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If requests are open, kaishin with apotoxin shrunken KID?

Okay, so this is actually something I’ve been playing with for a while.  XD  You have good taste, anon.  Because of the type of fic it is, it’s going to take a long time to get to any actual kaishin content, but I do have their first meeting after he shrinks written out.  ^_^  I hope that’ll be okay, and I hope you like it!!  Under the readmore~

After a moment of listening to insistent knocking, Shinichi opened the door to Professor Agasa’s house, yawning wide enough his eyes unfocused.  Next time Haibara asked him to stay up with her, he was refusing.  When his eyes refocused, he froze.

“Hey, so, a funny thing happened last night,” the messy-haired child before him said, stepping past him and into the house.  An older man followed him in, looking both concerned and disapproving, like the boy’s rudeness was something that bothered him.

Shinichi frowned at the boy.  He wasn’t one of them, but he obviously knew Shinichi somehow…

“Did you know,” the boy continued, “that if the men after you decide you’re too hard to shoot, they poison you?  I, for one, did not.”

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Shinkenger and OOO?

this is still for the tv show ask right? I’m really sorry I didn’t see this one before, tumblr never notified me I had another ask ;;


  • favorite male character: Genta
  • favorite female character: Mako
  • least favorite character: tough one… probably Shitari, though he did have his fun moments
  • prettiest character: Ryunosuke 
  • funniest character: Genta and Jii
  • favorite season: n/a
  • favorite episode: The one that stands out the most is the one where the gedoshu gave them ‘’children’’ that got heavier the more they cried.
  • favorite romantic ship: Kotoha/Chiaki
  • favorite family ship: Takeru/Jii
  • favorite friend ship: Takeru/Genta and just the entire team in general
  • worst ship: idk


  • favorite male character: Ankh
  • favorite female character: Chiyoko
  • least favorite character: idk I never really cared for Mezool that much
  • prettiest character: Ankh and Uva
  • funniest character: Kougami and Date
  • favorite season: n/a
  • favorite episode: the Birth debut episode(s)
  • favorite romantic ship: Ankh/Eiji
  • favorite family ship: everyone
  • favorite friend ship: Ankh/Eiji, Date/Goto
  • worst ship: Ankh/Hina

again, I’m really sorry that this took so long! ;;

Magic Kaito Chapter 34 Spoilers [English Translation] UPD
  • Kei: …comparing Kid to Buddha is a bit of a stretch, but it feels right anyway. <3
  • TN: Probably meaning is the other, but in this context mismatch word is used, and it has a meaning for an unequal competition. 
  • A: Geez… There you go supporting that thief again… Are you that eager to catch Aoko’s disapproving glare?
  • Kei: By the way, what’s up with Kuroba-kun? Don’t you usually go to school together?
  • A: Aoko went to his home to invite him… But he told her to go on ahead, as he wants to surprise…
  • [Kyah]
  • K: White… 
  • K: As I expected, white…

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