Hey babe~ I missed hearing your cute voice. The crew just finished putting my character’s outfit together! It’s for a stage adaption of this game that was insanely popular called Dandelion - Wishes Brought to You. Have you… perhaps played it?! Hahaha. Doesn’t matter since you have me now <3

Obviously, I was asked to play the most beautiful guy in the game, this super posh rabbit man named Jihae. I’m.. actually wearing bunny ears right now– Hey hey!! Don’t laugh, you know you want to see it. I’m super cute right now. Welllll. I’m always cute~~ Oh– sighh.. I’ve got to go. We’re about to start rehearsal.

Hm what? You want me to send you a selfie? Anything for my princess <3. I’ll send it right now. You can look at it so you don’t miss my face too much while I’m rehearsing. Talk to you later babe, mwah <3