My feels right now omg….
At the beginning of the last episode he was wanting JiHyun to be there quickly cause he was all alone LOL.
And then when their scene came up (last), he turned the corner and RAN to JiHyun after seeing her… Putting them long legs to use man….
And then they hugged- JiHyun seemed so shy… Hehehe~
The Staff asked Hyungsik if they’d contact each other.. He said, “NO COMMENT.” LOL.
And while they walked, Hyungsik told JiHyun he’d buy her another necklace since the other one broke- she said no then said ah really? Hahaha
And then the Jacket thing…. Gosh, they’re so cute.
I seriously want them to date in real lifeㅠㅠ Just cause they were so cute&seemed happy together..
OKAY. My rant is done… Bye..

Btw, Season 2- Minhyukㅠㅠ i don’t know the cast well except for him&G.NA. My bias in BtoB… Meep.


Other idols’ reaction towards Jihyun and Hyungsik:

Seungah and Jei: They’re jealous of them.

Mir: Thinks they’re going to date, for sure.

Junsu: Thinks an article will come out about them dating the next month. (Which actually happened XD)

But I’m glad that the other idols are happy for them. Unlike in Season 2, they were actually so unhappy towards the only couple that was formed XD