jigeumeun so nyuh shi dae apurodo so nyuh shi dae yeongwonhi so nyuh shi dae


10YearsWithSNSD (August 5th 2007 - 2017)  #GIRL6ENERA10N  ©

to the 9 girls in front of my eyes right now, i thank you all for making the past few years of my life the best they could’ve been. your dedication to music, your constant happiness, and your diligence to always work harder has made me able to recognize the beauty in all of you. even though we faced multiple highs and lows throughout these past 10 years, i guarantee that i will always support you. you will always hold a special place in my heart as you have undoubtedly proven that you are legends.

jigeumeun so nyuh shi dae, apurodo so nyuh shi dae, yeongwonhi so nyuh shi dae!