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Lance, Red, Yoosung, Seven, Jiwoo, and Jihae with a tall MC? Hope you feel better love~!

I’ve left out Yoosung and Seven because I already have a blog where I write mysme stuff mwahaha~ but this was much fun! Thank you, hun! I’m sorry this took so long I just haven’t been at my best lately (╯︵╰,)


  • He isn’t as impressed as you may think.
  • As your first doll, he’s known you for his entire existence, both as an inanimate object and human being. Plus you were already huge when you first brought him home.
  • He is indifferent to this trait of you for it is only that, a trait. A tiny part of your whole self.
  • Gotta admit, though, it’s nice not having to bend down when he wants to kiss you or give you sweet little pecks.
  • He can just turn around and surprise you just like that.
  • The one time he was the one to get surprised, he turned into a red squishy child, cheeks all red and puffed out.
  • MC you are such a goddamn tease please give this boy a break.


  • He was so impressed when he first saw you.
  • He already had a concept in his head of what a heroine is supposed to look like and how she’s expected to act,
  • but this is so much better.
  • It makes you unique and he appreciates uniqueness!!
  • The only downside is that giving you piggyback rides is more of a difficult task, but it doesn’t stop him from carrying you around.
  • There are even some instances where he is the one jumping on your back and holding onto your shoulders.
  • dorkiest dork of them all is2g.
  • Thinks you give the best hugs and loves being the little spoon.


  • Wait wait wait, hold on.
  • Isn’t the girl supposed to be significantly shorter than the guy?
  • It didn’t bother him at first since he was rather indifferent towards you, but as he warmed up to living on earth and got closer to you romantic-wise, he started questioning it.
  • He is missing out!! on all the cutesy things!! couples do on soap operas!! you’re ruining this for him!!
  • Decides to be a douche and forbids you from wearing high heels when you’re in his presence, there’s no way in hell he’ll allow you to look taller than him in public.
  • @ Jiwoo my dude my man you’re gonna get hit with a book repeatedly again if you keep talking like that.
  • Only when he realizes how amazing you actually are does he stop bickering over it.
  • Don’t listen to his dumb complaints he is a fool and he loves you and you’re beautiful just as you are.


  • His lady is beautiful.
  • Short, tall, slim, chubby, doesn’t really matter to him, your qualities alone are enough to enrapture him completely.
  • Yes, you guessed it, this doesn’t affect your relationship in the slightest, if anything, it makes things easier in certain departments.
  • Especially when you’re out together on a date. He never loses sight of you because your height makes you stand out amidst the crowd.
  • Since his clothes fit you almost perfectly, you’re always stealing his sweaters and t-shirts.
  • No complaints on his part poor man is dying inside he just. cannot. too much cuteness. call 119.
  • He does think to himself though that your height could get you a well-paid job as a fashion model, he just doesn’t mention it because it’s a stressing job that sucks the life out of you.
  • You probably don’t need any of that.

Hey babe~ I missed hearing your cute voice. The crew just finished putting my character’s outfit together! It’s for a stage adaption of this game that was insanely popular called Dandelion - Wishes Brought to You. Have you… perhaps played it?! Hahaha. Doesn’t matter since you have me now <3

Obviously, I was asked to play the most beautiful guy in the game, this super posh rabbit man named Jihae. I’m.. actually wearing bunny ears right now– Hey hey!! Don’t laugh, you know you want to see it. I’m super cute right now. Welllll. I’m always cute~~ Oh– sighh.. I’ve got to go. We’re about to start rehearsal.

Hm what? You want me to send you a selfie? Anything for my princess <3. I’ll send it right now. You can look at it so you don’t miss my face too much while I’m rehearsing. Talk to you later babe, mwah <3

[Zen Theory Pt. I] Zen’s Past

Originally, I was just going to talk about why Zen has psychic dreams but it kinda blew up to cover other areas as well so I’m just going to talk about theories surrounding Zen in general.

