jiggling on the chest of life

Some Twinks Like Twinkies

Andrew’s lithe body trembled, his jaw clenched, and he shot a massive load that splattered against the wall behind him. Dylan swiped some jizz from Andrew’s chest and licked it off his fingers as he continued to pound his boyfriend’s ass. His sizable uncut cock pumped in and out of the twink’s tight hole. It was an uncharacteristically hot spring, and they were both covered in sweat. For the first time in his life, Dylan noticed a small pillow of fat that clung to his abs jiggled ever so slightly. He nutted inside Andrew and collapsed onto the bed. The room was silent except for their heavy breathing. 

“That was really hot,” Dylan sighed. 

“Totally,” Andrew replied. 

“You know what sounds great now?“ 


"Some pizza,” Dylan chuckled. There was an extended pause before he continued, “Or not?" 

"I just… I thought you already grabbed dinner at the office?” Andrew queried. 

“Yeah, so? It was just like appetizers or whatever. I’m not allowed to still be hungry?" 

"Well, I don’t wanna make you feel bad or anything but you’ve really been packin’ it on lately." 

"Wow,” Andrew sat up. 

“Is six foot and a hundred sixty pounds not twink enough for you, Andrew?" 

"Come on, I didn’t mean…" 

"I know what you meant. What, am I not hot enough unless you can see my ribs? I guess you did shoot a pretty big load just now, but maybe all you care about is the size of my cock?" 

"Fucking Christ, Dylan! What, you’d rather me keep my mouth shut while you turn into a fat fuck?" 

"Whoa! I’m hardly fat! I’m still a twink by any normal person’s standards." 

"I’m not saying you’re fat, but this is how it starts. I saw it with my mom– mark my words. You graduate college, get a cushy office job, sit on your ass all day, and before you know it you don’t fit in any of your clothes. I mean, c'mon we both know you barely fit into those brown skinny jeans anymore." 

"I do not sit on my ass all day." 

"Oh, come ON. Half the time you’re too lazy to even make it to the office so you work from home so you can eat chips and soda in your underwear. I’m not stupid Dylan, I see it happening, I see the cellulite on your thighs and your paunchy gut. I’m saying it because I care about you." 

"If you cared about me you wouldn’t give a fuck about ten extra pounds." 

"Ten? Hah!" 

"Fuck you Andrew and fuck your brain washed little mind. I should’ve known better than to date a marketing major." 

"Are we done here?" 

"I don’t know, are you done fat shaming?" 

Andrew didn’t respond and Dylan walked to the bathroom and closed the door. He was still naked and covered in dried come. A wave of guilt and self loathing washed over him as he stared at his body in the mirror. He had gained weight. Probably about twenty pounds since he started work in the fall. Dylan pinched his belly fat and released it, noticing how it jiggled back into place. His eyes drifted from his paunch as he noticed slight lovehandles had formed above his hips. His silhouette has become more of a square than the bony and defined V it was several months ago. 

Dylan turned around to examine his thighs and ass. Andrew was right, his lower body was caked in cellulite. He did a little hop and watched the flab on his posterior reverberate. He turned back around and noticed his thighs were nearly touching. He squeezed one and watched his pale skin turn pink from the pressure. He never knew fat was so soft and couldn’t resist squeezing his thighs and ass for several minutes. Strangely, his cock twitched with slight arousal. Dylan ignored it as another wave of guilt hit him. How did this happen?

Andrew must have been right- it was the office job. When he was still in school he had free time to bicycle, go on hikes, and just walk around town. Since he got a job all he did was sit on his ass and then come home and drink beer. Sure, there was the occasional weekend activity, but more often than not that consisted of dinners, movies, or getting wasted with friends and chowing down on greasy food at the end of the night. It dawned on him that even at work he was usually munching on the copious amount of free snacks that clients would deliver. 

After his shower, Dylan nervously stepped on the bathroom scale. During the argument he claimed he weighed 160 but the scale was reading 178. This mean Dylan had put on about 25 pounds since graduating. Andrew was right, he was turning into a fat ass. 

Feeling overwhelmed and defeated, Dylan hopped in his car to go for a cruise. He was now painfully aware of how the elastic waistband of his joggers pushed up his belly fat and how the seat belt made it even more prominent. Even his T-shirt felt tighter around his midsection. Everything Andrew said was correct. He had developed a post-grad, office job, dad bod. How had he not noticed this weight gain? It was humiliating to realize his burgeoning paunch and increased appetite was probably a source of gossip at the office and among his friends. His self-esteem was plummeting, which, ironically, only spurred the desire to comfort eat. 

In the distance a glowing pair of yellow arches appeared and Dylan felt a pang of hunger in his gut. He couldn’t believe he was craving McDonald’s after what had transpired with Andrew. He felt like such a pathetic piggy wanting fast food. But, it had been about three hours since he last ate. And he barely ate anything at the office anyway. Plus, the car was already headed toward the fast food chain so might as well. Dylan rationalized that he could start dieting in the morning- might as well have one last hurrah. He pulled into the drive thru.

"Welcome to McDonald’s how may I take your order." 

"Hi, um I’ll do a Big Mac with large fries.”  

“Will that complete your order, sir?" 

"Um well, I guess a large chocolate shake too… Fuck it and two chocolate chip cookies." 

Dylan received his food and drove to the darkest corner of the parking lot to stuff his face in shame. He consumed the burger in record time and began guzzling down the shake in between fist fulls of French fries. His sadness and hunger blurred into a delirium of gluttony, and while his stomach was increasingly full, the hunger inexplicably refused to dissipate. Once again, Dylan’s cock begin to stiffen while the fries disappeared into his mouth almost as quickly as the burger. Dylan’s full attention was now directed towards gulping down the shake. When all that remained was a mound of whipped cream, he removed the lid and dipped the chocolate chip cookies. He felt wonderfully full but still craved more. In a fog of intense hunger he pulled back into the drive thru and ordered two McChickens with extra mayo. 

