Female Kpop idols who support LGBTQ+.

1) Mamamoo

All the members of mamamoo support LGBT. They said “We love and care so much for all people of every race, sexuality, religion and gender”. They are known as the LGBT-Friendly queens. They have also perform with genderqueer dancer on MMA. They have also taken picture with 1st K-pop transgender singer Harisu. In a mv "Um Oh Ah Yeh” shows a girl falls in love with a “guy” but it turned out that “guy” was actually a girl with short hair .

2) HyunA (ex 4MINUTE)

Hyuna liked a post on instagram of one of her fan accounts. The post was related to LGBT issues and suggested that the followers of the account should read LGBT centered books, and watch LGBT centered movies to educate themselves about it.

3)  L.E (EXID)

L.E watched the lesbian movie, ‘The Handmaiden’ and said quite some positive things about it in one of her V App Lives. She also said she watched it with Junghwa, and talked about how she thought actress Kim Minhee was very pretty in that movie.

4) Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

During one of her lives on V App she was asked about books she had read recentely and she said that she was currently reading ‘The Price of Salt’ a book that revolves around a relationship between two women. She also recommended the book to her fans.

5) Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Chaeyoung watched the movie ‘Carol’ that foccuses on a lesbian relationship, and spoke quite positively about it. She told her fans how she liked the movie and advised people to watch it, but warned that they should do so with an open mind and heart saying that love is love.

She have also watched “Blue is the warmest colour”.

Chaeyoung favorite musician Wouter Hamel who is gay.She recommended a song “girl - the internet” ( the song is about lesbian relationship ) She said she listens to hayley kiyoko and also recommended her songs to a fan.

Plus she admires Kristen Stewart who’s gay


IU is known to be close friends with, openly gay celebrity, Hong Seokchun.

Wrote a love song called “peach” for Sulli.

8) Sana (Twice)

During an interview a question about “twice as a family” Sana mentioned that a family can have two mothers.

Sana complication SBGB (2 girls members) on having a great chemistry and thought they were a couple, she was about to congratulate them.

9) Amber (fx)

Amber is quite known for being extremely supportive of the community. She often stands up against gender roles and stereotypes and has no problem educating antis and haters when they try to be disrespectful towards her or the community. She not only showed support but also anger towards the discrimination, and has revealed that she has many gay friends back in America.

10) CL (ex 2NE1)

CL is known for being outspoken, and she has mentioned her support for the LGBT community loud and clear, as you can see in this interview for the ELLE Magazine where she is asked about her big LGBT fanbase she replied with “I love them! I have so many gay friends and I love them because they’re so much fun.”

11)  Jihyo (TWICE)

She watched ‘Yuru Yuri’, a Yuri (girlxgirl) anime along with members Momo and Jeongyeon, and recommended the series to the fans. 

She also watched ‘The Handmaiden’ a controversial and explicit lesbian movie, and said the movie was worth watching and should be watched.

12) Taeyeon (SNSD)

On October, 11 (National Coming Out Day) she shared a rainbow picture on her instagram with the unicorn emoji and when gay marriage was legalized in the USA she liked various LGBT related pictures on her instagram. While talking about ideal types she also stated that they ‘could be the ideal types of both guys and girls’.

13) Lisa and Rosé ( Blackpink)

During live the two joked that one of their mangers needed to get married soon, Rosé told her manager to find a husband. She meant to say wife but misspoke. Neither reacted poorly to the mention of gay relationship.

Lisa favorite song “Honey By Kehlani” kehlani is an openly queer singer.

14) Kim lip (Loona)

Has been spotted wearing a “love will win” wearing multiple times both stage and off stage.

15) Jennie ( Blackpink)

While discussing the mention meaning of love in blackpink’s songs Jennie said “I don’t think it (love)necessarily has to be directed towards a guy”.

16) Chuu (loona)

Her mv “Heart Attack” shows her crushing on a girl.

17) Red Velvet

Their mv “Wish Tree” about a girl falling in love with another girl.

18) Glam (ex girl group)

“Party XXO” an actual LGBT theme song, here’s some lyrics :

Are you a boy? Girl?

I don’t care

Passion is the key

A Hot Heart Is Your ID.

19) BoA

They Performed At San Francisco Pride Festival.

