Seventeen as things announced in my group chat
  • S.Coups:Wear your fucking seatbelts kids
  • Jeonghan:stop drop and nap
  • Jun:would pushing him off a cliff be flirty
  • Hoshi:Ring Ding Dong was the best thing to happen to kpop
  • Wonwoo:someone needs to chinCHILLa omg
  • Woozi:*chants quietly* sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice
  • DK:i'm a sinflower
  • Mingyu:Sexy arm action
  • The8:I have large warm hands someone hold them
  • Seungkwan:Abort mission someone said hi to me
  • Vernon:Why stab when you can dab?
  • Dino:*shoots hearts at everyone and makes gun noices*
Seventeen Fansites That Don’t Whitewash - A Masterlist;

THIS LIST IS A ROUGH DRAFT AND IS NOT COMPLETE - IT WILL BE EDITED/UPDATED AS I FIND MORE FANSITES - if you know of any that don’t whitewash that aren’t included on this list please message me/send me the link.

strikethrough = questionable; whitewash some of their pictures/certain members -
, are good for unwhitewashed previews but whitewash the photos they release - 


Shine On!


잔액부족 delight 

Gallery ZEnzenz

somebody to love

Sweet Vanilla Tea  




Honey LEON

be with U : 비윗츄 ☁︎


1004carats ☁︎




Dazzling Trip



Summer Light


fy-wenjunhui - not a fansite; tumblr blog dedicated to non-whitewashed Jun


Oops!  ☁︎





원우와직녀 ☁︎

7시 17분

- wonwoo summer

Paradise Sunset ☁︎

WOOing : 우잉 ☁︎





악마 꼬맹이



엔챈티드 하트 






The Lapislazuli 



Dangerous 3 Boys 불법적 오빠 ☁︎

Affix Mind


Dangerous 3 Boys 불법적 오빠 ☁︎





SOAR WITH ME 소어 위드 미

Dangerous 3 Boys 불법적 오빠 ☁︎

- Please note that some of these fansites are now closed/inactive

- Unfortunately I couldn’t find some of these fansites twitters or official websites so I’ve just linked where you can view some of their photos and videos.


[ENG] 160728 SEVENTEEN’s cut @ Eric Nam’s Mission Possible

You Know We’re a Good Couple, Right? (P.O Fluff)


Hi~❤ can you do a p.o scenario where you are a rapper (like Yezi) and people assume you’re tough but you’re actually opposite. They see you two as an odd couple & you’re annoyed/sad how people look at you like you don’t belong with him

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 832

Warnings: None

You felt faint as the thought of you preforming your comeback on stage, alone, was drilling into your mind.It had been a year or so since you last preformed in front of so many people. You gripped they edge of the chair you were sitting in, and squeezed your eyes shut in hope that the thoughts would leave your mind. You quickly opened your eyes when you felt another hand on top of yours.

“Jagiya please don’t be so nervous.” His deep voice put you at ease. He gently rubbed your hand.

“I can’t help but feel nervous Jihoon. Its been so long since I was last on stage.”

“But jagi, I know you’re gonna do great.” You smiled weakly at his comment. It was nice that Pyo had taken the time off to come see your comeback stage. He had been so supportive while you were writing the album, he always offered to help with some of the lyrics. He smiled and offered a hand to you. You grabbed it and pulled yourself up. Smoothing out your shirt, he wrapped his arms around you.

“Okay, jagiya, I want you to go out there and give it your all.” His gummy smile plastered onto his face. You gave a smile in return. You and Pyo walked to the entrance of the stage together. The stage crew handed you a microphone, and your hands fumbled around with your hair. Pyo pecked your cheek, causing you to smile.And with that you walked onto the stage. During your performance you saw Pyo cheering you on. When the performance was over you exited the stage calmly, to keep your cool persona, but as soon as you got off you immediately pulled Pyo into a hug. The two of you left the concert venue and headed off to a hotel, which wasn’t too far away. Arriving in the room you sighed, and he laughed. 

“You did so well jagiya!” He had the gummiest smile plastered onto his face. 

“Thank you Jihoon.” You quickly changed and took off your stage makeup. To relax you decided to go on Instagram, which was a bad choice. Looking at your latest post you saw all these comments on you and Pyos relationship. The comments talked about how harsh your stage persona was, or how you an Pyo just don’t fit into a couple. It had been pretty recent since the two of you confirmed your relationship, but you had been dating a wile before that. You refreshed your feed hoping there was some positive comments, but you were overwhelmed with negative ones. As harsh as you stage persona was, you were actually a very soft person. 

“Whatcha readin jagi?” He walked over to you. His tone immediately became concerned when you saw the tears forming in the corners of your eyes.

“What’s wrong jagi?” His tone slightly panicked. 

“It’s just that people think we shouldn’t be a couple Pyo.” You showed him the comments on Instagram. It was silent for a moment as he read through them. As soon as he finished he wrapped his arms around you. 

“You know those people aren’t right, right?” His tone soft.

“I guess, I just wish people could see the softer side of me.” He sighed.

“Well you’re just a really good actor, so it’ll be hard for people to see you another way.”

“I know.”

“Jagi you know i’m never gonna leave you right?”

“Yah, Pyo, I love you.”

“I know and I love you too.”

“How do you always know what to do Pyo?”

“I don’t know jagi.” He locked his arms around you. It was silent for a while, but it was a comfortable silence. When you tried to leave his arms, he let out a whine.

“Jagiyaa” You giggled.

“Let go of me i’m hungry Pyo.”

“But I don’t wanna.” He complained.

“We can cuddle after I eat, is that okay?”

“Fine.” He playfully whined, he then released you from his hold. 


“What is it.” You spoke as you grabbed some sushi out of the mini-fridge.

“I love you.” You hummed a “mhm” in response.

“So… Can I eat some of your sushi?” 

“Yah, Pyo why are you like this?”

“You love me jagi.” 

“And you’re lucky I do.” He laughed and you handed him some food.

“And just so you know, we make a really good couple jagi. Don’t listen to the other people.” You kissed his cheek.

“Thank you babe. But I already know we do.” He took away your platter of food.

“Hey!” He laughed.

“I won’t give it to you until you say how much you love me.” 

“Ah, just give me my food.” You whined.


“Fine, I love you a lot.” You faked a grin, but it quickly became real after he handed you the food. He kissed your cheek. After you finished your food, you fell asleep in his arms. You awoke when you heard his morning hum whispering;

“Good morning jagi.”


i swear i could watch this on a loop for days (bed head jihoon is everything)

Not my vine. Cr: wooziyoudoing
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Seventeen family dynamics

Mom and Dad:

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Baby of The Fam:

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Hormonal Teen:

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The Cute little kid: 

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The Crazy Aunt and Uncle:

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The Dumb Blonde Who Lives Next Door: 

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The Fun Aunt and Uncle:

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The Cousin Who is Famous: 

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The Random Guy that is Hella Funny But No One is Quite Sure if He is Related to Anyone:

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