After polishing off the final sandwich he leaned back in his car, let out a momentous belch, and looked down to see an engorged belly splattered with drops of mayo, and a girthy, fully erect cock straining against sweatpants. A brief moment of guilt dissipated as Dylan instinctually scooped up some of the mayo, plopped it in his mouth, then scooped up some more and began to masturbate. He shot his load almost instantly. 

Dylan closed his eyes for a few minutes as the come on his shirt mixed with mayonnaise. He opened them to see the mess splattered across his swollen and bloated body. He was overcome with disgust. What was happening to him?

Devil’s Pleasure (TG Caption)

  Travis was too good for his own good. A teacher’s pet was the literal definition of who he was. Almost all of the teachers within his high school treated him far nicer than any of the other students. If anyone even stepped out of line the tiniest bit Travis was there to snitch them out. This continued for a good while and no one was able to stop him until the day they had a substitute teacher Mr. Birgol come in to take over the class one day. Mr. Birgol was a man in his early 20s who had recently just begun teaching at the nearby elementary school. He had always wanted to teach at a high school though, so the principle gave Birgol a chance to prove himself.

   Mr. Birgol stepped into class, and sat down at the desk unpacking his things from his briefcase. The first person to walk into the classroom was Travis who was always exactly 5 minutes early for class.

   “Hello there Mr. Birgol,” Travis said, with an innocent smile. “I just wanted to welcome you to our class and hope that you enjoy your time here as our teacher for today.”

   “Ah… thank you very much,” Mr. Birgol said cheerfully as he watched Travis skip merrily into a desk in the very front of the room.

   After class began it only took a few minutes to figure out that Travis was clearly the teacher’s favorite given he was incredibly eager to answer every question thrown his way, and always had a smile on his face. Of course Mr. Birgol wanted to give other students a chance to answer so after a while he began ignoring Travis and began to get other students to answer. Mr. Birgol could clearly see the other students despised Travis as they rolled their eyes at him every time he got up to answer.

   Lunch came roughly an hour later, and Mr. Birgol was in charge to keep an eye on the students as everyone ate.

   “Did you hear about Ashley and Todd,” a girl said, chatting it up with a bunch of pompous hot chicks who had gathered at a table.

   “I know I heard they really went at it last night,” another girl’s voice murmured.

   Travis who had been sitting nearby got a good earful of what they were talking about, and didn’t hesitate to walk up to Mr. Birgol to let him know what was going on.

   “Mr. Birgol those girls over there are talking about sex which is rather irritating to me and many of the other students trying to enjoy their lunch,” Travis said, pointing over at the girls.

   “Very well I will talk to them after class, but for now could you please just move if the conversation is bugging you,” Mr. Birgol said, trying to be fair to the girls as well as Travis.

   “Well you see Mr. Birgol those girls had actually already been asked many times before to stop talking about sex, and I think everyone would see it fit if they are sent to the principal’s office to have a talking to,” Travis said, without missing a beat.

   “Sorry Travis, but I feel that would be a bit irrational since their conversation doesn’t seem to be bugging anyone else.”

   “Mr. Birgol those girls are talking about sex, and if you even bothered reading the school’s handbook you would know that conversations discussing any sexual content is strictly against the school’s guidelines,” Travis said, speaking up to try and get others attentions as if to get people to stand up with him. Instead this just seemed to cause a huge stir across the room as people started whispering to each other.

   Mr. Birgol, feeling eyes watching him, had Travis follow him back to the classroom. Closing the door, he had Travis sit down at the desk directly facing his.

   “Travis I would like you to please just ignore those girls; I feel that this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as that conversation doesn’t even have anything to do with you,” Mr. Birgol said sternly.

   “However Mr. Birgol I feel that you still don’t understand is what they’re talking about it clearly against school guidelines…” Travis said, babbling as if he was in some sort of trance.

   Mr. Birgol getting annoyed realized just how much of an issue Travis really was, and realized that many of the other students would probably get in trouble for no reason with Travis continuing to act the way he was.

   “Ok, I will go ahead and speak to the principal about this for you, and we’ll see what we can do about this issue,” Mr. Birgol said, lying through his teeth.

   “Thank you for understanding Mr. Birgol I’m sure our efforts will help make the school a comfortable environment for all our students, and will help no doubt help you become a great high school teacher,” Travis said, with a big grin across his face.

   Travis began to make his way towards to the door when Mr. Birgol pulled something from out of his desk: it was a bright red cherry lollipop.

   “Here Travis, would you like a lollipop before you go,” Mr. Birgol said, with Travis accepting it in almost an instant.

   “Why thank you Mr. Birgol, I will enjoy this lollipop and all of its deliciousness.”

   Travis began to suck on the lollipop as he made his way towards the door again. Right as he was about to reach for the door though his hand began to shake as he dropped down to his knees.

   “Ah… this lollipop… is really… mmm… good…” Travis said, trying to hold back his moans of pleasure as he began to suck even harder on the lollipop.

   His tongue seemed to stretch out a little bit as he continued to suck down hard on the lollipop. Eventually he bit down on the lollipop and once he did he screamed as a red aura took form around his body. He began to scratch his head vigorously as his hair slowly grew out longer turning to a bright blonde. He screamed when he realized his hair as grown out, and was about to confront Mr. Birgol when his face seemed to contort muffling his voice for a moment. His plump round face thinned out as it transformed into that of an angelic being with two beautiful big eyes, thick eyebrows, a petite noise, and plump juicy red lips.

   His lips trembled as he spoke, but instead of hearing his old voice it was now incredibly soft and smooth feminine voice that almost seemed to bounce off the walls. He rubbed his hand over his neck which had now shrunken down to match his head.

