This time @thankyoucheritz come up with the theme of favorite characters, and I must say I was really happy to honor my favorite boy.

To summ things up, It was love at first sight, the moment V showed up at the prologue I already clamed him as my best boy. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a route available for him yet. I played the game, going through all the routes, and it was fun seeing him interacting with others, but after I had finished the secret ending, I started to feel a sense of emptness, why was V the only one who didn’t have a happy ending?

At the time, I started making a lot of fanart, and creating headcanons in my head of how his route would be, I can’t even describe how happy I was when Cheritz announced the Another Story. And luckly, his route was better than what I could have imagined, I felt even more connected to him after I’ve learned about his past. And I must admit I cried a little (a lot) while hearing the “Compass”. Anyway, thank you cheritz for creating this wonderful character, you guys are amazing and I wish a lot of luck with your future projects!!


The Right to Love

I did a lot of procrastinating and thinking and this is the result! Thank you for taking the time to read it :’)

Friendly reminder that Jumin Han:

  • Had gone through several kidnapping attempts when he was just a child, developing a deep trauma of being alone.
  • Even if he doesn’t get along with Jaehee and Zen, when they are in danger he does everything at his hands to keep them safe.
  • He thinks Jaehee as a efficient and trustworthy employee ( and we know is fucking hard to gain his trust)
  • He trust V at 100% even if it is obvious he is hiding secrets, Jumin still defend his friend.
  • He ALWAYS has to be responsible of V and Rika’s mistakes , especially in the secret endings and the another story endings.
  • He is the loneliest of all the RFA members,and honestly his “best friends” are shit.
  • Literally he was the second one that was closer to Rika,but no one cares about his well being, Damn, not even Jihyun asks if he is ok.
  • Damnit the only thing they do is to trash him in the messenger.
  • In Saeran’s normal end, in order to protect them,he offers Sae and MC to stay in his island even if he just knows they for only a few days,AND DOESN’T ASK ANYTHING IN RETURN!!!!!
  • His father, the only family he has,treats him more like an employee than a son.
  • OH! And he has to carry his father’s mistakes too! Amazing.
  • He is not lying about Elizabeth III being the only one who supports and understand him

Feel free to add more,we need to apreciate this man.

“Who would you choose ?” 

This is hella rushed cuz i wanted to try this out idea since yesterday and here it is lolol (ㆆᴗㆆ)