pokemon go SDCC panel in a nutshell:
  • niantic: here's half an hour of fluff pieces about how pokemon go has changed the LA pedestrian scene and something about children's hospitals too, i just caught a jigglypoof, time for questions
  • audience member: so is there any sort of plan to work on the server issues and bugs that have been detracting from the game?
  • niantic: hmmm... hahaha yes, we've heard that people have been talking on the internet about bugs... people? complaining? on the internet? hahahahaha
  • crowd: *literally chanting "THREE-STEP BUG, THREE-STEP BUG"
  • niantic: ...here, take a look at this art of the team members, and wouldyalookatthat, that's all the time we have, thank you and goodbye!