SPOILER WARNING FOR: Dandelion and Mystic Messenger

> Jieun and Zen are related somehow

Anyone who has ever played Dandelion has probably made this connection already. I came across one in my dash but I lost it lololol nevermind found it~… and I think I remember seeing something about it on Facebook too but I’m still going to include this here because it is kinda important to talk about.

“In my world… there is a legend that a rabbit with pure white hair and ruby-red eyes will be born with the gift of precognition.” (Jieun)

“…all the other kings who had the power of precognition had the same appearance as [Jieun].” (Jihae)

Look at them. So adorable~ The similarity is uncanny. So…Jieun and Zen. Ruby-red eyes? Check. Power of precognition? Check. Rabbit? Eh…nope. White hair? I think?? Wait, nope. Zen has more of a silvery-grey hair. That’s Well that’s it then. That’s that. This theory is over…Not!

Instead of looking at Jieun, what about how…

> Jihae and Zen are related somehow

Jieun and Zen don’t seem to have much in common except their eyes and another thing that I will get to later. There’s the whole power of precognition thing except Jieun seems to have control over it while Zen exhibits this power at random through his dreams. I don’t really think what Zen has is the same as Jieun’s but I’ll get back to that later. Now, let’s get back to Jihae and Zen.

Look at them. So majestic~ Silvery-grey hair? Check. Was told they were ugly but are actually abnormally attractive? Check. Rabbit? Well…nope. Again. Buuuuuuut…

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Dandelion Wishes Brought To You, Jihae Walkthrough

Well I can see why Jihae is a lot of peoples favorite; he’s sweet, caring, gentle, respectful, and ridiculously good looking. I mean that hair! Why does long hair have to look so good on Pixel men but so creepy in real life.

 I also can’t help but mention how freaking adorable he looks with his bunny ears, SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! The CG where they are cooking and his ears are all floppyAHHHHHH!!!

I have officially entered Jihae fan girl territory… Oh who cares! alksjdf;lksfd JIHAEEEE!!!!


Anyway, Jihae’s route was good, but I couldn’t help but feel like he was more of an older brother than a love interest through most of it. Your first kiss with him happens pretty early in the route, but nothing else seems to happen until you get at least 4 hearts with him (making you work for it). Really he just starts treating you like Jieun and does everything for you, I mean EVERYTHING (he would probably walk for you if he could, or just carry you around princess style everywhere).. Hehehe

 All joking aside Jihae’s route has quite the feels, probably second to Jisoo’s, I was totally shocked by the way he left and couldn’t even decide if I was mad at him or just heartbroken. Jihae did have one of the best endings though; all the other guys’ endings, except for Jieun’s, are super open-ended and don’t leave you with the best of feels. The only thing that I was a little sad about at the end was his short hair, he still looks amazingly adorable, but why cut his long hair!

Here are some tips to getting Jihae’s good ending:

  • This will be the last time I have to say this… SAVE!
  • Focus on raising your Art skill (I believe I had it up to 17 by the end)
  • Max out his affinity as soon as possible.
  • You will have to raise affinity with Jieun (one heart is enough)
  • Don’t forget to collect 30 stamps while looking around on dates (you can buy vision medicine at the store).

Places to find Jihae:

  • Watering plants
  • Talking to plants
  • Taking a rest (living room)
  • Sketch
  • Cooking
  • Read art books
  • Skin care (bathroom)


  • Brush fur (animal)
  • Praise (animal)
  • Pat head (animal)
  • Stare into his eyes (human)
  • Take care (human)
  • Show love (human)


Jihae is probably the only one where giving gifts really helps you out, a lot of his skinship doesn’t give you full points so using gifts will help you raise affinity with him faster.

  • Suite
  • Neck tie pin
  • Any art related stuff (including books)
  • Any Dandelion item

I actually found Jihae’s to be one of the easier routes, I don’t know if his route is actually easier or if it’s just because his was the last route I played. I usually just focused on raising Jihae’s affinity and my stats and then would focus on Jieun and working.  

I also heard rumors that Jihae has a bad ending, but after playing his route I realized I had all his CGs so I’m thinking he doesn’t have a bad ending, or at least not one like Jisoo where there are extra CGs.