   Looking down at his hands he noticed that they had changed drastically. Now his hands were small and delicate compared to what they were before. They also had grown long finger nails that had been painted with a bloody red, now his fingernails almost looked like claws. He moved his eyes up his arm as that changed as well thinning out as all his muscle and fat dispersed down into the lower regions of his body. His knees shook as Travis watched in horror as his bony legs slowly began to fill up expanding to become much thicker. The higher the changes grew on his legs the thicker his legs seemed to get. His thighs were now beginning to swell up as he knees tightened even more together. He had to slightly lift up his rear end for a moment as he felt his bottom begin to expanding as well. Soon his booty had blown out becoming a perfect curvy heart. He squeezed it with his small hands; feeling just how thick it was caused him to scream a high-pitched girly scream. An audible rip could be heard as his underwear pants had come undone revealing his ass crack to Mr. Birgol. Travis embarrassed tried to cover it up but to no avail.

   The distribution of the fat finished by filling up his hips; his penis had now been crushed between his thighs which was rather uncomfortable to say the least. He tried adjusting his body to a more comfortable position plopping down on his new fat ass. His shoes had fallen off due to his feet shrinking down. Could things get any worse? Travis then felt another pressure on his body. With a loud crack his spine adjusted inward pushing out his butt even more. Another crack, and his shoulders had adjusted down becoming more round. Suddenly Travis no longer felt uncomfortable down below. Confused why this was he lifted up his pants to reveal that his dick was gone. Now all that was there was a fresh new pussy. He screamed or I suppose she screamed again. Those screams soon turned to moans though as one final change was beginning already. Travis could feel a pressure pushing the fat from her stomach higher up into her body. Grasping her chest, she moaned heavily as two perky breasts budded from her body. Letting go they jiggled down.

   “What happened to me?” Travis said, getting up slowly to avoid losing balance.

   “I’m sorry Travis, but I feel that you be much more appreciated in this form now, and will find life will go by much more swimmingly given you’ll be much more respect by your classmates,” Mr. Birgol said.

   “What are you talking about?” Travis said, getting up just to find her pants fall down revealing her virgin pussy.

   “I’m sorry, but it will be better this way.”

   Suddenly two horns sprouted from Travis’s head as her mind changed her into Tina.  Mr. Birgol was shocked to see the two horns.

   “All crap… I must’ve given him the wrong lolli…” Mr. Birgol said, before being cut off by Tina’s sweet giggles.

   “Oh mama, I feel so good,” Tina moaned, as she began to fondled her breasts.

   Mr. Birgol couldn’t help but grow a boner from watching the young devil play with her irresistible body. She suddenly then glanced up at him licking her fingers. Tina slowly began to strut over to Mr. Birgol stripping off her remaining clothing as she did until she was entirely naked.  Her butt jiggled along with her breasts as she stopped in front of Mr. Birgol who was speechless cowering in his chair.

   “Is that for me?” Tina said, bending over and poking at the bulge in Birgol’s pants looking up with a devious smile.

   “Please no, you mustn’t do this… you cannot be having sex with your teacher!” Birgol said, standing up to try and take control of the situation.

   “Don’t make laugh you tease,” Tina said, licking her lips and pushing Birgol back down with great strength. “I need a big man who can take care of me.”

   Tina then commenced to unzip Birgol’s pants and pulled his long dick. She slowly began to lick it up and down. The amount of pleasure was too much for Birgol to handle as his moan uncontrollably shooting excessive amounts of cum out from his member. Suddenly he began to feel strange as he actually grew a few feet taller. His dick also grew a couple as well as his fat evaporated from his body leaving him with rock hard abs, and a sexy six pack. His glasses came clashing to the ground as his face formed into that of handsome hunky man’s. Tina continued to lick him slowly up his body until finally reaching his neck well she began to passionately kiss him. Birgol looked down at her insatiable body, and finally allowed her to take control as they began making out. Tina climbed up onto his lap, and began to slowly stroke his huge penis with her hand as they continued to make out. Their tongues slid in and out as their kisses became longer and deeper each time their lips met. The amount of pleasure caused Birgol to once again cum which spattered all over Tina’s hands. She lifted them up to lick the cum off her hands, and then leaped off of him turning around. She stood there for a moment to allow Birgol to study her sexy body. He looked up and down studying her slender curves that made her godlike.

   “I need you Birgol, I need someone that can dominate me to rule over Hell,” Tina said, in an erotic voice. “I need you to be my king, and you if you choose me I can pleasure you forever in our special little Hell with no distractions in our way.”

   Tina then bent over onto all fours allowing her butt to bubble up in the prime position to be made love to. Birgol stood up with his long dick erect.

   “Then you shall be forever mine,” Birgol said, as he sent his throbbing dick straight down into Tina who began to moan heavily as Birgol pounded her sending cum flying into her. Tina clenched her hands as she let out a long scream of pleasure. Two horns then emerged from Birgol’s head as he became her immortal lover. They passionately made love on that classroom floor for another hour before they both got up. Eventually Tina got up and materialized a tight black suit over her body.

   “Honey aren’t you going to put on any clothes,” Tina said, strutting over to the huge man jumping onto his lap.

   “We are gods Tina are bodies shall be worshipped by the mortals we shall allow them to see us nude so they can worship us properly,” Birgol said in a now deep heavy voice they shook the room.

   “Very well my king,” Tina said, with a devious smile heading over to the door. Her demon tail wagging excitedly as Birgol stood up and walked over to his queen.

   Tina leaned against Birgol allowing him to rest his hand on her butt. She giggled clinging onto his nude body as they stepped out into the world. Together they would dominate all.

Kian Imagine

(So, this is just a quick imagine to give you guys something to read while IM working on a special one for you. But, this is when O2L was still going :(( and Ricky was doing his video for Dare week and he woke up Kian but your actually there with Kian. The video is above if you want to watch it.:) )

You were woken up by the sound of Ricky’s voice and a bright light. You felt two arms tighten their grip around your waist.

