jigsaw puzzle pieces


A 75 × 112 rectangle can be cut up into 13 squares, which can be rearranged into the initial rectangle in two different ways. One way was found by Brooks, who was so pleased with this dissection that he made a jigsaw puzzle of it, each piece being a square. His mother then tackled the puzzle and eventually succeeded in putting the pieces together, but not in the way Brooks has found!

Image: A single red jigsaw puzzle piece on a blank white background

Beginning in late 2016, liberals were absolutely SHOCKED by the emerging trend of Nazi swastika graffiti appearing in the United States, usually accompanied by some pro-Trump or otherwise racist epithet.

Meanwhile, this symbol has been displayed openly on T-shirts, billboards, and TV commercials, for longer than my entire life.

Many people who read this post will argue that the symbol isn’t really offensive, because sharing the belief that people like me should all be murdered isn’t controversial.

I don’t mean to play Oppression Olympics here, but actually I do. Disabled people have it worst.

They’re the chronically depressed, the determinedly addictive, the compulsively divorced, living from one emotional disaster to the next. Bed hoppers, stomach pumpers, freeway jumpers, and sad-eyed bench-sitters with arms stitched up like footballs, and psychic wounds that can never be sutured. Their egos are as fragile as spun sugar, their psyches irretrievably fragmented, like a jigsaw puzzle with crucial pieces missing. They play roles with alacrity, excel at being anyone but themselves, crave intimacy but repel it when they find it. Some of them gravitate toward stage or screen; others do their acting in more subtle ways … borderlines go from therapist to therapist, hoping to find a magic bullet for the crushing feelings of emptiness. They turn to chemical bullets, gobble tranquilizers and antidepressants, alcohol and cocaine.
—  Jonathan Kellerman on BPD

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Spy, despite all his insider knowledge, despite knowing his team mates better than they know themselves, is terrible at gift giving. He picks out strange and awkward gifts that nobody wants, worse than anything your grandma could send you. 

He buys Scout toys, but toys for young kids, like a six piece jigsaw puzzle. He’s so genuine about it though, at the time of purchase he truly thinks, “Scout is young, he will enjoy this.”

He’ll get Medic a juicer, even though he’s never seen Medic express an interest in diet fads or cooking. Soldier receives a potted plant, something that requires daily maintenance and tender care. It ends up a pile of dirt in the common room. He buys Heavy the oddest fashion, things that are ‘all the rage’ that are clearly not actually trendy but just ugly. 

There’s not even last minute gifts, they’re just bad. 

LGBTQ+ Poetry

Hey y'all,
I’m a bit of a nerd *gasp* so this is a poem I wrote about dysphoria and gender queries. Happy final days of build season!

-Tristan 🌵

“Going Up in Flames”

A Photograph–

a snapshot

a moment frozen in time

a piece of my soul.

There’s a box in my closet,

filled with pictures of the person I used to be.

The life and times of a ghost.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces,

forced together in ways that don’t fit–

A mismatch of stories,

spliced to form a never-ending reel:

a documentary of my life.

I keep my shadow locked away,

in hopes you’ll never see what was.

I ripped apart the stitches

that held us together,

because there is nothing but pain for me there.


keeping me shackled to the past

when I should be looking towards the future.

A constant game of

before and after,

and I can’t help but feel like I never measure up.


From the time that I was born,

my mother started making scrapbooks.

Page after page

of baby photos and memorabilia.

First days of school

and piano recitals,

little pink dresses

and frilly easter bonnets.

I should feel touched

that my mother spent so much of her time

trying to make me a time capsule,

but I wish it would stay buried.

I don’t want something to remember my childhood by.

The person I was then,

doesn’t even share a body

with the person I am now.


They’re something that should be cherished,

but I don’t even want to look at them.

They’re nothing but kindling

for a forest fire of questions

that I’m not ready for.

So I’m taking the initiative.

Bonfire at my place-

nostalgia not welcome.

definitelydivergent  asked:

Team Riddler stranded in the desert? What do? (God Bless!)

So you got two girls in fishnet stockings, another girl in a skirt, and a man in a hat and three piece suit in the middle of a desert with nothing on them but a trick cane, some exploding jigsaw puzzle pieces, guns and possibly four cell phones with no service. 

They’ll die.

They’ll die in the most disgraceful way possible.

1. They all get sun burns at different degrees. Riddler has the worst of them.

2. They’re stripping down to their underwear and borrowing clothing from each other to escape from the sun.

3. They get their meat from all the animals that try to kill them. That is until their guns run out of ammo.

4. Water comes from cacti but you know they’re going to fight over who gets how much and end up dropping it or something dumb like that.