20) Jessi

She have mentioned that “love is love”.

21) Park So-yeon (T-ara)

Perform while wearing socks that says “Gay”.

22) Lee Hyori

She said she support same sex couples.

23) Brown Eyed Girls

Their mv “Abracadabra” shows a girl is in relationship with a guy and a girl too. I don’t know the story much so that’s all I’m saying.

24) Sistar (ex girl group)

Their mv “one more day” about two girls falling in love.

25) Maman (real name Park Mi Young)

An openly lesbian solo artist who was formerly known under the stage name Magolpy. MAMAN trained under SM for four intense years before signing with a label called Jerry Entertainment. MAMAN did not appear in her mv or show her face until two months after her debut. She wanted to be known for her voice, not judged on looks.Here is where it gets a bit hazy. After debut, MAMAN came out in an interview. Afterwards, her company tried to say it was a prank.MAMAN was forced to leave the company, and almost all evidence of her ties to Jerry Ent. have been deleted as well as her old interviews. In 2014, MAMAN performed at the LGBT Film Festival Opening Ceremony!After a music hiatus of 3 years, on June 4th 2015 MAMAN released a ballad called “Obvious Story” under a new label.(I copy paste this from twitter)

Please check her music video out she have an amazing voice.

26) Krystal (fx)

Krystal wore a shirt says “legalise gay marriage”.

On interview she was recorded saying “whether it be man or woman” question about what she’s attracted to in a person.

27) Anda

Anda’s “Touch” MV has been sighted with lesbian themes, such as Anda and sitting between women’s legs and holding lilies which are a lesbian symbol. These, while not explicitly romantic, still carry heavy and important lesbian imagery. She was suppose to do it with men but she said she wanted to do with women.

28) Yoo-hyeon (Dreamcatcher)

Chose to wear a pin with the transgender symbol for a photoshoot.

29) Dahyun (Twice)

She said “There may also be a chance of both female as a couple” in the program of Who’s the best couple. After she said that she just smiled.

30) Momo (Twice)

At an event, a female fan proposed to momo, when she realized what the girl wanted, she smiled and let the girl put the ring on her.

(I put momo because most females idols reject them because they were girls)

31) Jeon Ji-woo (KARD)

Singing with a pride flag on her body (2018).

32) Shannon Williams

She posted a picture that says “trans right are human rights” also with a caption saying “we are all human beings. Accept each other for our differences 🌈♥”.

33) Tiffany Young (Girls Generation)

For Gay Pride Month, Billboard asked numerous pop culture luminaries to write “love letters” to the LGBTQ community. Below, K-Pop star and Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Young shares hers.

Tiffany : I want to take this moment to sincerely give thanks and express my love back to the LGBTQ community that has given so much love, beauty, inspiration, and light in every corner of the world. You inspire so many with strength, courage, humility, and compassion through the struggles and pain that sometimes only you may know.

Throughout my career as a Korean-American living between Korea and the US, there have been times where I felt culturally misunderstood, lost, and alone. The focus on self-love, unconditional love, acceptance, freedom of expression, and hope are a few of the uplifting themes the LGBTQ community have continuously inspired me with, making a huge positive impact on my life by giving me the courage to keep going during the times I felt there was nowhere to go. I’m thankful and blessed to be able to work with and love so many amazing individuals in the LGBTQ community that have contributed so much love to my art and my life.

I write this letter to send you words of love and encouragement. Though there is so much more to accomplish, together, you grow stronger and more beautiful. You are unstoppable. The Unity and equality shown at the Pride March every year speaks truth on how this world can grow to be a better place through your example. I stand by you and celebrate you not only on this day, but every day.

화이팅! (Fighting!)

34) Gfriend

The girls said that in Navillera mv Yerin is in love with Eunha. Eunha said, ‘in the music video Yerin unnie and I fell in love’.

Sowon and Yuju explained that navillera’s message was an encouraging one to the LGBT+ community. The song was voted as the song that represents the community in a festival in 2016..

34) Sana Momo SBGB and Arran (Sana and mono again)

Arran : Love is not only the the love between a man and a woman, is it?

Sana, Momo and SBGB : yes that’s right!!

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(for more information go to the YouTube and search Alex Zac it has both female and male idols)

first youngjae (got7) , now jihyo (twice).


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