old partner David injured his leg to the point where he had to retire she became her sister’s co-pilot. David still helps by piloting one of the helicopters that bring the Jaegers out of the base. With it’s new jockey’s Ohana King has never operated so smoothly. 

5/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series 

First OC I’ve made in a long while, This guy is Asaii Beckett, he’s an owl Animagus from my friends homebrew Tabletop game. 

He’s pretty much what you’d get if you combined Tulio and Miguel and the best friend from A Knight’s Tale that I can’t remember his name right now. 

He’s “Yes And” or “Role With It™” and “Make it Worse™” the character. It’s so great. We convinced someone that we were a famous Acolyte and their guard all while escaping prison. It was perfect. 

We’re starting our adventure! The first episode of No Dice is out! 

Follow Nana the Tiefling Bard, Feywing the Dragonborn Paladin, and Perry the Halfling Rogue as they try to solve the mystery of their teacher’s death. All the while their players are trying to figure out the game. 

Search for “No Dice - Ep. 1 - Pocket Cookies” on iTunes and Google Play!

The pilots of the reliable Jaeger ‘Dream Giver’, Pocahontas and Nakoma have been together since they were kids. When they were given the option to train in the corps to become Jaeger pilots, Pocahontas leapt at the new opportunity. Nakoma was a little more hesitant, but eventually realized that someone had to be there to protect her free spirited friend, to comfort her when she needed it. And besides, it wasn’t like she was going to let her best girl get in a giant robot with someone else by her side. 

8/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series 

Tabletop got really interesting when my PC got swapped out with an alternate universe/timeline version of themselves who was a little older and a LOT different personality wise because they were raised by their two adopted dads from infancy rather than from when they were like 12. They’ve also got a dramatically different sense of style. 

At the moment Dad one is frantically trying to get original Katya back, and Dad two kinda digs new Katya. We’ll see how it goes.