I love seeing jihoon jamming hard in his little own bubble whenever any songs comes up in the award ceremonies. You can clearly sees that its his instinct to feel the music. He really feeling the beat and appreciate it from the producer aspect. Music lived in him.

When I was at kcon I made light up signs for the concert. For those that weren’t following or didn’t see, I made a seventeen logo and one that said WOOZI. During the ending of the Friday night concert I had both signs out, one in each hand. As Seventeen made their way to the end of the stage(like in front of p2 and I was to the side and they were directly in front of me because I was p1 seated) I was waving my signs around and almost dropped one. After I readjusted them I looked up and as I did I looked right at Woozi and he was staring at me with my signs and we made eye contact and he whipped his head away so fast(with a grin on his face) I bet he got whiplash. It was so cute but I was also beyond excited that he had noticed me. Because that day was such a whirlwind I kind of forgot some stuff and thought I would share that bc I’m here fangirling like mad. I remembered it because I have been noticing more lately how woozi… when he is jihoon and not performing…. is really camera shy and it’s cute that he doesn’t strive to be in the limelight.

Seventeen (Vocal Unit) reaction to waking up beside you.

geekgirl2102 said:Actually, if requests are still open for seventeen (and I’m sorry because I feel like I’m spamming you now) and if you’re willing to do it, could you maybe do a vocal unit reaction to waking up besides you? Sorry, I just think that would be really sweet. Thank you so much if you could.


Jeonghan: Seeing your face when he wakes up means so much to him. He feels so complete knowing that your by his side all the time, even when he’s sleeping.

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Seungkwan: Waking up so he can finally talk to you since he’s got some energy now, but he wakes up to see you dozing off to sleep. Even though the plan was to talk once he wakes, he didn’t mind you falling asleep, he loved that you looked so beautiful sleeping next to him. Your his sleeping beauty.

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DK: *In this one your his wife* You look so amazing sleeping there, the fact that you two are now married, means he gets to see more of this everyday now. He’s so shocked that you look this good just sleeping.

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Joshua: He just keeps smiling at you,he can’t help it, but you don’t know why. You: “Why do you keep smiling?” Him: *laughs*

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Woozi: *After waking up next to you* You: “It’s so weird, I felt like someone was staring at me….were you….” Him: *GIF*

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  • DK: Woozi can I watch you while you compose?
  • Woozi: Fine. But don't say a word.
  • DK: Fergalicious.
  • Woozi: I said don't say a word
  • DK: Oh, I see! Two weeks ago, when we were playing Scrabble, it's not a word. Suddenly it is a word because it's convenient for you!

#HappyWOOZIDay #우리_지훈이_태어나줘서_고마워
happy birthday to our genius fairy, lee jihoon! from the day you’ve stepped into pledis until today, you’ve worked so hard for your debut and the success you and seventeen have gained so far. it’s really an honor to be able to listen to your self-produced music today which gives a lot of people strength and energy! i don’t know how you do it but you are an incredible singer, dancer, producer, and have a very critical role in seventeen. i hope you stay healthy and happy from today and on. thank you for being born and we, carats, anticipate great things from you!