“Kian Happy Birthday. Oh hold up it is too bright.” Ricky said, and the bright light went off.
“Wait, don’t wake up yet” Ricky’s voice sounded muffled over your sleepiness. You, Kian and Jc had stayed up all night playing video games, so you all got barely any sleep.

Kians body snuggled up further into you, as you tangled your fingers in his, which is what you normally do when you cuddle.  
“I-I’m supposed to slap you.” Kian mumbled a no, snuggling his face in your neck. You heard a quick ‘thump’. A few seconds passed and the door shut. You sighed loudly, closing your eyes again, drifting into another nice sleep.
You were reawaken again by Ricky’s voice. You and Kian both groaned, him vibrating your neck a little, causing you to let out an involuntary giggle. “Guys I need to tell you something.” Ricky’s lisp sounded strong right now. You groaned, rolling over on your back, as Kian lifted and rested his body up on his arm, which was resting on the right side of your body.

Ricky was holding up his camera, when you realized it was fucking dare week, meaning this was probably just a video for Ricky. Which also meant it was fucking Monday.

You groaned, rolling over to were you would be facing Kian and stuffed your head in the fluffy white pillows of the bed you two shared.

“Okay….Kian, Y/N. Theres a ghost in my house.” Ricky said, and Kian’s head hit the pillow, and Ricky’s body shifted the bed a little, while Kian slipped his arm under your neck and pushing your body’s flush against each other, with his other arm lying lazily over your side. “Can you lock the door when you leave.” Kian mumbled into you neck, and I wrapped my arms around Kian’s torso, the change of temperature taking no effect on you due to his large zip up sweater you were wearing.

“There’s a ghost in the house.” Ricky stated a little more seriously. And you flicked my wrist a little at him signaling him to go away and let us sleep, which he completely ignored. “So your not scared of the ghost?” Kian mumbled out an “no” and I giggled silently into Kian’s bare chest.

“Right well, happy birthday. Goodnight you guys.” Ricky said, and the bed moved, and you heard the lock on the door jiggle, and then the door shutting.

“Fucking finally. I love him and all, but…” you mumbled, and Kian let out a laugh, “I know baby.” He said, still chuckling a little.

The Biggest Boss: Part 6

By the end of their two week tour of American fast food, all three of us had gained weight. Grasello could barely squeeze into his jeans and had to go out two holes on his belt. I had gained a considerable amount but it wasn’t obvious on my skinny body. However, after weeks of eating so poorly I constantly felt bloated and sweaty. Nicoli had transformed into a complete and utter hog. He was constantly eating something. All his clothes were too small and stained with food. He’d let his beard grow and was showering less than normal. The best part of all was that his libido was through the roof, as was mine after watching all of his piggish behavior.

Midway through the trip, Grasello invited me to move back to Italy to “work” with him and Nicoli. I was resistant at first, but by the end of the trip I’d been swayed. After Nicoli and Grasello left, I worked for a couple more weeks in the states before selling my belongings and flying to Italy.

I arrived at Grasello’s mansion eagerly anticipating the future ahead of me. I had been told I would be on salary, but I wasn’t completely sure what I’d be doing- if anything at all. It turned out Grasello just needed some help with bookkeeping and spreadsheets.

I settled into my life in the Italian countryside quickly and easily. I worked a few days out of the week and the rest of the time I had off. I would spend my days hiking, exploring, and taking in the surrounding sights. Of course, there was frequent sex between the three of us, but especially between Nicoli and myself. Grasello kept the house constantly stuffed with fresh home-made food, booze, and pot, so it wasn’t hard to keep everyone’s weight up. It was agreed upon that Nicoli and I were to gain a minimum of four pounds a month. Our measurements would be taken and we would be weighed at the end of each month. Every Sunday we would have a feast where everyone, including Grasello, would eat fatty, calorie-stuffed foods continually all day long. We were expected to consume thousands of calories on these days. Outside of eating, all we would do on Sundays is sleep and fuck. It was truly paradise.

One year later.

When I moved in with Grasello I weighed 160 pounds at about six foot. I was lean and fit, blending in to the typical standard of beauty. After a year living in Italian Hog Heaven, I had gained about 60 pounds. Sitting around 240, I was no longer the lanky twenty something I had been most of my life. My thighs were swollen and doughy, no longer fitting into any of my skinny jeans. My stomach now entered the room before the rest of me. I had a definite overhang that jiggled and wobbled with my every step, cough, and sneeze. I had never been this fat before in my life and the pure eroticism of it was overwhelming at times.

I had fat in places I didn’t even know could get fat. My soft arms now bulged out of short sleeve tees. My jawline had become puffy and bulgey. When I smiled, I looked positively jolly. The fatter my chest got the more sensitive my nipples became. They were now a central erogenous zone during sex and it drove me wild. My gut was so fat it was now uncomfortable for me to lay on my stomach or do much bending over. Perhaps the most surprising part was how easily winded I became. Simple things like going up stairs or sweeping the floor left my brow sweating and my chest heaving.

Grasello never revealed how much he gained, but he’d definitely gotten bigger. His clothes were constantly getting re-tailored, and, for the first time, small stretch marks were developing along his underbelly.

Not surprisingly, Nicoli experienced the biggest change. The man that once looked carved from Greek marble, now could have been the poster child for the obesity epidemic. When I first returned to Italy, Nicoli, standing a bit shorter than me, weighed 210 pounds. After a year of uninhibited gluttony, Nicoli was pushing 350 pounds. In front of my eyes I had watched him transform into a massive, greedy, smelly, eating machine. His belly now filled his lap when he sat down. At all times of the day he could be seen reclining on a lounge chair, with one hand holding a glass of wine which rested on his oversized stomach. He rarely moved or did anything beyond eat and fornicate. Such days of gluttony and laziness had led to stretchmarks appearing all over Nicoli’s belly and lovehandles.

