jiggle jaggle

Things I have over heard at rehearsal (day 1)
  • “This is the most covered I have ever been while in a maid outfit” - the backstage tech that has to wear a maid outfit for a scene change
  • “I need more slurping sounds! Slurp for me!” - the director to a very distressed looking kid
  • “Tell him he doesn’t have to scream anymore, I’m doing it for him” - the sound designer (it is still unclear if he meant he is adding in a sound or if he is just going to scream backstage. You never know with him)
  • “I was born in the wrong century” - the set designer says as he looks wistfully at the costumes
  • “I really need that dress” - same set designer to the costume designer
  • “I really hate one of these lights. *stomps on stage, grabs a prop stool, stands on prop stool, looks at the lights for about a minute before angrily pointing at one of the lights* That bastard! I hate that bastard *grumbles to self as she stomps back off stage” - the lighting designer (it is unclear if she is talking about the guy that hung the lights or if she was talking to the lights)
  • “We’re at 9, we have to send the children home” - the stage manager to the director about the teenage cast
  • “*hisses*” - the director to the stage manager about sending the children home
  • And of course, the jingle jangle of keys whenever the stage manager walks. Sometimes you don’t see him, but you always hear him.