Myself today, Halifax, 2/17/2015 I stay away from scales because i tend to get obsessive over numbers, so these waist beads are how I keep track of my weight. They’ve gotten tighter on account of all the cakes, and chocolate, and bread, and biscuits I’ve been shoving into my face. I want to blame the holidays, but its the middle of February… I want to to continue to love them for their beauty, but I find myself resenting that they constantly remind me of the weight I’ve gained.

Belly Beads (Jigida) by UtoPlus on Etsy

Made to order. Simply indicate your waist measurement and select a color mix from the options provided. Each strand is made from Czech 6° Seed Beads

In an attempt to make things a little less complicated, I am now offering 10 different color variations for Jigida in my Etsy shop. Instead of the old setting of custom color selection by the customer, it’s as easy as picking from options in the drop-down list. I made sure to include a variety of mixes.

My favorites are the Raku Black, Rain Forest Mix and Copper Mix. What are yours?

They’re the perfect summer accessory!