Surprisingly, his face remained relatively thin. His ass, however, grew exponentially. It was so large, Nicoli couldn’t fit in any store-bought pants, even sweatpants were ill-fitting. He had to have all of his clothes tailored to fit his perfectly plump posterior. The fatter Nicoli became, the more of a bottom he became too. He wanted his ass stuffed just as often as his face, occasionally leaving me a little wore out.


Not sure about your take on whether of not Reid has Aspergers Syndrome, but could you do a one shot revolving around that? Like, the reader (his girlfriend) is with him during one of his rare episodes or when the autism is really noticeable and she is helpful and supportive. Thank you for maybe writing this

I can most certainly do this!  Here is your one shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2  Part 3)

Hearing Spencer’s phone buzz, you groan as you roll over and reach out for his phone.

Everyone was pretty used to you answering whenever he wasn’t available.

Which was really only when he was in the shower.

“Hello?” you croak as you take in a deep breath.

“Y/N, tell Spencer he needs to get to the hospital.”

“Aaron?” you breathe, sitting up slowly in bed as you register the urgency in his voice.

“Yes.  It’s the one nearest the FBI office.  Morgan’s there now.”

“Why’s Derek in the hospital?” you ask.

“He’s been in an accident…” Hotch trails off.

But Spencer must have heard your conversation from the shower.

“Tell Hotch I’m on my way!” he shouts, running out with soapy hair as he begins throwing his clothes around.

Uh oh.

“Alright, Aaron.  We’lll be there soon,” you say as you shut the call down.

“Spencer…” you lull.

You saw his fingers going a hundred miles a minute.  It was a tick had whenever he got nervous.  You saw it the first time he had tried to ask you out, and you had seen it just before the first time the two of you had kissed.  You saw it the first time he had contemplated kissing you somewhere else besides your lips, and you definitely saw it before he asked you to move in with him.

It was rare that Spencer’s autistic tendencies got the better of him, but whenever he was flustered or incredibly nervous, it was prevalent.

Getting out of bed as you walk over to him, you see him struggling to get the shirt over his head.

And without a word, you take the shirt from him and pick his discarded towel off of the floor, his fingers now trying to work the button and zipper on the pants he had pulled from under the bed as you try to wipe most of the soap from his hair.

Grabbing another shirt out of his closet, you bunch it up before stretching the collar, pulling it over his head as his mouth opens to say something, but nothing comes out.

It was rare that you ever saw Spencer speechless.

But it was happening now.

“Hey hey hey,” you coo, cupping his face in your hands as you watch his eyes dart across your face.

“He’s gonna be alright,” you soothe.

Watching your panicked boyfriend swallow hard, you hold his gaze as your fingers dip down to his pants, buckling the button and zipping the zipper before he began to nervously chew on his lip.

Taking his shoulders and moving him to the bed, you work on getting his socks on before slipping on his shoes, watching as he curls his fingers within the plain white shirt as he continues to chew on his lip, his eyes darting around the room.

And then you slowly felt him begin to rock.

“Come on,” you whisper as you see him open his mouth once again.

Grabbing your house robe and swinging it around your shoulders, you pull your hair back into a low-neck bun before grabbing your keys and purse, ushering Spencer quickly out of his apartment as the two of you stumbling down the steps.

It was hard for him to coordinate his feet whenever he was like this.

Soon, the two of you found yourselves sprinting for the front desk of the hospital, your fingers searching for your phone as you try to recall Spencer’s boss’ number from memory.

But when the two of you approached the desk, all Spencer could do was stare at the woman with his jaw unhinged.

Watching him continuously open and close his mouth, his fingers twisted so tight into his shirt that you saw the tips of them turning a dark red, you step forward and take the reigns, your hand on the small of Spencer’s back as he shuffles from foot to foot.

“Derek Morgan, please.  Do you know where we can find him?” you ask.

“The FBI guy?  He’s in ICU right now.  Everyone’s expecting you two soon.”

Listening to the directions she was giving you, you turn around to find Spencer staring off, tears trickling down his face.

You had seen him struggle, but you had never seen him any worse off than this.

“Come on, sweetheart,” you coo, wrapping your arm around him and guiding him down the hallway.

After what seemed like an eternity, the two of you come off of the stairwell and dump out into a hallway, immediately seeing the team as J.J. and Aaron come rushing up to the two of you.

You held out your hands, trying to urge them to stop.

As they sweep their eyes over their colleague, taking in his blank stare and his twitching fingers, you slowly lead him to the door as the team stands, watching his reaction as Spencer slowly walks into Derek’s hospital room.

Tubes were running everywhere.

Watching Spencer slowly sit down in a chair, his legs jiggling as he transfers his fingers to the piece of sheet laying off of Derek’s bed, you lean against the door frame and wrap your arms around your bra-less chest, tears rising to your own eyes as you finally hear Spencer’s voice come to life.

“M-…Morgan…?” Spencer breathes.

And then you saw Derek’s eyes open.

“Oh god, Morgan,” Spencer breathes, his hand no longer twisting into the sheet as he meanders it to Derek’s hand.

“Hey there, pretty boy,” Morgan croaks gravelly.

“Ma’am?” you ask, stopping a nurse in the hallway as she looks at you.

“Is he allowed to have any jello?” you ask, pointing to Derek as the nurse takes his chart from his door.

“Looks like he should be fine,” the woman beckons.

“Could you bring them a few cups?” you ask, “But not the lime kind?  They hate the lime kind.”

“Sure,” the woman smiles lightly, making a few marks before setting Derek’s file back into the room.

Sighing as you lean your head back into the wall, you find your legs guiding you to a chair as Spencer’s weak voice slowly wafts into the hallway, following always by Derek’s low, gravelly voice as he tries to clear it to gain some traction.