5.  Huddling together at night for warmth and kicking each other away in the morning when it gets hot again.


I realise its been quite a while since I last updated Basic Training but I have been at a loss of where it should go. I’ve sort of brought it to a point where the next step is unclear to me, like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece. I’m trying to figure out where this should all go but it’s just taking me quite a while to get to that point. I hope you understand.


“You know when you’re doing a jigsaw puzzle and the piece looks like it should fit exactly, but it doesn’t? So you try to squeeze it in, but you know it’s not the right piece. But you’re lazy, so you leave the piece there. You [really should] find the right piece - and she’s the right piece “ - Ellen DeGeneres

wait are people seriously saying we shouldnt ship macdennis cause its an unhealthy ship… bro.. bro i hate to break it to you but… this whole show is unhealthy. everyone in it is unhealthy and horrible.. all the ships in it are bad and unhealthy… there is no healthiness here guys. 

also i hate to break it to you but.. not everything is shipped to be good and pure and healthy happy shit… sometimes ships are shipped cause they’re fucked up and they’d be awful but interesting and got chemistry in their horribleness.. not everything has to be a pure and happy ship. 

mac and dennis fit like broken jigsaw puzzle pieces. its ok to ship them. they got chemistry and history and canon backing. they’d be horrible horrible horrible. and thats the point. 

Not like them

I can see why I get overlooked
And the ordinary ones get chosen over me;
I’m the intricate detail no one notices at the first glance,
While they’re the easiest to see

No, I’m not like them I’m not that easy,
I’m a complicated inequation;
Too many variables that you can’t see
That are changing at every moment.

They’re jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces
But I’m a mystery novel full of red herrings.
You try to read me, you try to solve me,
But you always give up before the ending.

No I’m not like them, I don’t wait around
For an unrealistic knight or a prince charming.
I’m too tough for those so called heroes
No, I’m not boasting; it’s just a warning.

I can see why I get overlooked and ignored
It’s because I’m a person and not a thing to be chosen
It’s because I’m full of opinions
And none of you are mature enough to understand them.

It’s strange you know. You could tell a person “I don’t want to know about your past”, you know because it’s behind them, and it’s in the past. But the people they’ve interacted with, the things that have happened, though you may not ask or even want to know, it always creeps through the cracks. You see that shit never goes away, it never is gone, it always comes back, things always come up, regardless of whether you wanted to know or not. Your past doesn’t define your present or determine your future, but it sure as hell doesn’t stay in the past either. It’s there, it’s always there, and it follows you around, just like mine does, just like yours does.

Nerd Nails/Kryscott headcanons
  • Krystal REALLY likes indie pop. Scott prefers classical music and classic rock. Still he puts Alt Nation on his presets.  
  • Krystal is constantly getting on his case about his nails, so he just lets her give him a manicure once a week. 
  • Krystal REALLY likes Helena and spends all day dragging Scott from store to store to get her a Christmas gift. She decides to get her a gift card to a candy store and a karaoke machine. 
  • Scott hates the karaoke machine because now Helena won’t stop inviting them to Alison’s to sing. 
  • Krystal is REALLY good at playing stupid. So when Scott can’t find his leftover pizza and Krystal looks innocent he learns not to buy it. Instead he orders enough food to feed them both for three days when they get takeout.
  • Krystal is an expert at puzzles. Scott notices this when he brings out a jigsaw puzzle of 500 pieces and Krystal finishes it in like an hour. 
  • Scott stares at her a lot. She asks him why one day, and he just says that he cannot believe he’s here with her. He can’t believe she’s real. 
  • They watch the same documentary on the Titanic like six times. 
  • They watch murder documentaries almost every night. They make bets within the first five minutes about who they think did it. This is how Scott ends up with a pierced ear and Krystal ends up making dinner for a week.
  • Krystal loves Jane Austen and makes Scott dress up as Mr. Darcy for Halloween. 
  • Scott talks to Denise about Krystal and how lucky he is. One time Krystal overhears him and finds it adorable. Scott is so embarrassed until Krystal kisses him and assures him he has nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Today I:

- had a pretty relaxing day 💙💙💙
- am wondering if this is the calm before the storm (storm = work next week)
- read The Vile Village 📖
- had my food cravings satisfied 💯💯💯💯
- played Witcher 3 🎮
- finished one jigsaw puzzle (2028 pieces) AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH i’ve spent 26 hours on this puzzle 🙌🏼 (HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY)