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yo this is a genuine question, i thought it was good that CL had actual black people in her last video (versus appropriating black culture, like wearing corn rows etc) but i rlly see your point too. i've noticed a lot of black culture in kpop but never seen any actual black people in her videos, so i thought that was a good change. what do you think?

the problem wasn’t even that she had black people there like i said before but its just the capacity in which we were included. 9/10 on the rare occasion black ppl are included in kpop vids what are we doing? its always when they have some tough fake hood ‘hip hop’ shyt save a few very rare examples (see the difference between how black ppl look in CL’s vids vs someone like BoA’s vids) 

also considering CL has been so horrible with appropriation in the past its gonna take a lot more than just a cast of black ppl jiggin in the streets for her to look like she actually give a shyt abt us outside of making her look like she ‘down’ and since she obviously has no interest in things like BLM or anything socially relevant to blackness it would be nice if she wanted to have black people in her song that the song wasnt hip hop themed. 

once again kpop seems to think that the only time black people exist is when we doing hip hop and thats obviously not the case. why not have black ppl in a nice sweet ballad mv, or a some other style that she does. the only time she wants to surround her self wit black folk is when she wanna look ‘hard’ and that just shows what she thinks of us, she has a very narrow image of black people in general which dont sit right wit me. like we can be soft and fun and sweet not just tough and edgy all the time. 

oh and also the song was just bad? like it was just 3+ mins of a cacophonous beat and dismal lyrics abt how she drinks 40s (once gain notice how her proximity to blackness always comes with her doing things like smoking, drinking and being ‘tough’) 

if she wants to be around black people show us as more than just her gang of street pals thats what im interested in but she obvi not here for that so im not here for her.