You weren’t quite sure how long you were sitting there, but it was long enough to nod back off.

And curl your legs up onto the elongated chair.

And lay yourself down.

What woke you up was the fluttering of a blanket down over your body.

Breathing in deep through your nose, you feel a pair of warm, soft lips come down on your forehead as you grunt lightly.

And that’s when you heard it.

Your beautiful boyfriend’s chuckle.

“Spencer…?” you groan lightly.

“Get some more rest,” he whispers, kissing your ear lightly as you curl into the blanket he had fluttered over your body.

Nodding lightly as you curl tighter into yourself, you feel him raise up and pad away just as Aaron’s voice hits your ear.

“She’s a good woman, Reid,” he says as he stops Spencer at Derek’s room door.

“She’s uh…she’s never seen me that bad before,” he says weakly.

“I don’t think any of us have,” Hotch admits.

“You think that uh…you think I scared her?” Spencer asks.

His voice broke your heart.

“No.  I don’t think you scared her,” Hotch says as he puts his hand on Spencer’s shoulder.

“You know…I was uh…I was cleaning the other day,” Spencer starts.

“Cleaning, huh?” Hotch smirks.

“Yeah,” Spencer snickers, “a-a-and…when I was folding the bed, I opened up the drawer beside Y/N’s side of the bed to put a hair tie in there that I’d found.”

So that’s where that thing went.

“Yeah?” Hotch asks.

“You know I found a book in there?  Well, a couple actually.  One is on the autism scale, and one of them is a book on how to help and cope with a loved one struggling with Asperger’s.”

Now you had opened your eyes.

“Do you think I’m a burden to her?” he says weakly.

And that’s when you sat up on the bench.

Watching as Hotch nods over to you, you see Spencer twist his head around, his eyes growing slightly on his face as you slowly stand to your feet.

“I think you’re one of the most intelligent individuals I’ve ever met,” you say as you take a step towards him.  “I think that you’re kind, and selfless, and hard-working.”

Spencer ended up turning his entire body so that he was completely facing you.

“You are handsome, and well-traveled, and courageous, and loving…” you trail off as you stop just shy of his feet, your head craning back to look into his eyes.

“But do you know what you’re not, Dr. Reid?” you ask as he brow furrows lightly.

“W-w…what?” he stammers nervously.

“A burden,” you whisper lightly.

Watching as Spencer dips down towards you, he quickly threads his arms underneath yours as he cloaks your back in his long appendages, pulling you close as your hands fly around his neck, your fingers working their way through his matted, knotted hair as he buries his face into the crook of your neck.

“I love you, Y/N,” Spencer admits.

It was the first time in your two year relationship…and yes, that includes him asking you to move in with with…that you had ever heard that statement fly from his lips.

You felt it in his kiss.

You saw it drip from his body during sex.

You even saw it ricochet from your arguments just before he pulled you in for a long, tight, sorrowful embrace.

But you had never actually heard him say it.

“Oh, Spencer…” you breathe, your jaw trembling as you hold him closer to you, feeling his lips pepper kisses along your neck.

“I love you, too.  Dear god, I love you so much.”

“Way to go, pretty boy,” Derek croaks from his room, his eyes peeling open as you release Spencer from your embrace and look over towards Derek in his room.

“Derek, do I need to remind you again that cars aren’t made of protein? You can’t just run into them head-on,” you smirk as a broken chuckle radiates from Morgan’s chest.

“Oh, you got jokes?” he rasps.

And that’s when you felt Spencer’s lips connect with the side of your head.

“I’m gonna go get you a change of clothes and your toothbrush,” you say as you pat his chest.

“Wait, why?” Spencer asks.

“Well, patients in ICU can only have one visitor stay over with them,” you say matter-of-factly.

And then your eyes connected with Spencer’s again.

“I love you,” he says lowly, the intensity in his eyes shocking even you as you feel yourself holding your breath.

You couldn’t seem to formulate words any longer.

So you decided to move instead.

Raising up to your tip-toes, you plant your lips lightly onto his, your hand meandering from his chest to his cheek as you cup his face lightly, your tongue swiping over his lips slowly before pulling back reluctantly and nuzzling your nose against the tip of his.

“I’ll be back with a few things so you can stay with him,” you whisper as you bring your hand back down and tap his chest.

“Ok, my love,” he whispers as you smile, a light blush creeping into your cheeks.

And as you turn to walk away, your hips lightly sashaying in your nightgown as you pull your house robe tight around you, Aaron walks up behind Spencer and nudges him with his elbow.

“Any reason why you waited so long?” he asks.

“Fear,” Spencer states matter-of-factly.

“A little tip for you?” Aaron says as he turns his gaze to Spencer.

“Yeah?” he asks as he crosses his arms over his chest.

“Take the vacation allotted to you.  All of it.  Every year.”

Furrowing his brow, his turns his head towards his boss as he studies the profile of his stern face, your body rounding around the corner of the office as Spencer swallows thickly.

“I will,” he says sincerely, earning a curt nod from his boss.

“I promise.”

