jihad in america

ISIS destroys ancient Assyrian artifacts

ISIS has killed my people, destroyed my peoples homes, and now they have destroyed the 2000-4000 year old ancient Assyrian artifacts in the name of their so called “god”. Hopefully people would see this and help try to do something about it, here is the link to the video on them destroying it http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/iraq-isis-take-sledgehammers-priceless-assyrian-artefacts-mosul-museum-video-1489616

How come other muslim countries don’t take in these so called “refugees”?  It’s because they aren’t refugees, it is cultural jihad against the West. 

Saudi Arabia has taken zero “refugees”, but has plenty of money to build new mosques in Europe and buy old churches to convert to mosques.  It’s domination of the Western countries which has been islam’s goal since it’s creation.