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But like Cas gaining weight and DEAN's the one that didn't notice. And tho Cas has been living in sweat pants and PJs for a while Dean wants to have some sexy angel role play. Like Cas puts on his suit and trench and they pretend it's all Season 4 and they don't know each other yet but they want to bang real bad so they do. Cas is all sure I guess, but he doesn't fit into his old stuff anymore and Dean finally notices his how plump his angel has gotten and it's so hot/cute

oh my god??????i?????????

like, sure, Dean and Cas have been getting it on quite a lot lately, mostly when they go to bed and Dean is half asleep and drooling and Cas decides to shove himself on top of him and kiss his neck, or when Cas is taking a shower under dangerously hot temperatures and Dean gets into the shower with him under the heat and steam. They really haven’t been focusing on nothing more than enjoying the moment while they can, it’s kind of an habit now, making sure that the other won’t leave by reassuring each other with this kind of things. Let it be sex, or morning texts, breakfast in bed, constant “I love you’s” under their breath, movie nights, whatever makes them feel at home, whatever gets them through another day. But one day, Dean kind of figures out their own little pattern, and that they probably need to get over themselves, they are here, together at last, it took them a damn long time, but neither of them is leaving anytime soon now. So he decides to spice up their relationship a bit, it makes even him cringe a bit, but it’s worth a try. He hasn’t role played since forever, there was that one time with the tacos, sure, but it didn’t mean much to him and Dean is sure Cas still remembers the pizza man,so he surely gets the concept. When he tells him his idea, Cas squints and grins just a bit, it’s not a discouraging look but just as him he looks a bit hesitant about the whole thing, but he gets on with the plan. Cas hasn’t touched a pair of pants unless they are pajamas, or a shirt that isn’t one of Sam’s or Dean’s, they have offered him to take him shopping but he thinks to himself, “well I got plenty of clothes here, why would I need more?”. His old coat and suit pants have been hanging in the back of Dean’s closet for about a year now, completely untouched, until today. When Dean told Cas to go get changed he didn’t think he’d have any trouble with it, but here’s Cas, all sweaty and flushed red,  standing in front of a mirror while trying to yank his pants up, observing every inch of him jiggle as he wriggles around trying to get them up to his thighs, he stops midway and takes a  looks at his stretch marks that go all the way up to his hips, and really, him gaining weight doesn’t mean much more than he’s been happy with his life, that he’s comfortable, with himself, with Dean. He pinches a roll sitting comfortably in his midsection,  and gets a piercing feeling in his chest, like a mix of shame and fear or confusion when Dean comes behind him and puts a hand in the small of his back, “Dean, I’m sorry, I- I can’t fit in these anymore, I… can try eating less, way less, and probably exercising and we can do this again soon if you-”

Dean shakes his head and brings Cas towards him by the neck, kissing him breathless for a good minute “You don’t need to do that, you idiot” He says, pulling away. “I love you, Cas. It was just a dumb idea”

Cas looks down to his tummy sticking out and swallows thickly, “But do you… mind it?” He asks quietly, almost embarrassed before Dean starts peeling off the pants cutting into his plush hips

“I love you in any way, in any form, in any shape, under every circumstance, Cas, and I do in fact, like it… very much” Cas smiles as he pushes him against the wall and starts running his hands down his soft paunch


“Yeah, Cas?” Dean smiles and runs his hand through his hair

“Can we have dinner first?”

Imagine your icon calling you over for something important. When you get there, your icon explains that they have invented the first real life anime tiddies, and you have to have them on your chest for one day [regardless of gender or anything] and return them to your icon the next morning. One day of bouncing and jiggling.

The next morning, your icon makes some more anime tiddies, and lets you keep the two they gave you. However, returning to your house, they have gained sentience and believe you and your icon are their parents.

In a One Shot ...

You close to just ending your world, so tired of breathing in this apocalyptic world. You were able to scramble yourself and the little supplies you had into the top floor of a home. You looked at your pistol to see you had one shot left.One bullet to end this awful life. 

On the bright side you were able to see your parents again. Your mothers glorious smile, and to smell your fathers cologne. You sulked for a few hours after that, contemplating if you should or not. 

Throughout your tears and your moans of grief, you barely heard that someone came up the stairs ans was right outside the closed door. Hearing the doorknob jiggle you scream,

“Just kill me.” You plead just wishing for your death. Your knees come up to your chest and cry into them. You shook , until you felt arms around you making you jump and look at the boy sitting next to you.

“Don’t say that, okay?” He said softly.

You looked at him, even if he was a stranger, he cared. He cared and he wasn’t eating you. 

“There is nothing to live for..” You mumble looking away. He hand went under your chin to make you to look at him. 

“Maybe, I can be that thing you live for.” He whispers. You gulp and sniff. You truthfully didn’t know how to answer him. He looked at the bed across from you,

“Come lay with me, until morning?” He mumbles already beginning to get up. You crawled into bed with him after a few seconds of him giving you puppy dog eyes. 

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered and wrapped his arms around you. His chest was so warm and tight. 

“Why didn’t you just leave? What made you come in?” You whisper.

“Because no one, even in this world, want to die. You are just scared cause no one has shown you compassion, and utter liking towards you. This world now dehumanizes you in such terrible ways, and our souls don’t live forever. Maybe our bodies, but not whats on the inside, but you still have to preserve it.” He said with a confident tone. You didn’t answer you just snuggled into him for the rest of the night, in your comforters arms. 

Seasonal Oversight (Part 2)

I woke up the next morning feeling stuffed, but also giddy with excitement. Did Jonathan, that dreamy hunk of a football player, really kiss me? Did last night really happen? There he was, laying on the bunk below mine, snoring, looking as beautiful as ever. I slowly creaked off the bed, hoping he wouldn’t be brought awake. I looked in the corner of the room and saw the 6 empty bottles. Maybe I was just hallucinating drunk? Or maybe the whole ordeal was just a drunken mistake. I tiptoed through the room to get a bowl of cereal, when I looked at the milk hard. Why did we buy 2%? Why not just get whole milk? It tasted way better anyway. After eating the disappointing bowl, I peered at myself in the full-length mirror.  Wow, I did actually get chunky. Sure it wasn’t like I was full-blown fat or anything, but compared to that skinny teenager-the one that started the semester in August, change had definitely happened. I had been so lanky for such a long time in my life, it seemed like I was a completely different person now.

I stepped on the scale to confirm my suspicions. It read 154.2 pounds. That may sound pretty skinny, but for a 5’9 guy who started the year at 134, that was a whopping 20 pounds of fat. Naturally, I looked at my shirtless, pantless, nearly naked body. Pinching the flab that formed a slight mound over my boxer briefs, jiggling my soft chest, and tracing my blond happy trail with my index finger. Seeing that I had love handles was the most exciting. It was then, in this embarrassing moment in time, that Jonathan rose up from the covers and wrapped his arms around my goosebump-ridden body.

“I’ll keep you warm sweetie”

That’s all the affirmation I needed to know last night was legit.  I don’t know why I was wearing almost nothing in early November. But here he was, Jonathan, doing the same, but keeping me warm.

“You want to step on?”

“Sure babe”

I could sense the apprehension on his face. Tentatively he stepped on to see a number flash back. 184.6. Not all that bad really. Especially considering he was hunky and 6’1.  

“How much did you gain?”

“About 15 pounds, you?”

“20. You’ll be fine” I knew from his facial expressions that his main concern was with soccer and his impending scholarship.

“Coach will kill me if he finds out. His svelte 170-pound midfielder got a gut!”

“That’s definitely not a gut. You’re being way too harsh. Plus, isn’t the season almost over?”

“Yeah, I know you like it, Thomas, but I’ve got to get running again”

And with that he was off, only in his running shorts and nike tennis shoes.


I hated leaving Thomas in such a confusing mood. Especially after last night. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I don’t think I could say I was bi-curious anymore. Probably just a full out bisexual. What would my teammates think? I was supposed to be scary and tough, not a girly, pudgy, ex-jock. I needed to get a grip. Be the star soccer player I knew I could be. I am strong. I am masculine. I am fit. I kept repeating to my head throughout the jog. I made it to the training facility. That was around a half a mile away, right?

“Um, Jonathan?” a voice called out.

“Ah yeah?” I suddenly halted looking around

“It’s me, Vincent”

“Oh hey” I said to my much shorter teammate. You’d never guess it, but this 5’6 stud was an amazing forward.

“What’s up, man?”

“Ah, just jogging. Looked at my reflection and realized I gained 15 pounds, thought I should try losing it”

“15 pounds??” He seemed incredulous. “There’s no way you’ve gained that much. You look awesome!”

“Thanks! Maybe my scale was wrong or something. I’m a little tired anyway”

So with that, my ‘long’ jog only ended up being to the field and back. I think Thomas was a little surprised seeing me before he left for his morning class.

“Back so soon? I thought you wanted to work that thing off.”

“Yeah, Vincent said I looked ‘awesome’, so I thought maybe I’m just being too hard on myself.”

“Ok, big guy, if you say so”

I didn’t know what to make of Thomas’ passive aggressive comments, but whatever. Maybe he got off on teasing me. Without really thinking about it, I took a quick nap. I didn’t know how much time had passed before I woke up and felt a pang in my lower stomach. I was quite shocked to see my belly look so massive. More shocking though was my hands tied behind my back. There was Thomas, sitting down on my lower bunk with a full pot of what looked like penne and tomato sauce.

“I guess you woke up now, piggy”

“Um…Thomas, what are you doing? Why am I tied up?” I said in a calm tone.

“To fatten you up. You want to become my prize hog, right?”

I had no words to answer as he simply kept pushing more and more pasta in my mouth. It was absolutely delicious and I honestly didn’t want to reject the food. It made me feel that same tingly sensation of being so overstuffed I felt yesterday. On my own accord now, I witnessed the entire pot of pasta devoured, singlehandedly by me.

“Can I go now?”

And just like that Thomas was out of his weird feeder trance and nervous.

“Yeah, of course. I don’t know why you’re in bondage. Or who did that to you. Or what this empty pot is doing here. And you’re going to be late for soccer practice, so you should probably get ready. I’ll just clean this mess up. It’ll be all gone when you come back. Good luck out there.” All in one nervous breath.

“ok.” My eyes were wide and darting all around the room.

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I'll never forget how embaressed I was when a friend pointed out GW2 has jiggle physics like its just not needed! And I hear you about ladies armour! I got myself Tier 3 Heavy Norn Cultural because I wanted a themed character and at first I was like "Well this is a little skimpy but it shows off my cultural tattoos so maybe its okay?" bought it and then realised I hadn't seen it from behind: Its pretty much just a thong back there?

smfh anet made you pay 25 gold for that fuckin thong

and the jiggle physics are god damn ridiculous i gave rott the flattest chest you could possibly have in the game and her pancake titties are ready to fly off and begin a new life of their own the moment she starts dancing

someone at anet programmed this. someone at anet turned the jiggle crank to 11 and was like mmmm that’s something i wanna look at 

Day 10 of #SizeDoesntMatter w/ my loves @yogimj & @biggalyoga is #DancerPose (#Natarajasana). Also known as “turn your body into a fucking bow and arrow” pose. Alternately “Artemis’ Sacred Weapon” Pose. I could go on for days.

Also, I can’t stop wearing these Manifesta capris- I kind of feel like the kindergartener who brings his teddy bear to school compulsively. They are just so freaking COMFORTABLE. I can’t even deal with it- if you need yoga/running pants that will stay up over your jiggling belly, do yourself a favor and go to mymanifesta.com right now and tell them Jessamyn sent you (discount code ‘curvyyoga’ gets you 20% off, just sayin’). Also, for those who will ask, I’m wearing the 'drop it like a squat’ capris.

Y'all, I’ve got to get something off my chest- for real, my bad if I made anyone feel guilty for needing to modify #plowpose yesterday. You should never feel guilty for modifying a pose- like, ever. Ever ever. My yoga crush/life inspiration/idol @amber_karnes posted an awesome video about how to modify any yoga pose so you don’t choke under the weight of your own breasts (wow, talk about a macabre image…) I posted the video on my facebook page- click the link in my instagram or blog header to check it out.

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